What can and can not be eaten with gastritis. Description of the diet for patients with gastritis.

Gastritis of the stomach is a very difficult pathological condition during which inflammation of the gastric walls occurs. The existing definition can be called vague, because the cause of inflammation can be different factors, so the choice of treatment must be based on determining the exact cause of the problem.

General description of the

problem Fibrogastroduodenoscopy is the main method for determining the presence of gastritis in men, women and children, which is abbreviated as FGDS.The technique involves determining the state of the inner part of the stomach, in which a specific probe is used. In addition, a biopsy is performed, which is the removal of certain tissue fragments for subsequent laboratory examination. Thanks to FGD does not get to confuse gastritis with a ulcer. This technique involves the definition of a particular type of disease, since it may be an erosive or non-erosive problem. Corrosive form of gastritis, which is called erosive, is presented in the form of one of the types of inflammation in the stomach. In this situation, there may be obvious erosion.

Stomach ache

This problem may occur in a situation where certain medications are used. In most cases, it is a question of using a non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drug. In addition, the problem appears against the background of the constant use of alcohol or in case of getting into the body of chemicals. This kind of disease can be acute, including possible hemorrhage in the gastric cavity. In some situations, the problem involves a chronic type of execution. In this case, there may be temporary exacerbations, after which there is relief. In the event that there is no place for deep damage to the mucous membrane in the stomach, there may be a manifestation of nausea or heaviness in the stomach.

If there is a deep form of erosion, there may be hemorrhages. It is this stage of the disease that causes ulcers. With non-erosive gastritis, both a superficial and an atrophic form of the course of the disease can occur.

There is not a very deep disorder in the upper layers of the mucous membrane and at the same time the iron, which will promote the appearance of gastric juice, will not be damaged. Each of the kinds of problems will begin with a non-erosive stage. When the appearance of an atrophic form is supposed to affect the glands that contribute to the production of gastric juice. Atrophy will be presented in the form of a degeneration of the gland into a so-called connective fiber.

Against this background, there is a reduction in the number of glands in the mucosa, which causes the covering of the stomach with glands. A similar process will have the name intestinal metaplasia. In rare cases, there may be a meningitis gastritis, there may be a polypous form of the disease or it will be of an infectious nature.

Diet for gastritis

If gastritis gastritis is detected, nutrition will need to be adjusted, since the speed of treatment and its effectiveness depend on it. In the main menu you will need to add such dishes, which will help reduce the amount of gastric juice produced for digestion. Specially selected food will be completely dietetic and corresponds to the chosen treatment system.

There are certain principles for selecting products and their preparation. One of the prerequisites is the elimination of food from the diet, which contains coarse fibrous tissue. For example, it is forbidden to eat meat with veins, trout, bread with bran and much more. Do not eat foods that are based on the use of frying and oiling technology.

Diet with gastritis

No less important are mechanical conditions. It is required not to use products that promote the appearance of gastric secretion. You can not eat white cabbage, strong broth, and drink coffee. It is also necessary to comply with the thermal condition, which is the use of very cold or hot food. This condition will be mandatory.

Do not eat foods with very high or low temperature, as this provokes irritation of the esophagus. In addition, food will be absorbed for a very long time. It is recommended to add chicken meat without skin to the main menu, including rabbit meat. Other types of meat will be banned. It is equally important to drink milk, eat various cereals, including oatmeal and buckwheat and eat egg white.

You can eat fruits, only they need to be grated. As for greenery and vegetables, it is worth choosing in favor of carrots, beets, tomatoes and asparagus. Do not eat a brown or wild rice variant, which is recommended for such diets. In the case of gastritis, which has a high level of acidity, it is not necessary to eat sugar, chocolate, will be banned from baking, white wheat flour, skim milk, and fermented milk products.

In this case, it is not recommended not to consume carbohydrates, because their absence causes the body to work incorrectly. If it is a form of gastritis, in which acidity will be reduced, you can eat cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, apples, as well as beef in small quantities and rabbit.

Menu and popular recipes

Among the popular recipes and menus for gastritis, you can choose different options for soups.

Chicken broth with rice dumplings

In a similar situation, chicken is taken and peeled. Then the water boils and chicken broth is made. At the end of cooking is added a small amount of salt, carrots, a little celery and parsley. At the time of finishing the condition, you need to make a thick rice porridge, which is cooked with milk. In the prepared porridge it is required to add a raw egg and a small amount of butter. After rolling out of this mass of not very large balls, roll in flour and boil in broth.

Soup with apples and tomatoes

Some people like to eat soup with apples and tomatoes. For soup, you need to prepare a broth based on the use of beef. Add a small amount of fried onions and carrots. After it is necessary to take tomatoes and apples, wash and cut into not very large lobules. After thirty minutes of cooking, the resulting composition is wiped through a medium-sized screen and again brought to a boil. You can add white breadcrumbs.

Fish broth with egg

Easy to prepare fish broth, in which there is an egg. The broth itself is made based on the use of not very fatty fish, carrots and onions are added. Next, a sieve is taken and a raw egg is spilled through it. It remains to finish the broth and serve to the table.

Products with gastritis

Soup from sorrel

In another soup, which is called oxalic, contains sorrel and is the main ingredient. Take a small amount of it and boil it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. In parallel, potatoes and onions are cut. Take a separate pan for water, in which potatoes and sorrel are cooked with not very large pieces of meat. After this, roasting is performed using vegetable oil. Fry the onions and finely grated carrots, including add a couple of spoons of flour, only add the resulting mass to the soup at the last stage of cooking. You can sprinkle a little water, but you can not use spices and pepper. Add sour cream and dill.

