Favorite diet for 7 days for everyone

Favorite diet for 7 days for all

Testers of many different diet options came to the conclusion: you need to create your own, a favorite that will help the losing weight to perfectly clean the intestines and drive out a week to 10 kg of excess weight.

Is this true? Let's try to sort out in order. Consider the main stages of dietary nutrition and acquiring a slender sexy figure

Step 1. Basic steps to start the process of losing weight

  1. Decide with a specialist why you are overweight, which is the reason. If this is really a banal overeating, then we will rationally combat this "disease"
  2. Preliminary cleansing of the body, a few days before the diet, we exclude from the diet bakery, flour, confectionery, less salt, spices and various spices.
  3. sweet and carbonated drinks
  4. We create ourselves conditions for complete satisfaction, vacation, or a trip to nature, gather with thoughts, do not overwork ourselves, do not get nervous, complete peace of mind and just calm
  5. We reserve vitmine complex

Stage 2. Recommendation and certain rules for the diet of your beloved

  1. If you have constipation during the diet, you should take 2 tablespoons of dry bran daily, take a laxative at night, let the intestines clean and microflorais normalized.
  2. Do not forget about pharmacy vitamins, then you will avoid a lot of censure, losing weight: headaches, nausea, redness of the skin of the hands and stomach, dizziness and just an unpleasant feeling of discomfort.
  3. Monodiettes are short-lived, they allow for a short time to bring the stomach back to normal, to reduce the amount of food consumed and to regulate metabolism, therefore, it is not recommended to conduct such diets for more than 7 days.
  4. Drinking extensively implies not only water from the well, but also low-fat broths, kefir, drinking yoghurts, fat-free milkshakes, a full set of vitamins and trace elements.
  5. Vegetable day allows you to eat various vegetables, both raw and in the form of salad, adding a spoonful of olive oil, you can do quenching, baking, boiling, most importantly, without excess of oil and various spices.
  6. During the protein day, the diet contains egg whites, boiled chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese, fish, seafood, beans. You can choose what you like exactly and enjoy the usefulness and nutrition of the dish.
  7. You can not diet, loved more than 7 days, if you are so scared again to gain weight, then extend the last day, enter in the diet those products. Which helped you to lose weight, but not to increase. Control yourself in the post dietary time and do not snap at the food immediately after the week of losing weight.
  8. Remember to consult with a specialist, also during a diet closely monitor your health.

Diet diet of LOVE

Stage 3. Diet diet for 7 days

First day. This day we drink a lot of liquid, purified water, broths, still water, herbal decoctions. Without sugar and honey.

The second day. We eat various vegetables, more cabbage. You can make salads, you can just eat raw carrots during snacks. Just do not eat potatoes and cooked beets.

The third day. Exactly the same as the first, we add to the diet skimmed milk products.

Fourth day. This day is completely fruity, we introduce apples, oranges, grapefruits into the diet, but not bananas and avocados. The fewer calories in a product, the more a kilo will lose an organism in a week. The fifth day. The diet should be saturated with proteins, turkey, chicken without skin, eggs, yogurt. The sixth day. Exactly the same as the first, we add to the diet skimmed milk products.

The seventh day. A balanced exit from a diet can last several days.

Breakfast : tea, 2 boiled eggs

Lunch : broth with a slice of meat

Dinner : vegetable salad dressed with olive oil and a little salt.

You can drink water and sugar-free tea any day unlimited portions.

Diet favorite menu

According to the numerous recommendations and user reviews, you can make an approximate dietary diet for each day.

Monday. For breakfast, you can drink 200 g of low-fat kefir, and a cup of unsweetened tea to drink a vitamin. Before dinner, eat 2 tablespoons of oat bran, after 30 - 200 g of chicken broth without salt and a cup of unsweetened green tea. For a snack - 150 g of low fat yogurt, before going to bed we drink 200 g of milk.

Tuesday. Breakfast - 2 tomatoes without salt, a cup of unsweetened tea. Lunch - salad from cabbage, greens and cucumbers, a spoon of olive oil. For a snack - 2 cucumbers. For dinner, we prepare the salad again, add the sweet pepper and a lot of greens.

