Colpitis in men and women: photo, causes, symptoms, treatment

In the list of the most common diseases of the genitourinary sphere, colpitis occupies a leading position. Colpitis is the inflammation of the sexual organs of women. This or that form of inflammation of the vagina is found in every third woman. Among the reasons contributing to the development of a variety of inflammation, called both synthetic underwear and hormonal status.

Colpitis is also called vaginitis, and if the inflammation also spreads to the vulva and external genitalia, the disease is called vulvovaginitis.

In men, colpitis can not develop, but causative agents of colpitis in men may be present, as this disease causes streptococci, mycoplasma, staphylococcus, and chlamydia and hemophilic rods. Getting on the favorable soil of the vagina with impaired microflora, the infection begins to develop rapidly. With a broken microflora in the vagina of a woman, lactic acid is not produced, namely, it kills other people's infections and sticks.

Colpitis may be primary, that is, develops directly into the vagina, may be secondary descending, that is, when the infection descends down the uterus, or it may be secondary ascending, when the infection rises upward from the vulva into the vagina.

Colposites, which cause trichomonads and chlamydia, are considered the most dangerous. These forms of colpitis must be treated immediately, without allowing their transition into a chronic form. These infections can spread very quickly to the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and then treatment will be difficult, long and not always successful. Such complications can seriously affect the reproductive capacity of women.

Colpitis may also be non-infectious - allergic colpitis also applies to this type. In this case, the cause of the disease can be all sorts of cosmetics and even medicines, contraceptives in the form of candles and ointments.

There is such a form of the disease as senile colpitis. This disease occurs in women in old age. The cause of such colpitis are disorders in the body that arise in connection with the change in the hormonal background. All this disrupts the nutrition of the vaginal mucosa, the acidity of its environment decreases, the mucosa itself becomes very fragile and vulnerable. Older colpitis can begin to acutely, and may leak unnoticed. It is in connection with this that gynecologists hold a common opinion: a woman after menopause should be constantly examined by a doctor at least twice a year.


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Colpitis symptoms

Colpit photo Colpitis can be of a specific kind and nonspecific. With specific colpitis, the infection enters the vagina during intercourse. In this case, such symptoms as puffiness of the vagina, its velvety to the touch, and also the secretion of blood upon touch are noted.

If it is a case of nonspecific colpitis, then the body is affected by staphylococci and streptococci due to the fact that the rules of hygiene are not sufficiently observed by a woman, because the microflora in the vagina has decayed. Symptoms in this case will be vaginal discharge in the form of mucus or pus.

For acute colpitis, the following symptoms are typical: pus is secreted from the vagina, the genital organ turns red, and a strong itch is felt. The woman is experiencing pain in the lower abdomen. Often the symptoms of colpitis are accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, as well as painful sensations during urination and sex.

Yeast collet is much like thrush. In men, this colpitis can manifest itself in the form of candidiasis.

Colpitis is dangerous for its complications. A pregnant woman with colpitis can infect a fetus if the infection rises up the vaginal tube. Infection with colpitis of the fetus can even lead to a miscarriage.

In addition, colpitis can lead to complications such as inflammation of the cervix and appendages, which will lead to a violation of fertility functions, to infertility.

The risk of colpitis often increases the number of bacteria and viruses of other types that weaken the woman's body. It often provokes the rooting of infection all kinds of damage and trauma to the vagina. Weakened by prolonged antibiotic use, immunity also increases the risk of colpitis. Risk factors include poor hygiene, various types of allergies, and endocrine diseases.

Colpit treatment

For the first symptoms of colpitis, it is necessary to stop sexual intercourse and consult a doctor. Do not self-medicate, relying only on folk methods of treating colpitis. Always remember all those complications that can cause untreated or untreated colpitis.

The doctor can determine the quality of the discharge, with what form colpita is dealing, and in accordance with this will prescribe the treatment. So, for fungal inflammation characteristic cheesy discharge, for trichomoniasis - yellow-green frothy. To choose the right treatment, you need to examine the swab from the vagina, make a sowing from the walls of the vagina. You may need a blood test using the PCR method. To treat colpitis, the doctor prescribes antifungal medications, often modern medics recommend vaccination to prevent and treat colpitis.

Colpitis prevention

The main rule for prevention of colpitis is compliance with personal hygiene rules. But this does not mean that it is necessary to achieve additional douching to achieve perfect purity in the vagina - do not forget that you can not violate the natural microflora in the vagina, because it protects us from infections.

You should pay special attention to the hygiene of your sexual relations. Before the sexual act, you should take a shower, and during the sexual act it is important to use condoms.

It is very important to know the measure in the application of cosmetics and perfumes, because cosmetics can also cause non-bacterial allergic colpitis. Flavored pads, tampons can also become potent allergens.

In order to prevent colpitis, you should completely abandon the wearing of synthetic underwear, which creates conditions for the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria due to the fact that it poorly passes air and moisture.

An important role is played by the woman's nutrition. For example, eating sour-milk products, as well as excluding sweet foods from food, in many ways helps to maintain the right microflora in the vagina.