Diet Paleo. How did our ancestors feed?

The Paleo diet. How did our ancestors feed?

How many methods for losing weight created by a person and how many are tried. But the problem of obesity is still moving at an accelerated pace around the planet. To combat this disease, the world's luminaries in the field of dietetics turned to the experience in organizing the feeding system of our ancestors who lived during the Paleolithic period. Thus, a qualitatively new highly effective diet "Paleo" was created.

Basics of the diet

It should be noted that almost all Hollywood stars and most models instantly picked up this diet. This success is due to its simple fundamentals.

  1. To eat only the food our ancestors ate. It includes a large number of fresh berries, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, seafood, nuts, decoctions of fruits and herbs.
  2. You can eat as much as you want, but do not overeat. You can not allow a feeling of satiety at the table.
  3. Calorie count is not required.
  4. It is desirable to cook meat on fire.


  1. Do not allow the use of semi-finished products and artificially created( genetically modified) products.
  2. You can not replace animal protein with vegetable( meat beans or peas).
  3. You can not eat cereals and dishes based on them.
  4. You can not eat dried fruits.
  5. Do not use dairy products.
  6. You can not eat potatoes, corn.
  7. You can not eat confectionery.

"Paleo" diet menu

There are no clear recommendations on how to make a menu "Paleo" diet. A rough outline of it might look like this:

  • breakfast;
  • 1st undershot;
  • lunch;
  • 2nd snack;
  • dinner;
  • 3rd snack.

Allowed products:

  • all types of meat;
  • all kinds of fish;
  • any seafood;
  • eggs;
  • fruit;
  • vegetables;
  • any nuts;
  • decoctions of herbs.

"Paleo" diet - menu for the week

"Paleo" diet - menu for the week

Below this menu is designed as the main effective diet for weight loss, which should be adhered to throughout the week. To ensure that the food was diverse and the body did not experience shock due to limitations, it is necessary to replace products for each day with others, observing their belonging to certain groups of fruits for fruits, meat for meat, vegetables for vegetables, etc.

Sample menu

  • Breakfast: Apple and pear or salad of them without dressing plus nuts 30-50 g.
  • 1st snack : White chicken meat 100 g and any berries 200 g.
  • Lunch: 100 g of grains germinatedwheat with 80 grams of beef meat plus a salad of beets, carrots and apples.
  • 2nd snack : Fruits.
  • Dinner: Vegetable salad plus 150 grams of grilled fish.
  • 3rd snack : Fruits.

In the daily menu you can enter any dishes cooked on open fire or cooked.

Paleo diet recipes

To follow the "Paleo" diet, you can use the following recipes:

Fruit salad

To the slices of two tangerines, add half a pear cut into thin slices, a little coconut shavings and chopped walnuts. Season the salad with coconut milk.

Vegetable salad

One carrot is rubbed on a large grater, add shredded cabbage 300 grams, one chopped onion and fried zucchini 100 g with garlic. Season with lemon juice and herbs. You can pour a ready-made dish.

Red fish on the grill

Red Grilled Fish

300 - 400 g of red fish with one carcass or chopped pieces, sprinkle with lemon or lime, salt, pepper and grill. Fry from two sides. Before serving, spread on the leaves of the salad and sprinkle with herbs, and add rings of fresh onions.

"Paleo" diet - reviews

Regarding the "Paleo" diet, all those who lose weight are only positive. In general, note its effectiveness - 4 kg per week, as well as a large range of acceptable products. Many choose this method as a permanent food system.

However, it should be noted that following a diet requires a lot of money;good natural products these days are quite expensive, and their use is the first condition of this nutrition course.

Video about the paleo diet

Video with a set of products for the week for the Paleo-diet

Video about the "Paleo" diet