Wednesday. During a drinking day for breakfast, we drink 200 g of milkshake and unsweetened tea, for lunch - 200 g of milk. Lunch chicken broth, 150 g. Snack - 200 g of kefir. Dinner - a glass of milk, and you can drink unlimited quantities of unsweetened tea.

Thursday. For breakfast - 2 oranges, after a few hours you can eat grapefruit. We have lunch - a fruit assortment of kiwi, apples and oranges. For an afternoon snack - a pear and an apple, we supper half of a grapefruit.

Friday. Breakfast - 2 eggs, for the second breakfast 200 grams of boiled fish. For lunch - 150 grams of boiled chicken meat without skins, 100 grams of canned peas. Afternoon snack - 100 grams of cottage cheese, for dinner - 100 grams of cheese.

Saturday. For breakfast - 200 g of kefir, and a cup of unsweetened tea. Lunch - 200 g of grapefruit juice, cook chicken soup without salt for lunch. For a snack - a glass of milkshake, for dinner - 200 g of milk, during the day you can drink unsweetened tea.

Sunday. The last day of the diet begins with 2 eggs, a cup of green tea, at the second breakfast we eat any fruit, preferably an orange or grapefruit. For dinner cook a light soup with rice or buckwheat, after a few hours we can eat any fruit, green apple or pear. For dinner - salad with salt and butter.

Minus 10 kg in 7 days GUARANTEED!

Minus 10 kg in 7 days

European dieticians advice on rapid weight loss

1. First of all, follow all the recommendations according to the advice of a specialist.

  • healthy lifestyle
  • correct balanced fractional food
  • more fresh fruits and vegetables, not restrictions on "harmful" food
  • abundant drink
  • positive psychological mood
  • exercise complex
  • healthy eating diet, you should keep a diary and mark a list of products,which you consume during the day
  • a healthy metabolism can not be correct with a sharp restriction from food, this stress provokes more pleasure in the work of digestionsystem, and not weight loss
  • sugar contains empty calories and prevents weight loss
  • white flour products provoke the creation of fat cells that are deposited by extra centimeters on your figure
  • whole grains and cereals are a source of vitamin B, have a positive effect on the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body
  • completely fat-free products will not be of particular use, so you need to eat dairy products with a low fat content
  • fatty meat and sausage must be replaced with turkey, chicken, and calf meattins, fish.

2. The second paragraph reads:

  • no overeating
  • eat several times a day in small portions
  • we drink clean water between meals.

Diet Favorite reviews and results

Diet Favorite reviews and results

Katerina, 25 years old.

Katerina in her 25 years has already become the mother of two beautiful children. Maternity is wonderful, even though the parameters of the figure have expanded and increased. But the young mother still decided to take this situation under her own control. To do this, she enrolled in a group of users of the beloved diet in her hometown, went to the courses held a conversation with a dietitian. After a couple of weeks or two the girl was hard to find out. She became well, thin, and her eyes became more expressive and beautiful. And all this thanks to a week of diet and regular complex exercises.

For herself, Katerina decided - no more harmful to the product, nutrition before bed, abuse of fat, sweet and flour, only healthy food and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Such a lesson will benefit all sweet tooth and people who are overweight.

Nutrition is a pleasure that charges the body, gives him courage and a desire to live on, and overeating will not only exacerbate the situation, but will also cause a variety of secondary ailments that will inevitably affect the health of everyone.

Today Katerina in full health, has a beautiful slender body. Thanks to my favorite diet for caring!

Diet favorite photo of the results: before and after

Marina, 22 years old.

Marinochka always liked to eat deliciously and never thought about extra pounds, until then, when they became very much. At first, she was a little upset and burned, because girlfriends next to play a trick on her parameters and even reproached her for the fact that she had only brought herself to this state in the young years.

Here it could not stand it and decided to bring to everyone that it can lose 15 kg. And I proved this, first of all, to myself.

I could not believe it when I looked in the mirror and saw a slender sexy body, I was delighted with what was happening. I wanted to sing, dance, jump for joy. Girlfriends were simply stunned and speechless when they saw me so stunning, and men began to look around and throw slanting looks. Everything is just great, life has turned around! I'm the happiest person in the world!

That's how Marinochka became slim and self-confident, which we wish you, dear readers, sunshine and patience for everyone on this thorny path of losing weight!

Video with a favorite diet option for 7 days