Does turmeric help and how to use it?

Turmeric is a popular seasoning, which many housewives add to their culinary masterpieces, but not everyone knows that it is also an effective tool for skin care and acne control .Its use helps to remove wrinkles, increase the tone of the skin, remove inflammation from them, and also remove the exfoliated dead cells. With the help of her special means are prepared, which for that special way are imposed on the face area.


  • 1 Useful properties of turmeric
  • 2 Effective masks for acne control
  • 3 Other products from turmeric

Useful properties of turmeric


Turmeric has been known for many centuries not only as a spice but also as a folk remedy for some health problems

Popular spice has remarkable antibacterial andanti-aging properties of .Its regular use as a mask helps to slow the growth of hair on the face skin. Turmeric increases the elasticity of the skin, and due to the content of antioxidants is a good stimulator of growth of new cells

.In addition, its use helps to lighten the skin and remove pigmentation from it.

The real home of turmeric is India. A little later it was brought to other countries of the east, where it quickly gained popularity. In Europe, spice came only in the eighteenth century.

Turmeric is equally suitable for oily and dry skin .Helps make stretch marks less visible and lighter. It not only effectively fights against acne, but also smoothes acne scars .Its regular use makes it possible to improve the flow of blood, due to which the skin is quickly restored and updated.

Effective masks for acne control

Mask, prepared from a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood, will help to rid the skin of acne .To make it, take half a teaspoon of spices and one spoonful of sandalwood powder and plain milk. Next, you need to combine all these ingredients with each other and mix thoroughly until a cream mass is obtained. Then the resulting mass must be applied in a circular motion to the face and allowed to soak, then rinse thoroughly with running water.


Papaya has special properties that help to refresh and strengthen the skin.

The acne mask with the addition of honey will help fight acne on the age skin. It is necessary to mix carefully with each other two tablespoons of flower honey, one rose water and a pinch of spice, after which this mass is applied to the face area for twenty minutes. It is recommended to use not more than twice during a week. This mask not only effectively fights against acne and relieves inflammation, but also rejuvenates the skin itself.

Spice is considered a natural natural antibiotic that acts only on bacteria and does not harm the whole organism.

Many recommend using twice a week a mask of turmeric with the addition of lemon juice and aloe .To make it, you need to take one teaspoon of turmeric and lemon juice and aloe juice and mix it thoroughly. Due to the fact that this mask has a significant active effect, it is not recommended to apply on the face for more than ten minutes. In addition, it should be used with caution in those with sensitive skin.

A mask of turmeric with the addition of oatmeal will help fight acne. For its preparation, one tablespoon of small oatmeal, three hot milk, one rose water, a pinch of spices and a bag of green tea will be needed. First, a tea bag should be soaked in milk, then pour it oatmeal. After the oatmeal is swollen, it will be necessary to add all the remaining ingredients to it and mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture is applied to the skin for twenty minutes, and then washed off with warm water.

You can prepare a mask from a mixture of turmeric and papaya .It is prepared very simply: take a tablespoon of chopped papaya, a spoon of honey and a small pinch of spice. All this is thoroughly mixed with each other and applied to the skin for fifteen minutes. This mask is rich in the content of antioxidants and enzymes, which contribute to the effective cleavage of sebum.

A mask made of turmeric and orange peel has good effectiveness. It is necessary to take half a tablespoon of crushed orange peel, a spoonful of honey and milk, a small pinch of spice. All these components are thoroughly mixed with each other, and then the resulting mixture is applied to the skin of the face for fifteen minutes. This mask is especially recommended for use in cases of severe inflammation.

Other turmeric products


Turmeric can prepare a cream from acne

Quickly remove acne from the face and improve the skin color will help a special smoothie from turmeric and honey .It is necessary to take a spoonful of spices and flower honey, as well as a glass of hot water. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together and insisted for several minutes. This mixture is consumed three times a day before meals.

Studies have shown that those who regularly use turmeric are less prone to cancer.

From turmeric you can prepare a cream that will help in a short time to cope with pimples .To make it, you need to take one tablespoon of turmeric, chopped jojoba and coconut. All this is poured with a small amount of sesame oil and mixed thoroughly. The cream is applied to the face three times a day, until the acne disappears completely.

A cream made of turmeric and sandalwood powder has a good effect. In small quantities, spice and powder are taken, thoroughly mixed, and then diluted with a small amount of warm water. Apply to the pimples affected by pimples once a day just before bedtime.

To combat pimples from turmeric, a special alcohol lotion is prepared. To make it, you need a spoonful of turmeric and a hundred grams of alcohol, which you need to mix thoroughly with each other and let it brew for a day. Lotion rubs the skin at least two times a day.

When using turmeric as a means to control acne, one should take into account the individual characteristics of the skin of each person .If the preparation made of spice causes an allergic reaction, it is necessary to immediately stop its use, but this happens rarely. In most cases, turmeric helps in a short time to rid the face of acne, make the skin clean and attractive.