Menopause in women: symptoms, signs, treatment

The first signs of menopause women notice in themselves by the age of fifty. Many associate menopause with old age, but this is an incorrect attitude: the climacterium only announces the beginning of the aging of the organism, the onset of autumn. But early autumn, as you know, is still almost summer. By the time of onset of menopause in the body of a woman, metabolism naturally slows down, both the process of cell renewal and the process of hormone production slow down. It is in connection with these natural changes that women develop characteristic diseases that do not occur at a young age.

If a woman begins to feel pain while urinating, a decrease in sexual desire, a feeling of dryness in the vagina, and these symptoms do not go away, but only worsen over time, she realizes that this is the beginning of menopause. It is interesting that the onset of menopause can pass completely unnoticed, and therefore most women begin to understand that menopause has come only when the process has already entered into full force.

The researchers found that the time of onset of menopause, as well as the severity of its symptoms largely depends on certain factors. So, for example, a woman who smokes menopause may come earlier for several years. Many factors in the life of a woman can affect the course of menopause. An important role is played not only by the number of children and proper nutrition, but also by the number of transferred infections and surgeries. The hereditary dependence of the onset of menopause is established.

Cases of the onset of menopause at the age of thirty-five years have been noted, however, its offensive may be postponed until the age of sixty.

Symptoms of menopause in women

By and large, manifestations of menopause in many ways become a perceptible woman due to a lack of hormones, as the level of estrogens decreases. Decreased estrogen levels and the fact that the bones become brittle and the vessels less passable leads to a greater risk for women during the menopause to develop cardiovascular diseases and diseases related to bone fragility. It is during this period that women often break their legs, and the most dangerous of these fractures can be considered a fracture of the neck of the hip, which, as a rule, does not heal to the end.

Climax includes several stages, with each characteristic as common with others, and their specific symptoms. It happens that some symptoms of menopause a woman can feel until the very end of her life. Female life from the hormonal point of view can be divided into the following periods or stages: premenopausal, perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. Perimenopausal, menopause and postmenopause combine in the climacteric period.

At the very beginning of the menopause, special inconveniences bring women tides, that is, feelings of a surge of blood to the face, heat. The woman begins to feel bad, sweats at night, feels sudden pressure surges and, as a consequence, a change of mood. Often a woman feels sudden attacks of drowsiness, heart attacks, suffocation and chills, as well as incomprehensible attacks of irritability. A woman can feel all these symptoms, and only some of them. There are times when the climacteric passes completely asymptomatic. In such women, all changes in the body due to menopause occur only at the level of metabolism: a woman picks up a few extra pounds. This concludes the changes.

Changes in the body of a woman due to menopause occur approximately four years before its onset. At this stage, which is called perimenopause, the woman stops menstruating, either sharply or gradually the amount of blood decreases. This is a signal that the level of female hormones begins to decrease. At this time and in connection with this, there are night sweats, as well as notorious tides and depressive conditions.

The last menstruation, which, by the way, is called menopause, usually appears in fifty two years. A period that begins after the last natural bleeding and lasts until the very end of a woman's life. During the postmenopause, the female body feels an acute shortage of female hormones: in this regard, mood swings, hot flashes, and unpleasant sensations in the genital area may be aggravated. If irritability and nervousness does not go to recession, then you should consult a doctor.

Treatment of menopause in women

At the initial stage of menopause, a woman is better to be observed not only in a gynecologist, but also in a mammologist and endocrinologist. A comprehensive examination will show what drugs should be prescribed to a woman to maintain the body during menopause. Most often a woman is prescribed hormone replacement therapy, which replenishes the body with the missing hormones. Hormone therapy can remove other symptoms of menopause, normalizing many processes in the body, as well as prevent some possible complications in the form of cardiovascular disorders or osteoporosis.

Doctors recommend starting hormone therapy from the first days of menopause. For such therapy, drugs are prescribed, which include female sex hormones, progesterone and estrogen. It is important to choose the right dose and duration of its use, and then the number of unpleasant symptoms will decrease immediately. In addition, hormone replacement therapy seriously reduces the risk of cancer of the uterus.

It is important for a woman to understand that how hard or easy it will be for her climacteric period depends largely on herself - on her behavior, way of life. So, for example, to facilitate the well-being of a woman, it is important to avoid stresses, stop worrying about insignificant reasons. With alcohol and nicotine it is better to say goodbye, as these bad habits will only aggravate the picture.

The mucous membrane of the genital organs has largely changed, and therefore it is important to use lubricants for sexual acts.

Try to walk more, breathe fresh air, start playing sports. Revise your diet: your diet should be enriched with calcium, but animal fats are best reduced to a minimum.

If you have problems with the cardiovascular system, then do not go to a sauna or sauna, or visit countries with an unusual climate.