Vanillin - benefit and harm from vanillin, the calorie content of the product, who should not use vanillin

How does vanillin look like

This substance is a light powder that does not have a clear shade, produces a persistent aroma and has a taste very similar to vanilla. In addition to the fact that vanillin can be produced directly from the mentioned vanilla, it is very much in sugar from reeds, peel of potatoes, alcohol, incense. Modern industry has learned to extract this substance from other sources, including using synthetic bases.

To date, it is vanillin that is one of the most expensive food flavors in the world.

This is due, above all, to the fact that the very vanilla to grow and bring to maturation is quite problematic. It is obtained from the fruits of an orchid growing in Mexico and on the land of Madagascar. To achieve the fruits of it, you need to take care of the artificial pollination of flowers, and only half of them can give something similar to pods that are removed from the stem, not being mature. Only after a couple of months of ripening in special places they begin to publish this odor, loved by millions of people.

Vanillin enjoys a huge demand, therefore it is clear that its natural for the whole world is simply not enough. The data indicate that the annual volume of vanilla consumption is about twelve thousand tons, while naturally it is produced only in quantities not reaching even two thousand tons. Of course, humanity had no choice but to produce vanillin with the help of chemists. Thus, the first artificial samples of this substance became known to the world in the nineteenth century.

Today, vanillin is more than used to and can be seen in the perfume industry, in the many thousands of delicious dishes, pharmacology, and the production of liqueurs.

Benefits of vanillin

As a rule, in cooking of different scales - both in the kitchens of individual housewives, and in the edible production in industrial volumes, vanillin helps to give flavor. It is also used to make the palette of flavors softer, and also to hide extraneous and not the most pleasant qualities of various components.

When applying vanillin, you need to monitor the proportions carefully and take into account the factors involved in making this or that dish. Among the latter: cooking time, consistency level. If vanillin in the composition is very much, then, most likely, the finished product will be bitter in taste.

Vanillin is the owner of a significant number of calories. Therefore, all the culinary delights prepared with him, in no way can be considered dietary. This substance today is an integral ingredient of chocolate, cookies, puddings, mousses, jellies, curd dishes, buns and pies with cakes. Excellent use of vanillin as an improver of the taste of drinks: carbonated water and even tea.

In which forms is found vanillin

- Vanillin in the form of crystals possesses the classic aroma of the natural kind. The main advantage of this embodiment is that it can withstand the effects of high temperatures reaching two hundred to two hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. A great love of crystalline vanillin won in the production of bakery and confectionery products and companies involved in the production of ice cream. From the physical properties of the compound, it is known that it is completely soluble in water, the temperature of which is +75 on the Celsius scale. We dissolve this vanillin also in alcohol at twenty degrees;

- Vanillin in powder form. In it, in addition to the basic substance, derivatives of lactose, dextrose, maltodextrins and other components are contained. Such vanillin is used in the process of making chocolate products. Its aroma manifests itself at the usual level of temperature, and it dissolves much more quickly in water;

- Vanillin in liquid form is its crystalline embodiment that has dissolved in ethanol, either propylene glycol or triacetin. In this case, the determining temperature is the temperature of the solution and the degree of its concentration. Thus, propylene glycol acts at one hundred and eighty degrees Celsius. Vanillin, who appeared with his participation, is used in the process of producing products from milk, a variety of drinks and baking.