Effective treatment of gastritis with herbs

Effective treatment of gastritis with herbs is the goal that was set and achieved by physicians of all times, before the era of industrialization and the globalization of the pharmaceutical business. The effect of different plants on each of the aspects of various manifestations of the disease has been sufficiently well studied and systematized.


  • 1 Treatment with herbs of chronic recurrent gastritis
  • 2 Anti-inflammatory effect of herbs reduces the appearance of hyperacid gastritis
  • 3 Herbs used in gastric spasm
  • 4 Treatment with herbs of gastritis with low acidity
  • 5 Treatment with herbs of erosive forms of gastritis
  • 6 Reduction of psychogenic factor causing gastritis
  • 7 Indications for treatment of herbs with gastritischildren, nursing and pregnant

Treatment with herbs of chronic recurrent gastritis

One of the basic elementsntov development of the disease in this case is an autoimmune reaction in the body's own tissues. It often happens with foci of chronic inflammation in the body. In order to break the formed "vicious circle" it is necessary to reduce the activity of immunocompetent cells. For this purpose, herbs are prescribed that reduce the excessive formation of antibodies - poisonous fighter, chaga, prince of Okhotsk, celandine, elephant tall. Soft imunosupresivnoe action of these herbs is much safer than synthetic cytostatics.

Anti-inflammatory effect of herbs reduces the manifestation of hyperacid gastritis

Local anti-inflammatory effect is possessed by infusions and decoctions of medicinal sage, oak bark, kalgan, blue cornflower, and also urban gravel.

97b99de1d05907416e8579cb96d2eefc It is believed that one of the causes of gastritis is the excessive activity of Escherichia coli. An ideal for stopping the acute process with this form of gastritis is the infusion of chamomile, but it can cause dysbacteriosis. In addition to chamomile can be recommended thyme creeping, Labrador tea marsh, St. John's wort, common yarrow, marsh, calendula, Icelandic cetrarium, medicinal sage.

To reduce the frequency of recurrences of gastritis, herbs with immunostimulating action are prescribed.

To this end, use Veronica officinalis, some species of milkweed( Pallas), Rhodiola rosea, small duckweed, Dzhungar ferul and membranous astragalus.

Herbs used in gastric spasm

Spasm is one of the gastritis forming moments, leading to local disturbance of blood circulation and the formation of the inflammation focus. Natural spasmolytic agents help a spasm: pharmacy chamomile, St. John's wort, common tansy, field mint, common belladonna. For the same purpose, seeds of anise, dill, fennel, cumin are given.

Treating gastritis with low acidity

Wormwood Some plants increase the secretory activity of the stomach and duodenum due to the bitterness contained in them. They can be used both for the treatment of hypoacid gastritis and for stimulation of biliary dyskinesia. Representatives of the group: bitter wormwood, dendritic aloe, large-flowered gentian, common yarrow, centaur gold-thousander.

Treatment with herbs of erosive forms of gastritis

Flax seeds, great plantain, medicinal angelica, Icelandic cetarius, medicinal marshmallow have expressed enveloping properties. These plants are used for the same purpose for heartburn, gastroduodenal reflux, gastritis with high acidity.

To accelerate the restoration of damaged gastric mucosa, plant regeneration stimulants are used: sea buckthorn oil, shepherd's bag, aloe vera( or pinnate calanchoe), dioecious nettle, common yarrow, real bedraggler.

A slightly different restoring effect is produced by plant adaptogens: golden root, manchurian aralia, ginseng.

Reduction of the psychogenic factor causing gastritis

Mint Gastritis is not formed without stress. Stress causes spasm, and spasm forms the focus of inflammation. A lot of plants have a pronounced anti-stress effect: peppermint and medicinal mint, medicinal valerian, common spray, blood-red hawthorn, average patronia. Separately, I want to dwell on passionflower - a medicinal plant with an anxiolytic effect. Passiflora effectively relieves of fear - the locomotive of the formation of any depression, and is completely non-addictive( unlike popular folk remedies for alcohol).

Indications for treatment with herbs gastritis in children, nursing and pregnant

The ability to designate any medicinal plant is strictly within the competence of the attending physician. Phytopreparations have enough contraindications and side effects. It is necessary to understand this, and apply for the preparation of medical fees to professionals.

Phytotherapy is an effective method for the treatment of gastritis of any nature. Herbs are quite strong, so it is necessary to coordinate the intake of medicinal plants with the therapy prescribed by the doctor. This will save your body from surprise, and will avoid unnecessary "duplication" of therapeutic effects