Ice for the face: action on the skin, rules of application, the best recipes of cubes


  • How does it work?
  • How to prepare ice cubes for the skin?
  • Ice face: recipes

Every woman dreams of youth and beauty of her skin, but not everyone succeeds in achieving this even with the help of the most expensive cosmetic products or salon procedures. There is one small secret that will help to preserve youth for many years, without spending a fabulous amount and sitting out all day long in beauty salons. At home, it's easy to make cosmetic ice for your face and regularly rub your skin. This rejuvenating, toning, refreshing massage instead of morning washing will wake up, give a lot of pleasant sensations and slow down the aging process of the skin. The efficiency of ice cubes exceeds the wildest expectations.

How does it work?

Why is normal ice much more beneficial for the skin than water? Everything is explained by the wonderful properties of the melt water into which it is converted, and by the low temperatures that affect the skin in the most salutary way. In the effectiveness of ice for the face, there is no doubt, because scientists have long uncovered the mysteries of the miraculous effect of magic cubes on the skin:

  • , when in contact with warm skin, a cold ice cube begins to melt and turns into healing thawed water, which is perfectly absorbed by the cells, saturates them with moisture;
  • along with it penetrate into the skin the constituents of the cubes and are well absorbed by the cells;
  • low temperature and simultaneous facial massage with ice activates the flow of blood to the skin;
  • markedly improves skin tone;
  • smoothes out emerging wrinkles;
  • decreases the increased fat content;
  • narrowed enlarged pores;
  • skin softens;
  • the contour of the face is tightened;
  • there is an easy disinfection;
  • are removed small, local foci of inflammation, which allows you to use cosmetic ice for the face from acne;
  • increases metabolism, which allows skin cells to be updated and acquire the necessary elasticity;
  • improves the complexion, a gentle glow appears.

Such a miracle can create the most ordinary ice cubes for the face, which are easy to prepare at home.

In this case, you need to be very careful, because non-compliance with contraindications or some nuances can be fraught with unwanted side effects for the skin.

It is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of those who know this and have repeatedly resorted to the help of miraculous ice cubes for rejuvenating aging, mature skin.

Facial massage can be toning and rejuvenating, the main thing is to correctly make them. How to do this massage at home.

Secrets of skin youthfulness of the face - in careful care. Which means to choose: salon or give preference to the home? Go to secrets and tips & gt; & gt;

How to prepare ice cubes for the skin?

It's not enough just to wipe your face with ice in the morning: you need to know how to do it correctly in order to achieve the desired effect. Observance of simple rules in the preparation of ice cubes for the skin will allow you to achieve from them a maximum of cosmetic effect.

  1. molds for ice, filtered water ( medicinal decoction from grass) and active components of are needed to prepare cosmetic ice for the face to enrich the cubes with useful substances for the skin( according to the prescription you have chosen).
  2. First, 1 ingredient is placed in each mold: half a berries, a piece of fruit or vegetable, a fresh or dried sprig of a medicinal plant.
  3. After this, filtered water is placed in the molds to the edges of the room temperature. If there is no filter, take mineral water without gas. If there is no such possibility, in the extreme case, the settled water will do.
  4. Even more effective will be cubes of ice for the face, if instead of water in the molds pour a pre-prepared cold decoction or infusion of medicinal herbs useful for the skin( chamomile, mint, calendula, St. John's wort, etc.).
  5. The molds filled to the brim are cleaned in the freezer for at least 8-9 hours.
  6. Cosmetic ice for face wiping usually is prepared from the evening , so that it can already be used in the morning.
  7. To wipe the face with ice, is needed twice a day. : in the morning, immediately after waking up, and in the evening, an hour before bedtime.
  8. Indication for the use of ice: wilted, mature, tired, inflamed, pigmented skin.
  9. Contraindications for facial rejuvenation with ice cubes : sensitive skin, couperose, open wounds on the face, severe skin diseases, extensive inflammatory process.
  10. Wipe face with ice cubes is recommended strictly on massage lines , which pass:
    • from the center point of the chin - to the lobes of the ears;
    • from the center point, located above the upper lip, to the center of the temples;
    • from the corners of the lips - to the middle of the auricles;
    • from the central point of the forehead - towards the center of the temples( should be on the eyebrow line);
    • in the lower eyelid: from the outer corners of the eyes to the inner;
    • on the upper eyelid: from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer corners.
  11. Wipe your face with ice cubes very carefully, without pressing on the skin, so as not to injure it.
  12. Massage should last no more than 2 minutes. As soon as you feel that cold tingling intensifies, the procedure must be completed.
  13. After wiping, the skin can not be wiped or smeared with anything. It must dry itself : it will allow better absorption of water and active substances.
  14. After 15-20 minutes, you can wipe your face with your favorite tonic and apply a cream.
  15. The procedure should be regular, that is, it must be done daily.
  16. Try to constantly use different recipes: molds with one tool have ended - be sure to try some other composition.
The indisputable use of ice for the face makes it a very popular home remedy for skin rejuvenation and toning.

