Recipe for garlic oil for joints and other methods of treating garlic

  • Garlic against arthritis
  • Effective garlic oil
  • Who should not be treated with garlic?

Garlic is used in folk medicine to treat a huge number of diseases. Such joint diseases as arthritis or gout are no exception. Garlic allows you to clean and restore joints, restoring the patient's ability to live a normal life.

Garlic against arthritis

To combat arthritis, you can use garlic outside or inside. The main thing is to follow the prescription and adhere to the recommendations for the correct application of the remedy, no matter what option is chosen.

For the prevention of arthritis, enough to eat during the day 2 cloves of garlic during a meal. To not be too sharp, you can immediately eat a vegetable lunch. Such a method of application serves as an excellent prophylaxis not only of arthritis, but also of many other diseases. Regular use of garlic increases immunity, helps strengthen the whole body. The vegetable contains substances that kill any pathogens, so most pathologies simply do not get a chance to develop. And to get rid of the unpleasant smell, it is enough after eating garlic to chew a few grains of coffee or coriander.

It is useful in arthritis and tincture based on garlic. To make it, you need 3 large heads of garlic and 2 glasses of vodka. Garlic crushed, poured with vodka, they put the medicine in a dark place. You can consume it 2 weeks after filtering. To store this tool is suitable and an ordinary closet, it is not necessary to place it in the refrigerator.

Milk and Garlic
Drinking milk with a tincture of garlic is necessary before meals, one intake per day is enough.

Take garlic tincture in accordance with a certain scheme. The medicine is best added to milk. In this form, it is best absorbed. The full course of treatment for the fight against joint diseases will be 20 days. In the first you need to drink 1 drop of tincture, in the second - 2 drops and then increase by the 1st drop until the 10th day. Starting from the 11th day, the amount of drops of tincture in milk is reduced. On the 11th day, drink 10 drops, on the 12th - 9 drops, etc.
This is a very effective and powerful medicine. With it, you can cure not only arthritis or other joint diseases. Tincture helps in the fight against cancer, intestinal atony, atherosclerosis.

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There is a traditional French way of treating arthritis with garlic. To prepare a French medicine, you need to make a garlic clove, add camphor oil in the same volume and carefully move the ingredients. From the product is made compresses, which are applied to the affected arthritis joint at night. You can apply the medicine directly to the skin or put it into the workpiece from the gauze and in such a form to apply to the sore spot. The second method is preferable if the patient has very sensitive skin. For the course of effective treatment, it will take 8-10 procedures. It is best not to take breaks between them and apply compresses every night.

Joints can be rubbed with garlic. To do this, it must be chopped and rubbed into the inflamed joints. After rubbing the sore spot with garlic it is necessary to wrap it with a warm kerchief. Such grinding is also desirable to be carried out daily for 15 days.

Efficient Garlic Oil

The most popular and simple garlic-based product that is used for arthritis is garlic oil for joints. This tool helps to cope with lack of mobility of joints, allows to restore their normal functioning after arthritis, relieves pain syndrome, accelerates recovery.

The recipe for this medication is very simple. To prepare the product, only simple ingredients are required. First of all you need to take garlic( about 300-400 grams), clean it and pass it through a meat grinder. The resulting pulp is put in a 1-liter glass jar and filled with unrefined sunflower oil. It is advisable to choose high quality oil.

The mixture is put in a dark place for 14 days. Every day it will need to be shaken to pick up the garlic paste from the bottom. After 14 days, the medicine will need to be carefully filtered. It is advisable to pass it several times through gauze, folded in 3-4 layers. After that, the garlic oil is ready for use.

Wrist Band
The oil is easy to use: it is necessary to apply it to a painful joint and carefully rub it, then the sore spot is warmed with a handkerchief or scarf

. It is advisable to perform the procedure just before bedtime. Restoration of the functioning of the joint will be noticeable after a few joints. Within 2 months it is recommended to carry out the procedure on a daily basis. For this period, from any manifestations of arthritis it will be possible to get rid of almost completely.

The effectiveness of drugs based on garlic is explained by the fact that the main component stimulates blood circulation. As a result of the action of active substances contained in the vegetable, the sclerotic formations in the affected arthritic joint dissolve, and the salts that are deposited in the joints during gout are also dissolved.

Who should not be treated with garlic?

Treatment of garlic has its own contraindications. This is due to the fact that the vegetable contains strong substances, due to which the drugs based on it are effective.

Contraindicated treatment with garlic in such diseases:

  • pancreatitis,
  • hypertension,
  • kidney disease,
  • peptic ulcer.

It is also worthwhile carefully resorting to the treatment of garlic for patients who previously had kidney, liver, gastrointestinal and pancreatic diseases. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor beforehand and listen constantly to the condition of your body.

All contraindications relate to the use of garlic for the treatment of joints both externally and internally. In any case, it is not recommended to treat yourself. Before using any traditional medicine or medication, you should consult your doctor. This will maximize the benefit and prevent any side effects that the treatment may lead to.