Reduced levels of leukocytes in the blood( leukopenia) - causes in adults and children. What to do

Leukopenia: symptoms of

Causes of leukocyte reduction in the blood

Symptoms of this disorder in the blood often go unnoticed. Some decrease in the number of white blood cells does not affect the well-being and can have physiological reasons. If the process becomes chronic, the patient suffers from an immune system, and the following symptoms appear:

  • Subfebrile temperature.
  • General weakness.
  • Frequent SARS.
  • Headaches and fatigue.
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes.
  • Pains and aches in joints.
  • Poor appetite.
  • Increased sweating. Tachycardia or pain in the heart.

In the presence of serious diseases that have caused leukopenia, there is an increase in the spleen and liver and even life-threatening septic shock. In some cases, the disease is asymptomatic, and a decrease in the number of leukocytes is detected by chance during a blood test. If leukopenia lasts more than 14 days, one of its symptoms often becomes a serious viral infection. If there is a violation for more than 6 weeks, the attachment of a viral disease is observed in 100 percent of cases, which requires immediate treatment.

Reasons for a decrease in leukocytes in the blood

The norm of leukocytes in the blood

Identifying the cause of leukopenia, doctors face two variants of pathology development. In the first case, there is an increased consumption of leukocytes and their destruction. In the second - the reduction or termination of the production of white blood cells. Since in itself, leukopenia is not a disease, the symptoms of this pathology in patients in both groups will differ, and depend on the underlying diagnosis.

Reducing the formation of leukocytes may be due to the following reasons:

  1. Autoimmune diseases( systemic lupus erythematosus).
  2. Bone marrow cancer or the presence of metastases.
  3. HIV infection and AIDS.
  4. Conditions after irradiation with oncological diseases.
  5. Prolonged deficiency of B vitamins, whose absence affects the composition of the blood.

If the synthesis of leukocytes is disturbed, the doctor can prescribe a special diet or adjust the condition with medications. If we are talking about the defeat of the immune system or bone marrow cancer, the therapy should be exclusively medicinal, supplemented with chemotherapy, radiation and other measures necessary for the destruction of malignant cells.

Causes of accelerated destruction and high consumption of leukocytes:

  1. Chronic focus of infection.
  2. Infection with parasites( chlomidia, trichinosis).
  3. Severe viral infections with enlarged lymph nodes.
  4. Thyroid gland diseases.
  5. Cirrhosis of the liver.
  6. Syphilis.
  7. Lymphogranulomatosis.
  8. Rheumatism.
  9. Prolonged uncontrolled intake of certain medicines.

In some cases, a physician may suspect a general intoxication of the body when living in an industrial zone or places with unfavorable ecology leads to a constant supply of microdoses of heavy metals or toxins. Complete disappearance of leukocytes from the vascular bed can be noted in severe trauma, when white blood cells accumulate at the "gate" of the infection.

Norm of leukocytes in the blood

Leukopenia Symptoms

Despite indirect evidence of leukopenia, it can be reliably confirmed only by laboratory analysis. A slight deviation from the norm can be caused by an inflammatory disease, during the fight against which white blood cells die. A significant reduction in their number, as well as an increase, indicate an ailment that needs to be identified and treated in a timely manner.

Leukocyte norm for adults

In women and men, these indicators are somewhat different, but remain in the range from 4 to 9x109 / l. A slight increase in the level of white blood cells in healthy women is noted during pregnancy and menstruation. Deviations from normal indices can also be associated with factors such as fatigue, severe stress, swimming in a pond with cold water, or visiting a steam room just before taking a blood test. Impact on the number of white blood cells can be overeating or eating hot and spicy food.

The norm of leukocytes for children

In the childhood and adolescence the normal values ​​of the level of leukocytes correspond to the table:

  • newborns: 8-24,5 units.
  • 1 month: 6-19 units.
  • 6 months: 5,5-17 units.
  • 1 year: 6-17,5 units.
  • 2 years: 6-17 units.
  • 4 years: 5,5 -15,5 units.
  • 6 years: 5-14,5 units.
  • 8 years: 4,5 -13,5 units.
  • 10 years: 4,5-13 units.
  • 16 years: 4 -13 units.

The most likely cause of a small change in the number of leukocytes in children and adolescents is ARI and cold, in which these indicators most often reach 8-9 units.

On the causes of elevated levels of white blood cells, read here.

