Vilia Kolosova and her competitive work

Hello, dear readers. Our contest "We are creative people" continues. It's so nice that more and more people want to take part in it. We are all very talented. Creativity fills, inspires, pleases, and sometimes just saves from boredom and depression. Today I want to present you another competitive work. It was prepared for us by Viliya Kolosova. Vilia knits, deals in decoupage, sews children's toys. Such wonderful rabbits and bears are coming out, cute and cute. But on this Vilia is not going to stop and plans to master the manufacture of a textile doll, where there is a huge space for creativity and imagination.

And yet, Vilia maintains her blog " Outside the City of ".I am glad to get to know Vilia and introduce you. Therefore, I am pleased to give her the floor.

Good afternoon to all readers of the blog! With pleasure I take part in this wonderful competition, as I have been practicing needlework since my youth, which fell on difficult years of shortage and lack of money. I really wanted to dress beautifully and fashionably, and I went to the sewing and sewing courses and learned how to sew.

Then I bought a knitting book and knit for myself, and eventually for my family. In those years, the yarn could be freely bought only in the market, I bought white wool and painted it myself, it was interesting not only to create clothes, but also to experiment with color. Now the choice of yarn is huge and I still knit, I like the process of creating knitted clothes, when simple manipulations with loops turn into the original thing, I like the fact that the thing always turns out to be exclusive, unlike the others. My last job is this cream jumper with a raglan sleeve, long and very warm.

When we are young, active, able to work, it seems to us that life will last forever, that old age and pension are not about us, but the time turned out so fleeting that the frightening word of pensioner overtook me. Which of you, dear readers, has come to this age, knows how hard it is to realize yourself in this role.

There is a rethinking of many former beliefs, the young soul does not want to reconcile with the aging body, there is a loss of landmarks, when you absolutely do not understand how to live further, to still enjoy life, where to put your energy, than to occupy yourself in your free time, whensuddenly you find yourself without the usual everyday work. And my son also left to live in another country, and I was really threatened with depression.

Then I realized that creativity can be not only pleasant and useful, but also saving. I mastered the hook, imposed many different cushions, tried knitting napkins, toys.

Then I got carried away by decoupage, bought up all the beautiful napkins that I found in my city, bottles, vases, boxes, cutting boards, wooden spoons, candles went into business. I wanted to decorate with motives from napkins everything that came to hand.

And once I accidentally stumbled on the Internet for a free master class on the making of Teddy bears, here - then it took me a long time and really. Mishutka are all different, each with its muzzle expression, they literally are born in my hands, and this is perceived every time, as a small miracle, which brings many joyful minutes.

The first bears, made of different materials, remained with me, the rest I gave to my friends. By the way, it was not easy to part with them, you become attached to a toy in the process of making it, start talking to it, you start to love it. Every time I tell my little friends that I give them in good hands, that they will be loved and pityed there.

The last of my work is a rabbit, they are larger than bears, funny, alive, they are so nice to hold in their hands. Here is this bunny with a serious face - the first-born, and like all the first stitched toys, stayed with me forever.

Then there were still bunnies, which I sewed at the request of my friends to their grandchildren, but this girl was born very recently and has already found a new home.

Sew soft toys turned out to be very nice, sometimes I can not even wait to start creating a new furry friend. First I translate a pattern, cut, I sweep, all operations on sewing I spend exclusively by hand. The most fascinating process is the design of the face. I must admit that I'm not always happy with the result, sometimes I have to remodel, embroider a new nose or change my eyes. Even the position of the ears changes the look of the toy, but they always turn out very nice.

Such a company has stayed in my house, I will not part with them, but there will still be new ideas, new patterns and new toys.

I'm not going to dwell on this, I have plans to master the manufacture of a textile doll, that's where there is a huge space for creativity, you can prove yourself as a designer of clothes and as a make-up artist, you can sew clothes for dolls, knit and crochet. I think this is very interesting and fascinating.

For me, creativity is a pleasure, an activity that gives positive emotions and missing joy.

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I want to express my gratitude to the participants of the contest. I'm waiting for new works. Work is accepted until 15. 11. 2015.