Its effectiveness largely depends on which active ingredient was chosen to enrich the water in cosmetic ice.

Ice face: recipes

In fact, you can wipe your face with ice from the simplest water - it's a basic, classic recipe that does not take time to find the right composition. But it is much more pleasant and more useful to increase the effectiveness of these products by adding to the ice molds not water but a herbal decoction or pieces of fruit and vegetables. In any case, the choice will be yours.

  • Chamomile

The best anti-inflammatory and disinfectant is chamomile for the face: ice made on the basis of this medicinal flower will have the same properties. If you need to get rid of pimples and acne, ice from chamomile for the face will allow you to do it in the shortest possible time. One tablespoon chopped chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiling water, cover, leave for half an hour, drain. Either put the dried or fresh flower in a mold and pour it with filtered water. Cosmetic ice with chamomile for the face will help to refresh and whiten the skin, get rid of the foci of inflammation( acne and acne).

  • Parsley

As a whitening agent, parsley for the face is actively used: ice based on fragrant green leaves of the plant will help to get rid of unwanted pigment spots. In the broth, the leaves of parsley lose most of their useful properties. Therefore, infusion is best done from the root of the plant: grind, in the amount of one tablespoon pour a glass of boiling water, cover, leave for half an hour, drain. But most often ice from parsley for the face is prepared with a small twig of the plant, which is poured into the mold by filtered water.

  • Herbs

Everyone knows how useful herbs are for the face: ice, based on their decoctions and infusions, has the most beneficial effect on the skin. The process of preparation is not anything complicated. Broth: a tablespoon of chopped herbs pour a glass of hot water, boil for about 15 minutes, cover, leave for half an hour, drain. The infusion is prepared in exactly the same way, but without the boiling phase. Broths and infusions are poured into molds already completely cooled. You can use ice with herbs for the face and on the basis of whole leaves, twigs or flowers. A small piece of dried or fresh raw material( calendula flower, nettle leaf, fennel seeds) is placed in a mold and filled with filtered water. This ice for the face of the herbs is often much more effective than the broths and infusions. Select the herbs for your skin type:

  • for normal : mint, plantain, yarrow, St. John's wort, sage, three-tone violet, horsetail field;
  • for dry and sensitive : rose, linden, melissa, any red berries( rowan, hawthorn, strawberry);
  • for oily and problematic : calendula, birch buds, wormwood, mother-and-stepmother, chicory root or thick-leaved balan.

Shelf life of ice cubes from herbs is a week.

  • Tea

Toning and refreshing properties are green tea: ice for the face on its basis is very easy to prepare. For this purpose it is enough to pour a fresh, already cooled down drink on the molds and put it into the freezer for the night. You can use different types of tea, not only green: black will improve the complexion, red will smooth the mimic wrinkles. In any case, ice from tea for the face is an excellent cosmetic for any type of skin.

  • Mint

Refreshing properties for the skin are peppermint: ice for the face on the basis of this herb will allow you to give tone and vigor to tired, fading skin. It activates metabolic processes, speeds up blood circulation - on cheeks after such rubbing a healthy, natural blush breaks out, and the skin itself becomes unusually elastic for the whole day. Be sure to try to make ice cubes with mint for the face at home. Recipe № 1 : 1 tablespoon chopped leaves of mint pour a glass of boiling water, cover, leave for half an hour, drain. Recipe No. 2 : put the dried or fresh mint leaf in a mold and pour it with filtered water.

  • Oils

Soothing to the skin is the ice for the face with essential oils: it softens, refreshes, smoothes. In a glass of cool water, drip 5 drops of pink essential oil, 3 drops of geranium ether and 2 drops of mint oil. Shake well, pour into molds and put into a freezer. With this recipe cosmetic ice you can experiment, add a different amount of different essential oils. The main thing is to always keep the same proportion: 10 drops of ether per 250 ml( glass) of filtered water.

  • Juices

Cosmetic ice for the face with fruit, vegetable and berry juices has a pronounced anti-aging properties. Lemon, orange, grapefruit juices are diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.Watermelon, cucumber, all berry juices boldly frozen, not diluting. Remember: the shelf life of ice cubes for a person from juices is no more than three days.

  • Milk

Fresh, homemade milk of medium fatness, dilute in equal proportions with filtered water, pour into molds. To save youth for many years will help milk ice cubes for wilted, mature skin, which already begins to suffer from the first age-related changes.

  • Salt

For problematic skin, which requires daily thorough cleaning, you can use ice for the face with salt. Suitable for both food and sea. Tablespoon of salt firstly dissolve in a glass of warm water, then cool, again shake thoroughly and pour into molds.

Now you know how to cook and correctly use ice for the face skin, to regain youth and beauty.

With such perfect, almost ideal cosmetic means it is possible to forget about complexes about the appearance and about inexorably approaching old age. Do not be lazy: be sure to pamper yourself with such invigorating procedures in the mornings to give the skin freshness for the whole day.

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