Seizures in the corners of the mouth: the causes, the ways of treatment

We remove the jam from the corners of the mouth with us.

We remove the jam from the corners of the mouth with us.

Seizures in the corners of the mouth are completely small cracks, accompanied by discomfort and various unpleasant phenomena in the form of pustules and irritations. Seizures develop as follows: initially redness appears in the corners of the mouth, which is soon replaced by the appearing cracks, in some cases even erosion. As a result, it is painful for a person to simply talk, and in the corners of the mouth the itching and burning sensation is constantly experienced; in the case of salty, spicy or acidic food, the pain sensations increase sharply. In addition, the girls are not allowed to make jokes with their lips.

In the most severe cases, patients may refuse to eat because they are too painful to open their mouths. It is important to ensure the timely treatment of jaedin in the corners, as gradually the formation of crusts may occur and bleeding ulcers may appear.


  1. Why do they arise?
  2. About the treatment of

Why do they occur?

There are several different reasons that trigger the occurrence of seizures.

First of all, let us point out the following combination of factors: general decrease in immunity, along with activation of infections in chronic foci( eg, gums, teeth, tonsils, sinuses), and local factors( micro lip injuries) in combination withDeficiency of certain vitamins and substances lead to the development of seizures in the corners of the mouth.

It should be noted that these circumstances and individually can cause jam. But first things first.

By virtue of the aforementioned set of provoking factors, it becomes obvious why the seizures most often appear in the off-season, especially in the spring. After all during this period, all the adaptive systems of the body are subject to increased stresses. Often, people tend to get the maximum amount of sunlight, not taking into account the fact that the body in the off-season increased photosensitivity.

Among the common causes, an insufficient amount of riboflavin is present in the body, i.e.vitamin B2.With its lack of jam at the corners of the mouth occur along with skin peeling, the formation on the wings of the nose of crusts, redness of the tongue, its burning. People can then complain about loss of appetite, the appearance of general weakness and rapid fatigue.

The lack of zinc and iron also plays a role. In such cases, you just need to supplement the diet with appropriate products( we'll talk about this below).

Seizures can arise from the constant licking of the lips.

Seizures can occur due to the constant licking of the lips.

Its role is played by the application of cosmetics to women: often these are some new products, to which the body can respond with an allergic reaction. As a result, corners of the mouth develop rather quickly. By the way, such a reason as unsuccessfully matched lipstick is also possible. The list must be supplemented and habitual constantly licking lips.

It should also be borne in mind that the emerging jaunts in the corners of the mouth can act as a symptom of a more serious disease. So, for example, the reason, considered one of the most serious, is the failure of the vital activity of the organism, caused by poor functioning of the gastrointestinal tract or other internal organ.

The next reason for corrupting mouths in the corners of the mouth is bacterial infection. In other words, we are talking about fungal diseases transmitted through kisses, as well as through dishes and other objects of common use.

A complete list of reasons for the occurrence of jaunts in the corners of the mouth includes, in addition to all the above, also an allergy to toothpaste, a number of foods, an incorrect bite, dentures, etc.

Paste can provoke the development of seizing if it contains fluorine( sometimes it can be other components).

Why do dentures cause this unpleasant phenomenon? The reason lies in improper care for the prosthesis itself, in its poor quality, and in some cases - in anatomical features( for example, a prosthesis that is larger than the mouth slit is incorrectly selected).In the latter situation, the introduction and removal of the prosthesis lead to tearing of tissues in the corners of the mouth and their subsequent infection.

About the treatment of

To begin with, we note that the zaedy in the corners of the mouth can not only suddenly appear, but also completely unexpectedly disappear. But in many cases, treatment is necessary. With the stable development of this disease, as a rule, a laboratory scraping is performed to determine the causative agent( as such may be staphylococci, streptococci, yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida).A blood test is also performed to establish the level of vitamin B2.

If a fungus is detected by a doctor, antifungal agents will be recommended. Such treatment is selected taking into account the features of the course of the disease and individual reactions of the body to certain medications.

Carious teeth are treated, if necessary, and irritating factors are eliminated( for example, substandard prosthesis, crowns, tartar).Smoking people should, at a minimum, limit smoking, and it is better to get rid of this habit altogether.

It is necessary to saturate your daily diet with many vitamins, especially riboflavin( B2).It is found in a number of products:

In unpeeled rice contains a lot of vitamin B2.

Unrefined rice contains a lot of vitamin B2.

  • whole grains( bran, brown rice);
  • beans;
  • nuts;
  • cabbage;
  • avocado;
  • green leafy vegetables.

There are also animal products that act as sources of this vitamin: yolk, bird meat, cheese, fish.

Among other vitamins we note vitamin E, contained in nuts, legumes, cabbage, in corn, oatmeal and obtained by cold pressing vegetable oil.

As it is necessary to fill the content of zinc with iron, the following products are needed:

  1. nuts;
  2. fungi;
  3. grenades and peaches;
  4. asparagus;
  5. buckwheat and oatmeal;
  6. rye;
  7. parsley;
  8. potatoes;
  9. red meat, i.e.pork, lamb and beef;
  10. products such as liver, kidney and heart.

To cracks in the corners of the mouth to heal quickly, you should use linseed or olive oil. In windy and frosty weather, it is important to apply a protective fondant to the lips.

Of folk remedies, helping to eliminate the seizures, we note tincture of oak bark, tincture of alder cones. These products have disinfectant as well as astringent properties.

As you can see, when it is found in the corners of the mouth, it is necessary to take care of this in a responsible and timely manner to provide treatment. In the future, you need to follow preventive measures to prevent seizures from reappearing: to properly care for the oral cavity, for dentures, always keep a face towel clean.
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