Dry shampoo for hair at home

Dry hair shampoo at home

Make dry shampoo at home - it will not be difficult! The main thing is to choose ingredients depending on the hair color and functional purpose of the product. How to make a shampoo qualitatively and inexpensively? Tips for professionals

What is a dry shampoo?

This is a cosmetic product that is used to clean hair without using liquid. At home, a mushy mass is obtained, which is based on absorbents that can absorb excess sebum.

The product appeared on the cosmetic market recently, but has already gained popularity among many fans. The scheme of the product is very simple: the consistency is applied to the hair and absorbs excess fat that has emerged on the surface of the hair. After the shampoo is combed out of the head and - that's the perfect reincarnation, the hair was dirty - for a minute they were clean.

Recipes for dry shampoo for hair

Necessary ingredients:

  • soda;
  • corn flour;
  • ground in an oatmeal coffee grinder;
  • powder;
  • cornstarch;
  • cocoa powder for dark hair;
  • cosmetic clay.

Recipes for dry hair shampoo

Combine the products as follows:

Option No. 1
Take 2 tbsp.l.oatmeal, add a spoonful of powder, half a teaspoon of soda. The ingredients are mixed and used to purify and give volume to blonde hair.

Option number 2
2 tablespoons of cocoa, a teaspoon of cornstarch, 0.5 tsp.baking soda. This composition is suitable only for women with dark hair.

Variant No. 3
For hair volume: 2 tablespoons of corn flour, spoonful of powder, 0.5 tsp.soda. Rub in the root area when staining the strands, do not rinse, and comb out the comb with small teeth.

Option number 4
To give freshness and matte shine, you need to take 2 tablespoons of cosmetic clay, a spoonful of soda and starch. You can combine the options, changing the ingredients, for flavoring in the shampoo add crushed dried herbs, essential oil of lemon.

How to apply shampoo?

  1. Apply home-made dry shampoo to instruments like henna or paint.
  2. Use a brush with wide wings to shake off the product on the roots of the hair.
  3. Massage the scalp to improve the absorption of sebum.
  4. Carefully comb the hair, combing out the starch or cocoa.
  5. We look in the mirror and evaluate our appearance, if there are fatty areas on the head, then the procedure should be repeated in the area where the strands have not worked well.
  6. To make the hair shine and moisturize, it is necessary to apply argan oil to the hair.

How to apply shampoo?

Warning: in this case it is important not to overdo it, because from a large amount of the mixture the hair loses its shine, begins to fall out and become brittle. It is better to apply less composition than then convulsively comb it out of your head.

Using a dry shampoo, it should be understood that this is an inadequate substitute for washing your hair, so you need to take care of your hair, take care of it, do homemade rinses to reduce the greasiness of the strands.

If the user has long hair, then it takes more time to restore the natural shine of the hair and the purity of the strands, the components of the shampoo must absorb excess fat and bring the hair into perfect order.

Now you know how to make a shampoo dry for your hair in a few minutes! Be always beautiful and take care of your luxurious hair!

Video on how to make a home dry shampoo

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