Sore throat: causes, treatment of sore throat

Persecution in the throat is a rather unpleasant symptom, which can begin quite unexpectedly. He is accompanied by a loud cough. At the person thus on eyes tears act. It is not possible to stop such an attack quickly. And very sorry for the person with whom this happened.


  • 1 Causes of Persistent Shedding in the Throat
  • 2 Treatment of Persistent Sheds in the Throat
  • 3 Recipe for those who suffer from persistent sore throat

Causes of Persecution in the Throat

The reasons for this can be very different. After all, unpleasant sensations in the throat can arise due to a number of diseases. All of them can be divided into two groups: inflammatory and non-inflammatory.

The first group includes such changes in the pharynx, under which there are various kinds of inflammatory processes. This can be with:

  • pharyngitis,
  • nasafaringitis
  • acute respiratory viral infections( ARVI).

Such conditions are very dangerous, since the infection can go to the lower respiratory tract( trachea, bronchus) and lungs. Therefore, their timely diagnosis and treatment will avoid such unpleasant complications.

The other group includes diseases of non-infectious etiology.

Disturbance of the nervous apparatus of the pharynx( pharyngeal neurosis) .The cause of this condition can be lesions of nerves innervating the pharynx or centers located in the brain. In addition, along with perspiration, there are a number of other symptoms that indicate a sensitivity disorder: tingling, numbness, pain in the throat, giving to the tongue or ears, not passing the feeling of "coma in the throat", pressure. There are also changes in the muscular function - the inability to swallow, poperyvanie. These all manifestations can be observed with syphilis, CNS disorder, brain tumors.

Allergy. Allergic manifestations, different in nature, can also trigger perspiration in the throat. An example of this is the increased sensitivity of the organism to the pollen of plants, dust, wool of domestic animals. In this case, it is necessary to exclude the direct effect of the allergy source on the body. Throat diseases of a professional nature .People of some professions( singers, teachers, workers of dusty industries: metallurgists, slingers, miners) acquire this symptom as a result of their activities. Moreover, persecution is accompanied by hoarseness. And it is connected, in this case, with frequent strains of the vocal apparatus of the pharynx or with constant exposure to the body of high temperatures and dust.

Diseases of the thyroid gland. In this case, persecution often occurs when the disease is accompanied by the development of neoplasms( for example, nodes).Other specific signs also develop.

Reflux esophagitis .In this case, the acid content of the stomach is transferred to the overlying areas. This happens after eating and leads to irritation of the pharynx.

Throat in children .During games with constant movement, children overstrain the voice device. It occurs quite often.

If persecution in the throat worries constantly, then you need, without delay, to seek help from a specialist.

If this symptom occurs after eating, when lying down, immediately consult a specialist doctor. Indeed, the perspiration in the throat in this case may indicate the presence in the body of very serious diseases: gastric ulcer, gastritis, hernia of the esophagus, cholecystitis.

Treatment of Persecution in the Throat

The first thing to do is to determine which symptom of which disease is causing an unpleasant sensation. Therefore, a visit to the doctor is mandatory.

Treatment will depend on the pathology that the specialist will determine.

In the inflammatory process, local antiseptics( falimint, libexin, hexoral, pharyngosept, inhalipt) are used.

If the infection is bacterial, locally administered bioparox. Apply anti-inflammatory drugs: infusions of calendula, sage, chamomile( not tincture! !!).Rinse should be done 4-5 times a day. A good effect is provided by a warm drink, for example, warm milk or tea with honey. For the entire period of treatment you need to give up smoking, alcohol, salt and spicy food. In addition: avoid the load on the throat.

If perspiration in the throat was triggered by any allergens, a course of antihistamines is prescribed. It can be tavegil, zirtek, suprastin and so on.while, if possible, it is better to avoid direct contact with allergens. Daily spend in the apartment wet cleaning, get rid of places of dust accumulation( carpets, soft toys, etc.).

If the reasons for neurologic impairment are mandatory, a specialist consultation is required - a neurologist. If it is impossible to eliminate the cause, prescribe a symptomatic treatment that will eliminate the signs of the disease.

In reflux-isophagitis, the first thing to do is adjust the food. It must be fractional and frequent. Be sure to exclude carbonated and acid-containing beverages, cigarettes, alcohol, smoked and spicy food. If possible, limit the consumption of floury, fried and fatty. Food should not be hot or too cold.

Recipe for those who suffer from perspiration in the throat

It is very unpleasant when a perspiration in the throat with a subsequent paroxysmal cough occurs in a public place. It will very much irritate the people around you. This recipe is suitable for those who often suffer from perspiration and dry cough.

Take onion( 2 medium bulbs) and butter( preferably unrefined sunflower 1 cup).

place finely chopped onions in a skillet with sunflower oil and cook until golden brown. Then take the gauze and strain the oil through it. Let it cool down. Then use this oil to rinse your throat. This recipe has long been used in Siberia in the treatment of perspiration. If the throat from the inside seems to tickle, this recipe will definitely help.

And much more important advice: carry a mint candy. Especially if this day there is a report, etc., he will not cure the cause, but at least he will take off the perspiration and an unpleasant cough.