Exercises in the pool for weight loss

Exercises in the pool for weight loss

People say that the water washes the body and soul, cleanses, gives strength and energy for tomorrow. This is true, do not be afraid to start classes, even if you are not good at swimming and can not swim well. Take a few swimming lessons and enjoy the wonderful feeling of lightness and airiness.

Similar exercises for losing weight is better to spend after dinner, closer to the evening, so that after the exercises you can relax, gather your thoughts and finish the day on a positive note.

Can I lose weight in the pool?

Reset 5-10 kilograms in the pool really, only this does not require chaotic swimming when you want, but the execution of a regular set of exercises designed with a trainer and harmonizing nutrition with a nutritionist.
Classes in water should be held two or three times a week, and within a month you will be surprised at how your figure has built up, became flexible and plastic, and the muscles became elastic and pumped up.

Do you want to have such a figure? Then we begin!

Exercises in the pool


There are many exercises that are aimed at losing weight and firmness of the muscles of the body.

The most popular and effective are the following:

  1. Hand training with the ball
    Go to the ode on the collarbone, take the ball and position it on the chest level. Further in the bent position, write under water the eight. At the same time, the legs are even, not bent at the knees, breathing is even.
    The duration of the lesson is 10 times in two approaches. After a while, you can continue. In the meantime, turn to the second exercise.
  2. Leg muscles training
    The position and water level remains the same. We begin to walk, performing cross-movement. Hands make vigorous strokes, pull the toe, back straight, right breathing.
    Water resistance will not allow you to rush like on the road, so the load on the muscles will be distributed evenly. We do such "pacing" before the appearance of a sense of fatigue, then we slow down the pace. Another 5 minutes of light movements and you can move on to the third task.
  3. Jumping in the water
    Feet together, water level up to the clavicle, hands freely lower along the body. Now sit down a bit and jump up. The higher - the better. At the same time, spread your legs apart.
    Duration of the exercise - ten times ten times three sets.
    If you are not tired yet, then go to the fourth type of training sessions.
  4. Stretching
    This final exercise is aimed at the joints of the hands and thigh muscles.
    Getting Started. We stand side by side, legs together. Next, throw the opposite arm from the side over your head and lean in the direction opposite from the edge of the pool. And so 10 times, then change position and again do the exercise 10 times.

The lesson is over. You feel vivacity, a rush of energy, an improvement in the digestive system. Even despite the fatigue, you have a great mood and good health.

End of class

After the workout is complete, you can not jump on food, take a short break, if possible, walk home on foot, easily and freely. Think about something pleasant and relaxing. Do not load the brain and throw away negative thoughts.

At home, drink a cup of hot green tea, lie down, rest. Only after an hour or two after exercise you can eat.

Remember that an effective result will only be when you will lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and carry out additional cosmetic procedures - massage, wrapping problem areas of the body.

Only everyday work and physical efforts will help you achieve a high result. Be healthy and enjoy life in all its manifestations!

Video with exercises in the pool