Prevention of ARVI and influenza

Specific prevention of influenza and ARVI is often ineffective, as vaccine manufacturers are not always able to predict the mutation of a circulating virus. Therefore, as a measure for additional prevention of influenza and ARVI, it is recommended to use certain drugs and medicines. You can learn about them from this material.

Measures for the prevention of influenza and ARVI

Measures to prevent influenza and ARVI include an increase in the body's defenses. After the flu, as is known, the immune system suffers. Often there is a re-infection with bacteria or other viruses.

How quickly to restore immunity? To restore the immune system will help any vitamin complexes, as well as drugs, whose action is aimed at stimulating immunity( lycopide, immunal and others).

To cope with intoxication during illness and after, you need to drink more fluids: juices, compotes, fruit drinks, etc. Natural vitamins, which are found in fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, sprouts, fermented milk products, will also benefit.

Prevention of ARVI diseases

1. If someone in the family began to sneeze, do not wait, and when you will flow from the nose. Immediately proceed with prevention.

2. During the flu epidemic, it is desirable to take ascorbic acid.

3. The prophylactic course of remantadine, arbidol or leukocyte interferon will significantly reduce the risk of contracting a viral infection.

4. If you have to care for a sick family member, then within 5 days of illness protect yourself with a three-layer gauze mask. And be sure to ventilate the room at least 2 times a day, or more often.

Preparations for the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections

Antiviral drugs are used for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza. These drugs are designed to help the immune system resist infection. Consider drugs for the prevention of influenza.

Tamiflu, relenza, arbidol, anaferon, kagocel, rimantadine, agri, influferon, interferon, ocillococcinum are well proven from modern antiviral drugs. These drugs differ from each other in composition, mode of action and dosage.

For example, the drug Tamiflu has proven effectiveness against swine flu. For the prevention of viral infections, 75 mg are used for 4-6 weeks.

Relenza is an inhaler that is not exactly suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and children prone to frequent laryngitis and pharyngitis. In addition, with inhalation, it is important to take inhalation correctly, so it is better not to use it for young children.

These drugs can be used to prevent ARVI.

Means for the prevention of influenza

For the prevention of influenza means should be selected even more carefully.

The most common domestic drug arbidol, unfortunately, does not have scientifically proven studies, although it is considered an effective antiviral agent among Russians. It is also noted that the use of arbidol is enhanced if it is applied simultaneously with kagocel.

Kagocel stimulates the production of a human interferon in the body, thus contributing to the fight against the virus. However, in children under 6 years of age, the drug is not used, since it can introduce an imbalance in the imperfect immune system of a young child.

Rimantadine must be strictly calculated by weight, and it directly protects against the influenza virus. But this remedy has a bad effect on the liver.

Anaferon, agri, ocillococcinum, aflubin are homeopathic preparations of complex action and contribute to an increase in the body's defenses. Take them with caution, because individual intolerance is possible.

Drug for the prevention of influenza and ASVI

There are other drugs for the prevention of influenza.

Oxolin ointment is one of the first antiviral drugs to appear on the Russian market. Now it is used mainly for prevention. Ointment should be poured into the nose 2 times a day.

Interferon along with oxolin is also a "veteran" of the Russian pharmaceutical market. Its unquestionable plus is a low price, but large-scale studies on its effectiveness have not been conducted.

Viferon( in candles) is used from the first hours of the disease, disastrously acting on viruses and positively - on immunity. It is used, from infancy and until old age.

Grippferon - recombinant, that is, a synthetic interferon, is more reliable and safe. For prophylaxis it is buried in the nose 2 times a day, for treatment - 5 times a day.

Grippferon is digested in the nose and is used mainly for treatment. But the drug can be used for prevention( not throughout the epidemic, but only for a period of close contact with the patient - usually about 5 days).Grippferon can be buried in all: adults and children( over 1 year old).This drug for the prevention of acute respiratory infections can be used according to the same scheme.

It is also necessary to have antipyretic drugs in the medicine cabinet: paracetamol( most preferred), aspirin( do not give to small children!), Nurofen, analgin.

Feels cold - warm your legs

Feet is a reflexogenic area of ​​the upper respiratory tract. Simply put, it is here that receptors( endings of nerve fibers) are located, irritating which, we achieve a certain result.

The good old way for colds is dry mustard. At night, fill it with socks. The same irritants are various odorous ointments and balms.

Known procedure - foot bath with mustard( 100 g of powder per 10 liters of water).Do not forget to cover your knees - along with a bucket - a blanket. And do not stay too long!10- 15 minutes is enough. Then rinse your feet with warm water and put on woolen socks.

If you get a sore throat, the voice sits - paste the phalanx of your thumb with the papillary patch( it's best to do this on both hands).In a couple of days you can say goodbye.

With a cold and sore throat, the mustard plasters are placed not only on the chest, but also on the calves. If the cough has been tortured the very place mustard plaster on the upper part of the sternum and on the back, and under the shoulder blades.

If your feet are cold, then the capillaries - small blood vessels - are lazy, causing the entire blood circulation system to suffer. In this case, an exercise called "reed in the wind" will help. Lie on your stomach, bend your knees and relax them. Imagine that your legs( from the knee to the foot) turned into a reed swaying by the gusts of wind.