Hair care at home

Hair care at home

If you want to become the owner of a beautiful and long head of hair, then you simply have to perform the proper hair care at home. And you have to do it every day, not once a month.

Hair wash

For many people it may seem that washing your hair is a normal procedure, not requiring compliance with any rules - soaped your hair and washed them with water. But in fact it is because of incorrect washing of the head that more than 50% of women face different problems( split ends, brittle, dryness, etc.).

It is important to take into account several nuances in washing your head. First, you need to choose the right shampoo. If you have a fatty type of curls, do not use a shampoo designed for dry or normal hair. Getting rid of the problem will not help you, but will only aggravate it.

Therefore, always choose the right cosmetic. If you use a certain remedy, for example, from dandruff, then you need to apply it exactly until the moment the problem disappears, then use a normal shampoo.

Secondly, it is necessary to apply the cosmetic properly on the hair. Take a glass, pour a small amount of water into it and dilute in it 1 tablespoon.shampoo. Beat until a persistent foam forms. Then apply it to wet hair with light massaging movements( knead and rub ringlets in no case be impossible), leave for a few minutes, and then just rinse with warm water.

Hair washing

Then the hair must necessarily be treated with balms or conditioner, even if it seems to you that your hair is soft and obedient without it. These funds create an invisible film around each hair, which helps to further protect the hair from the negative effects of surrounding factors. Therefore, they should not be neglected.

Drying and styling of hair

If you talk about home hair care, you can not leave out the process of drying and styling them.

Hair drying should occur naturally. This is the best and safest method. Blot your curls, wrap them with a dry towel for half an hour, and after combing and let dry.

If you need to dry your hair urgently, then, of course, you can not do without a hair dryer. But remember that you do not need to use high temperatures, as this will ruin your curls. And if you decide to use a hair dryer, then you should dry your hair in the direction of their growth, in order to avoid the opening of scales.

Hair styling should also occur with minimal trauma to the hair structure, and therefore it is better not to use forceps, rectifiers and other tools that work only at high temperatures.

The best way to style hair is curlers. They do not have a thermal effect on the curls and at the same time create a volume and a proper appearance.

For urgent laying, it is also not recommended to use the above described tools. It is better to use thermo-curlers, which though have a thermal effect on the hair, but do not hurt them. The thing is that they quickly cool down, not having time to damage the structure of the curls. Yes, and to create a beautiful styling you will need only 5-10 minutes.

Masks for hair

Naturally, home hair care simply can not do without the use of various cosmetic masks. They provide healthy locks to the locks, through which they are restored, begin to grow better and acquire a natural shine and beauty. Of course, it's better to use homemade masks. In their quality, you can be 100% sure, because you will personally prepare them. However, if you do not have time for this, you can fully use the store options. However, here about their quality it is possible to argue.
When you buy them, first of all make sure of their suitability. It's no secret that some stores do not hesitate to sell overdue products, which can greatly harm your hair.

Hair masks

After that you should carefully study the composition of the cosmetic. Buy only those masks, which include more than 60% of natural ingredients. If the package indicates too many components you do not understand, then it is better to refuse purchasing this product.

To provide hair care at home, recipes for cooking masks can be found below.

Recipes for hair masks

If you have dry hair, then you are ideal mask on the basis of cosmetic oils. Take 1 tbsp each.burdock, castor oil and olive oil, warm in a water bath and apply in a warm form to the curls. From above put on a shower cap and wrap your head with a towel. After an hour the mask can be washed off.

If you have a fat type of curls, then you need to use a mask based on cognac and lemon juice. Take these ingredients for 1 tablespoon.and mix with 1 tbsp.sour cream, one raw egg yolk and 1 tsp.honey. Apply the resulting mixture to the hair, and after 30 minutes, rinse. Do not forget to use a shower cap and a terry towel.

Well, if you are the owner of normal hair, then you can use any nutritious mask based on egg yolk, cream, oils, etc. For example, you can mix honey, cream, burdock oil in a ratio of 1: 1: 1 and apply to the hair for half an hour.

If you use your home cosmetics constantly, your hair will change a lot in a month. They will become soft and silky, they will stop confusing and breaking.

It will be good if you also replace the purchased shampoos with homemade products. Finding their recipes on the Internet today is not difficult. The main thing is to choose a product that is ideally suited to your hair type.

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