What is a geener?

Gainer - a combination of several useful substances that provide a rapid increase in body weight and the development of dry muscle mass. A good heiner is characterized by the highest proportion of complex carbohydrates in the composition of matter.

Gainer should contain a huge number of proteins and carbohydrates, which are necessary for good muscle growth, and just provide an all-encompassing delivery of all substances to the body of a trained athlete.

A sign of high-quality geyner - the content in it is more than sixty percent of complex carbohydrates in a substance with whey protein.

What athletes are recommended for the introduction of geyner?

Gainer is created specifically for bodybuilders and other athletes who have difficulty in weight gain because of very fast metabolism or for other reasons. Such athletes can be hard to grow muscles, using only food. Gainer is just a good choice for them, because it has a huge amount of calories, allowing the most simple way to increase the daily calorie intake.

A cultured person with a fast metabolism lags behind in the collection of muscle mass from people with the most leisurely metabolism gaining weight, albeit with a great deal of fat.

When is it also true to take a geyner?

Ideally, you should use a geyner during the day, after and before training. This will give the right energy for physical exertion. In addition to the fact that the geyner can be used to close the carbohydrate window. It's impossible to apply the geyner at night, even to athletes, becauseprone to accumulation of excess fat - an excess of calories at night the body is harmful.

In conclusion about the geyner.

The use of protein and amino acids is a good way to just increase muscle growth. The joint introduction of the geyner with these products will justify the growth rate, especially for people prone to excess. If you decide to use a geyner, you should think about the highest quality of the product, choose for yourself a product that contains complex carbohydrates, and not just ordinary sugars. In general, this food for sports is a good choice for the acceleration of muscle growth, but do not forget that he can not only increase the muscle and fatinterlayer.