Milk of magnesia as an effective remedy for digestive problems

Magnesia milk is a natural product from the group of non-absorbable antacids, an osmotic laxative. The agent contains magnesium hydroxide in a large amount.


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Drug treatment

Milk of magnesia

Magnesia milk neutralizes gastric acidity

Magnesia milk when ingestedThe stomach partially neutralizes hydrochloric acid, reduces the activity of gastric juice. This does not interfere with digestion, does not reduce the protective antimicrobial effect of hydrochloric acid.

The drug promotes the synthesis of prostaglandins, reducing intracavitary pressure in the stomach and duodenum. Molochko magnesia accumulates in the intestine liquid and liquefies its contents. Due to this, there is an increase in the intestinal peristalsis and an early emptying.


application For application means indications are problems with digestion:

  • exacerbation of chronic gastritis
  • Exacerbations peptic ulcer
  • sensations of discomfort in the epigastrium
  • errors in the diet, followed heartburn
  • Constipation

Contraindications for use Lotion magnesia

contraindication to the use of Lotion magnesia mayserve individual sensitivity to magnesium, allergic reactions to the drug, as well as hypermagnesia( accumulatione magnesium in the blood).It can occur in those who have a history of renal pathology. There is evidence of psychological dependence on the drug and the emergence of the phenomenon of addiction. In such cases, it is necessary to strive for an occasional reception.

Benefits of the agent Molodia magnesia

Milk of magnesia

Natural laxative: Molodia magnesia

Since this drug is a natural laxative, it has many advantages that distinguish it in a number of other laxatives:

  • Magnesium chloride magnesium sulfate covers the whole bowel.
  • The laxative is completely harmless and does not damage the intestinal mucosa.
  • With its long-term use, there is no addiction.
  • The action of milk of magnesia is not accompanied by spasms, pains, the intestines are cleaned without additional efforts.
  • No contraindications for pregnant women, for patients suffering from such diseases as hemorrhoids and diabetes mellitus.
  • Can be used as a remedy for heartburn, as well as, if necessary, as a source of magnesium.
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Specific guidance for the use of

To achieve the desired effect, it is advisable to use magnesium moloch for 5-6 hours before the expected increase in peristalsis. That is, when planning a morning stool, the drug is taken before bedtime. Recommended dose:

  • Adults - 1 tbsp.l.3-4 times a day
  • Children over 12 years - 1 tsp.3 times a day
  • Children under 12 years - half a teaspoon.3-4 times a day

If the desired effect is not achieved after this dose, for children over 12 years old and for adults, the dose can be increased by one and a half times. It is recommended that the product be shaken before use.

Milk of magnesia before diet for weight loss

Milk of magnesia

Apply magnesium molluscs strictly according to the instructions!

In order not to disturb digestion and not deterioration of health during the transition to a diet for weight loss, you can pre-apply Molochko magnesia magnesium sulfate. Such tactics help the body to smoothly switch to a new diet. The drug will help to remove toxins, that is, it is used for purification.

Magnesium sulfate, along with food residues, will help to remove cholesterol and excess fat entering the intestine. The process of burning their own fat reserves is starting. To cleanse the body before a diet should be for 5 days to take in the evening 25 g of the drug, dissolved in half a glass of water.

Magnesium sulfate magnesium sulfate is positioned as an osmotic laxative, practically without contraindications and not absorbed into the body through the walls of the intestine.

And with instructions on the use of magnesium sulfate you will be introduced to the video:

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