Symptoms of overheating in the sun

symptoms of overheating in the sun Overheating in the sun is especially dangerous for patients with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, elderly people and small children.

In children under one year the mechanism of thermoregulation has not yet formed, so overheating in the sun can significantly damage their health.

Comfortable for human body temperature is maintained with the help of natural thermoregulation. In other words, in our body there are continuously two balanced processes - heat generation and heat transfer.

Sometimes, under the influence of external factors, the balance is broken, and the body begins to produce more heat than it can give. Most often this happens as a result of overheating in the sun, the consequences of which can be sun and thermal shocks.

Symptoms of overheating in the sun in a child

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The child may suffer from solar or thermal shock, even in relatively cool weather. Problems arise if the baby has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time without a headdress or was too warmly dressed. Sometimes the cause of overheating is a lack of drink in the heat or a long stay in the car, standing in the sun.

symptoms of overheating in the sun in a child The first signs of overheating in children are fever, appearance of red spots on the skin, frequent palpitations, nausea, in some cases vomiting and loss of consciousness.

If the first aid is not provided in time, then the process goes to the next stage, which is characterized by cyanosis of the skin, a violation of the heart rate and the appearance of seizures. In this case, urgent medical assistance is needed, since the health and life of the child is seriously at risk.

Than to treat overheating

The person suffered from overheating, it is necessary to transfer as soon as possible in a cool place and to lay on a back, having placed under a head the platen from a towel or clothes. From the outer clothing it is better to get rid of, in order to be able to attach a sheet moistened with cold water to the body.

In case of overheating, compresses from ice cubes that are applied to the victim's forehead also help. In case of loss of consciousness, the most effective means is to allow a person to inhale vapors of ammonia. After the patient's condition is stabilized, it is necessary to give him plenty of chilled salted water. Alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea are strictly forbidden.

How to avoid overheating in the sun.

how to avoid overheating in the sun Overheating is a frequent companion to a beach holiday. To avoid a heat or sunstroke in the first days of vacation, it is worth taking sunbaths no longer than half an hour.

Stay in the sun should alternate with rest in the shade and bathing in the pond. It is best to sunbathe in motion, and not lying under the sun, and it is necessary to cover your head with a light kerchief, panama or cap.

It is necessary to drink a lot of liquid - ordinary and mineral water, chilled green or herbal tea. And finally a universal recipe: sunbathing and swimming is best until ten o'clock in the morning and after three o'clock in the afternoon - at this time the sun's rays are not so active and can not do harm.