How to treat a reduced white blood cell count

How to treat low leukocyte count

If, as a result of a blood test, the patient has been confirmed with leukopenia, the main treatment is not directed at eliminating the symptoms, but on identifying and treating the underlying disease. To establish its help the following diagnostic measures: ultrasound of the thyroid and abdominal organs, blood and urine analysis, analysis of cerebrospinal fluid.

If it is necessary to achieve an increase in the production of white blood cells, prescribe drugs containing carboxylic acid and pyramidin - Leukogen, Methyluracil. They not only stimulate the production of leukocytes, but also help with the healing of wounds, poisonings, infections and irradiation.

Immunostimulants, such as Camedon and Immunol, are attributed to HIV-infected patients. If the cause of the pathology is associated with the spinal cord and malignant blood diseases, chemotherapy is prescribed, as are "aggressive" drugs Filgrastim or Leicomax, which are administered intravenously in a hospital setting.

Secondary leukopenia caused by accelerated consumption and destruction of leukocytes requires the treatment of diseases that inhibit the processes of differentiation of white blood cells:

  • Discontinuation of medications such as Amidopyrine, Sulfadimizine, Analgin and others, which reduce the level of leukocytes.
  • Hormonal therapy for thyroid disorders.
  • The intake of B vitamins and folic acid.
  • Treatment of existing bacterial and viral infections.

"Boost" immunity is possible with the help of tincture of Eleutherococcus or Immunal, which are safe and help stimulate the production of leukocytes.

Treatment of leukopenia with folk remedies

Treatment of leukopenia with folk remedies

Traditional medicine also has in its arsenal a lot of funds to combat low levels of leukocytes. Such therapy is aimed not only at accelerating the production of white blood cells, but also in combating infections, increasing immunity and improving blood composition due to the necessary enzymes.

As the immunostimulants are such compounds:

  • Drink from chicory, hawthorn fruit, dog rose and root grass, taken in equal parts and cooked in a water bath.
  • Infusion of leaves of strawberries, nettles and wild rose berries.
  • Decoction of motherwort, nettle and psyllium seeds.
  • Flower pollen with natural honey for 1 tsp on an empty stomach.

You can clear the blood and improve its composition in such ways:

  • By using beet kvass. Decoction of oats.
  • Juice from young bean pods.

Common medicinal preparations, such as herb horsetail, sporist and motherwort, propolis tincture, wormwood decoction, can be considered general restorative and acting on the whole organism.

Quickly restore the functions of the spinal cord will help such a folk remedy, like tincture of propolis and wormwood.2 tbsp. Spoons of herbs pour half a liter of boiling water and insist. After percolation add 20 drops of alcohol-infused propolis and drink 150 ml for half an hour before meals.

The following composition will become valuable help: mix freshly squeezed juice of carrot, beet and black radish in equal quantities. Pour it into a pottery and rinse for half an hour in the oven. Drink 50 ml each.three times a day in a refrigerated state.

How to quickly increase the level of leukocytes

How to quickly increase the level of leukocytes


The methods used to combat leukopenia, depends on its causes. In the case when the number of white blood cells is sharply reduced after chemotherapy, it can be raised to the norm in just a few days with such drugs:

  1. Pantoksil. Promotes cellular regeneration and stimulates leukocyte production.
  2. Leukogen. Has minimal toxicity and does not accumulate in the body.
  3. Methyluracil. It helps to restore cells and has an effect already in the first 7 days of admission.
  4. Neupogen. It is a composition of 175 amino acids, recommended after "chemistry".
  5. Lenograstim for subcutaneous injections to improve blood formation.

Self-prescribed such medicines is strictly contraindicated, they should be selected by a hematologist and oncologist.

Products that reduce and increase the level of leukocytes

To restore and improve patients with leukopenia, a special diet is recommended, consisting of products that increase production and prolong the life cycle of leukocytes:

  • Fruits and vegetables, especially red.
  • All kinds of greens.
  • Seafood and sea fish.
  • Nuts.
  • Cereals( buckwheat, oats).
  • Low-fat dairy and sour-milk products.

All fatty and digestible foods should be restricted: meat, fried foods, smoked foods, as well as muffins and pastries. Of beverages is extremely useful beet and pomegranate juice, green smoothies, sea buckthorn berries, cranberries and currants. It should be remembered that the diet only complements the treatment with medicines and in no case can not replace it. If it is necessary to reduce the level of leukocytes, you should not only stick to a healthy diet, but also drink lime-colored tea, eat berries of thorn, and avoid alcoholic beverages and, in particular, beer.

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