How to get rid of hiccups quickly. Causes of hiccoughs.

Hello dear readers. Recently I read how to get rid of hiccups, I got such information. Something immediately remembered how my mother in childhood said that when hiccups need to be pronounced."Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedot, from Fedot to Jacob, from Jacob to everyone."But, it did not always work. I had to look for different ways to get rid of hiccups quickly. With a hiccup, you start trying all the methods, something helps. Today I want to understand the causes of hiccups and how to cope with it.

Invisible sounds attract attention, prevent talking and breathing normally. They interfere at the most inopportune moment, before the exam, the beginning of the business meeting, before the meeting and other events. People around you sometimes start making fun of a hiccup person. Of course, everything is not from evil, but the person whose hiccups began is not at all a joke.

Causes of hiccoughs. Why does a person hiccup?

Friends and relatives always with hiccups said that when a person hiccups, someone remembers him. Is it so? Immediately begin to touch in the mind of all those who can remember you. From my own experience I can say that sometimes it works, but very rarely.

As doctors say, that the hiccough is quite normal physiological effect. Hiccups occur as a result of convulsive contraction of the diaphragm and muscles of the chest. And at some point there is a sharp closing of the glottis, which is accompanied by a sound that we hear in the hiccough, and even with an involuntary shudder of the trunk.

Thus, our body gets rid of air getting into the stomach during meals. And as soon as the air leaves, the attack of hiccups ceases.

So, for what reasons can there be a hiccup.

  • A person can hiccup from fright, a stressful situation, with excitement.
  • Often hiccups can occur due to overeating.
  • And maybe because we were in a hurry and ate quickly, that is, with haste in food.
  • Strangely enough, but hiccups can arise from hypothermia.
  • And also, a long uncomfortable body posture can lead to hiccups.

Hiccups for these reasons, occurs rarely and itself passes pretty quickly. To quickly hiccup it is possible for a while to hold your breath or drink water in small sips.

But, there are other causes of hiccups, which are due to various diseases.

Hiccups can be accompanied by painful sensations. It can happen after eating and is a consequence of diseases of internal organs. It is an inflammatory process and even a tumor.

  • Hiccups may be due to disruption of the central nervous system.
  • With pre-infarction.
  • When the brain or spinal cord is broken.

If a hiccup occurs several days in a row and is accompanied by heartburn, chest pain and pain when swallowing, then a doctor's consultation is necessary.

Also, hiccups can occur with alcohol abuse, which aggressively affects the gastrointestinal tract. Alcohol is a strong toxin, which gets into the body negatively affects not only the work of the stomach, but also the work of the brain. In such cases, to quickly get rid of hiccups recommend to induce vomiting.

It can lead to hiccups using fizzy or carbonated drinks, especially during meals. And also, frequent and plentiful drink of cold drinks. Carbon dioxide getting into the stomach inflates the stomach, plus a temperature factor, that is, cold, can provoke hiccups.

Causes of hiccups in certain diseases.

Hiccups can occur in completely healthy people due to overeating, usually occurs after a feast, that is, a plentiful meal. And if this happens all the time, it is diagnosed as a hypermotor dyskinesia. Gastric juice comes from the stomach into the esophagus causing heartburn, cough, hiccough, sore throat. What to do to get rid of heartburn, you can find out from the article "Treatment of heartburn folk remedies."

Violation of the lower sphincter may be caused by gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis. Also the reception of a large amount of food, which is called overeating, non-observance of the regime of the day.

When a digestive system needs consultation with a doctor, usually a doctor prescribes treatment and as one of the recommendations is a fractional and frequent diet, adherence to the daily regimen, smoking cessation, from alcohol, coffee, dark chocolate, sour, bitter, carbonated drinks. In addition, do not wear tightening clothes and tight belts.

In the case of a malfunction of the lungs can be drowsiness, hiccoughs, yawning. With the cervico-thoracic radicle, the roots of the spinal cord are affected and the tone of the diaphragm increases, the liver as a result of which is shifted downwards, a feeling of lump in the throat arises, in consequence there is hiccough.

How to get rid of hiccups quickly at home.

There are quite a few ways with which you can quickly get rid of hiccups at home.

Get rid of hiccups with a piece of sugar or a small slice of lemon. Put a slice of lemon or a slice of sugar under the tongue. Sugar or lemon must be slowly dissolved.

  • Also helps to get rid of hiccups holding your breath. To do this, you need to take a deeper breath and hold your breath for a while.
  • Drink water in small sips. That is, drink water in small sips. This method also quickly removes hiccups, but not always.
  • You can still toss your head back literally for about ten seconds, and then slowly, with small sips, drink water.
  • Here's Hippocrates, for example, to get rid of hiccups recommended sneezing.
  • You can slowly inhale and exhale the air at intervals.
  • Many more help to get rid of hiccups such a method. You need to stick your tongue out as far as you can, hold it for twenty seconds.
  • Also, people say that to get rid of hiccups you need to scare a person, but this method is extreme. Fright, it's still not a joke.
  • Swallow something bitter or sour.
  • Bet on the money. It sounds funny, but there is a quick disposal of hiccups. If someone started hiccupping, you can put money in front of a person and make a bet with him on money.
  • Take your hands behind your back, tie into the lock and drink water in small sips, which is held by another person.
  • Still helps to get rid of hiccups "sport method".With a hiccup, you need to press or swing the press.

If the hiccup occurs on a regular basis, moreover, and is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, and also lasts and does not stop for more than an hour, this is an occasion to consult a doctor.

These are the ways I got rid of hiccups. I drink water with small sips while I hiccup, I try to sort out in my head who remembers me, I remember the words "Hiccups-hiccup go to Fedot, from Fedot to Jacob, from Jacob to everyone."I know, it all sounds pretty funny, but the main thing is effective, I do not know which of the ways helps to get rid of hiccups, because I remember everything at once, I want the hiccup to pass quickly.

Surely you have your own methods of combating hiccough. I would be happy if you share them below in the comments. After all, each person picks up something that helps him quickly get rid of hiccups.