How to sunbathe in a vertical tanning salon

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  • How to sunbathe in a vertical solarium, so as not to harm yourself
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Many girls prefer a swarthy tan to pale skin, for which they actively visit the solarium. Why not? Looks tan is attractive, but also hides extra pounds. If you use the "artificial sun" with the mind, then you not only do not harm yourself, but even get a lot of good. But how to properly sunbathe in a vertical solarium, we now talk in detail.

Advantages of vertical sunbeds

Vertical solarium The very first appeared horizontal solariums. What do you think, for what? For the treatment of a variety of diseases. Pleasant "side effect" in the form of sunburn did not go unnoticed and with time miracle machines began to be used as a substitute for the beach. In recent years, their vertical counterparts are more popular. This was due to some advantages that horizontal sun decks do not have:

  • The tan is more even. This is because in a vertical booth you can freely move, spin, raise your hands. Thus, you will not have unburned patches. Since you are not lying, but standing, there are no squeezed areas on the body that are difficult to UV rays.
  • The vertical turbo solarium is more powerful, which means that it can be tanned in a "chocolate bar" several times faster than in a horizontal one.
  • Spacious cabin is a definite plus for those who do not like closed spaces. A musical accompaniment will brighten up the minutes of stay in the solarium and give a charge of energy.

Benefit or Harm


Despite the prejudices that tanning beds are harmful, in fact they bring a lot of benefit to the body. This only works if you do not abuse artificial sunburn. After all, even the most useful thing in excess of its use can damage.

Here's what you get from visiting the vertical solarium:

  • Excellent opportunity to prepare the skin for vacation. The scorching sun on the beach can not be metered and often we burn heavily. Sessions in the solarium for several minutes will not cause burns, but will provoke the production of a sufficient amount of melanin, which will protect it on the beach.
  • When exposed to UV rays, the body produces vitamin D, which is often not enough in the cold season. For those regions where the sun rarely pleases with its appearance, this is a real find.
  • Many girls claim that the solarium improves the condition of the problem skin: the inflammatory process is reduced, the fat release is normalized. However, before such "treatment" does not prevent to consult a dermatologist in order to avoid complications.

Accessories. Take it with you! Reminder


How to sunbathe in a vertical solarium to avoid harming yourself

Sunburn in a vertical solarium

Since a vertical solarium has more powerful UV lamps, if you do not approach it correctly, you can easily burn or aggravate various health problems.

Tanning rules in a vertical tanning bed:

  1. To begin with, make sure that you do not have contraindications( pregnancy, lactation period, various skin and internal diseases).If you are unsure, can you go to a solarium, ask your doctor.
  2. The first few sessions should last no longer than 3-5 minutes. If your skin is light, then three minutes will be more than enough. When the skin gets used, you can gradually increase the time to 7 minutes.
  3. Until you achieve the desired skin tone, the interval between sessions should be at least 24-48 hours. Better yet, not more than 3 times a week. During this time, the skin will have time to recover and prepare for a new portion of ultraviolet.
  4. To go to the solarium to maintain sunburn you need 1-2 times a week.
  5. Be sure to use protective equipment: cream on the whole surface of the body, special lipstick, stickers on moles, nipples, tattoos. To protect your hair, wear a cotton cap. Do not forget about glasses.
  6. If you wear lenses, they need to be removed. It is also necessary to wash off makeup and not to use perfume before the procedure.

Tanning rules in the solarium. Tells the doctor. Video

If you do not know something about how beautiful and properly tanned in a vertical solarium, then do not hesitate to consult a specialist in the salon. He must answer all your questions. In case he does not know the answers, it is better to use another institution. After all, the unprofessionalism of the salon workers speaks of its dubious reputation.

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Published: 03-07-2015