We get rid of small and subcutaneous forehead acne - photos, treatment, causes of acne

get rid of pimples on the forehead What should I do if the acne on my forehead popped?

Chips, chin, ears, forehead. .. All these parts of the face reflect what is happening inside our body.

What our face, and in particular the forehead, can tell us about our health?

Causes of acne on the forehead


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  • The upper forehead is directly related to the digestive organs. When we eat not too good food( eat fast food, for example, we abuse coffee), our body has to digest all this and take out a large number of toxins.
  • According to Chinese medicine, the lower part of the forehead corresponds to his mind and spirit. If suddenly appears, there are a lot of acne on the forehead of in this zone, this may be due to poor sleep, stress, depression, poor blood circulation.
  • The area between the eyebrows is the window to your liver. The rashes that appear here can be associated with very fatty foods or drinking alcohol.
  • In summer, small pimples on the forehead, can be associated with an abundant sweat secretion. You sweated, combed the pimple on your forehead, and immediately next appeared a few more like that. Sweat does not allow to dry up and heal acne. They are becoming more and more.

How to get rid of acne on the forehead?

So, on the face there were spots. What to do? If the appearance of acne on the forehead depends largely on the food we eat, as mentioned above, then, naturally, the first thing to do is adjust your nutrition. Try to eat more foods and drinks rich in antioxidants. For example, green tea, water with lemon, berries. Pay attention to the state of your liver. Maybe you should eat less fatty foods and more vegetable, rich in fiber: vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Drink more water, reduce consumption of salt and caffeine.

The second cause of acne on the forehead is stress and lack of sleep. Accordingly, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to normalize your daily routine. Go to bed always at the same time, and do it earlier - ideally, until 10-11 hours. Before going to bed, find a way to relax: take a bath, take a stroll in the fresh air, meditate.

Never squeeze pimples on the forehead. Subcutaneous pimples burst and infect the circulatory system. The result can be a big red lump, painful sensations, which sometimes do not go away for weeks. And this is at best. The worst result of such careless treatment can be a fatal outcome.

Subcutaneous acne on the forehead: treatment

Always follow the six simple rules listed below. They will help you completely get rid of acne on the forehead:

  • Cleanse your face regularly and thoroughly. You need to do this every day. There are three stages of purification: first a superficial purification( for girls this is the removal of cosmetics).Then a deeper cleaning( say, a gel for washing with salicylic acid or with zinc), which is carried out with a brush or sponge. And the third step is a soft, gentle( necessary!) Scrub. Powder peels are also suitable. Such cleaning works well if you have a lot of small acne. subcutaneous pimples on the forehead
  • After cleaning, treat the skin with 1.5-2% salicylic acid or gel containing zinc. This helps to close the pores. After this treatment, apply a moisturizer.
  • In order for acne on the forehead and temples to disappear as quickly as possible, regularly change the brushes and sponges that you use to clean your face or apply makeup.
    Before touching your face, use them with boiling water.
  • Wipe your face with a separate personal towel, which should be changed twice a week.
  • Change pillowcases regularly, especially if there are animals in the house.
  • Use masks made from cosmetic clay. In clay powder, add a little water and a few drops of tea tree oil. Such a twenty-minute mask well tightens the pores, smooths the skin, small subcutaneous pimples quickly disappear. To achieve the desired effect, you must clean and rinse your face before the mask. After the mask, moisten the face with cream.

For treatment, you can use the remedies for acne on the forehead:

  • Baziron;
  • Zinerite;
  • Skinoren;
  • Differrin;
  • Dalacin.

You can resort to folk remedies. Well help the grass. Make facials. But the treatment should be treated responsibly, all procedures should be carried out regularly! Try to withstand the full course. Conventional home masks from acne can work wonders. Aloe juice and blue clay are good.