Rice Soup

You can make rice soup. For this, meat broth is cooked. After that, meat is taken from it and rice is added. When everything is ready, straining and grinding is performed, followed by a return to the main broth. In addition fry carrots and onions, after which they add to the main composition and a little salt. Further, an insignificant amount of oil is added.

In a similar scheme, you can prepare soup with pearl barley.

That it is possible, that it is impossible to drink

After occurrence of the first symptoms of a gastritis costs or stands at all nothing is during day. At the same time you need to drink water, including chilled tea or mineral water, but without gas. On the second day, it is allowed to add jelly or liquid porridge to the main diet, including various liquids. But it is necessary to understand that a certain dietary intake and a competent choice of what you can drink with gastritis is required.


Juices with gastritis

If the problem involves a low level of acidity, it is worth to drink pineapple juice, which promotes the breakdown of proteins and helps to improve digestion. This property is based on the presence in its composition of bromelanin, but you can not drink this juice more than a glass twice a day. No less important is the juice made from the roots of the ara, since it promotes the production of hydrochloric acid. He consumes one teaspoon per day. Useful and juice of plantain, which is taken in a similar amount for one to four weeks.

Apple juice is considered useful, due to the presence of iron and vitamins. Helps to normalize the functioning of the digestive system, helps to eliminate constipation and remove toxins from the body. Juice from cherries allows producing hydrochloric acid inside the stomach and fighting pathogenic organisms. The juice made from blackcurrant will favorably affect the stomach. The juice of turnip will help to cope with the pain.

Milk and kefir

When you get gastritis, it is recommended to drink kefir, which has a not very high level of acidity, as it is considered most useful in this situation. In addition to vitamins, it contains useful microelements. It also contains amino acids, which are created by the breakdown of milk protein during the fermentation of dairy products. It does not have a lot of milk fat, so this product is easy to digest and helps digestion. Kefir contains lactose, which can calm the nervous system. It is best to drink kefir with gastritis before going to bed or during dinner. It is worth remembering that you do not need kefir drink, but kefir. The composition is determined by the inscriptions on the package.

Milk and kefir with gastritis

It is equally useful to drink milk with gastritis. But it needs to be diluted, for example, in coffee or tea. It will be useful goat's milk, which is considered a better choice compared to cow's milk. In addition to its apparent merits, it is worth mentioning that such a composition can neutralize hydrochloric acid, which is found in gastric juice. In the meantime, the neutralization process will take place, in which there is no chemical reaction causing the bloating.

Goat milk contains lysozyme, which makes it possible to heal the wounds on the surface of the mucous membrane of the stomach. It is recommended to drink with gastritis and ulcers. Daily, and on an empty stomach in the evening and in the morning, it is necessary to drink one glass of this milk. After that, during the daytime, a couple of glasses are drunk, only not very large sips. Such treatment should be extended for twenty-one days.


Water for gastritis

With a similar problem, it is recommended to drink water that has a stimulating effect, which has a dependence on temperature, volume and a number of other factors. As shown by numerous studies, in the stomach water will stay for thirty minutes. If there is a pathology, the time of water content in the stomach may increase.

With atony of the stomach or increased secretion and a number of other problems, the fluid outlet will increase in time. As for the intake of mineral water, this is done on the basis of the definition of gastric secretion. In the case of gastritis and not high secretion, it is recommended to drink water fifteen to twenty minutes before eating. If there is a gaping pyloric, then it should be drunk immediately before eating.

Foods and their effect on gastritis

There is no way to cope with any form of gastritis if there is no distribution of foods to healthy foods and those that are not worth eating. At the same time, it is required to develop a meal schedule.

It sometimes happens that you can not always have breakfast, but gastroenterologists strongly recommend that you stick to a certain schedule and not violate it. Before going to bed you can not eat much, and dinner should be planned so that it was two or three hours before falling asleep.

At least once a day you need to eat the first dish. Do not eat very cold or spicy foods, as it does not help to eliminate the problem, but worsens the condition. Do not eat fatty foods and those that are difficult to digest products. If there is an allergic gastritis, you need to exclude from the diet foods and medications that are contraindicated by the doctor. The solution of such questions should be entrusted to specialists, since mistakes can lead to a significant deterioration of the state.

Products and their effect on gastritis

If it is a question of a corrosive gastritis, experts advise to watch that not to eat poisonous substances and to cancel the use of medicines, including alkalis, acids and alcohol. There is a list of drugs that will be banned in this situation. In addition, there is a restriction on the consumption of butter, since its amount should not exceed twenty grams per day.

You should eat no more than thirty grams of salt a day, but it is best to reduce this figure. Of prohibited products, all that is extracted is oxalic acid, an extractive substance and what will stimulate an increase in the pace of the pancreas. There is a list of products that should not be used under any circumstances. Among these are the fatty species of fish, smoked, salted and canned types of its preparation.

Do not use fresh bread, as well as fried pies and filling does not matter. Under a special ban meat ducks, any dishes made with the use of liver or kidneys, as well as the bulk of sausage varieties. In no case is tinned meat used for cooking. You can not add cream, fatty milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, fat cheese or salted sort of it to the food. It is necessary to abandon the concentrated broth, soup and under the ban is okroshka. It is not recommended to drink hard boiled eggs or those that were fried in a frying pan. In addition, beans are on the ban list.

And remember, with any problems with the stomach, it's best to see a doctor in a specialized gastroenterological clinic.

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