How to permanently get rid of "bones on the leg"( valgus curvature)

valgus curvature

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what is a "bone on the leg"?What are the causes of this disease, what does modern and modern medicine offer us?

What is valgus curvature

The problem of valgus curvature in most cases overtakes women and almost does not bother men. This is due precisely to the causes of the disease - women often wear narrow uncomfortable shoes in the name of beauty. Wearing shoes on heels also contributes to the appearance of the disease. Heredity is another factor in the development of this disease.

To describe valgus curvature it is possible so - because of all the above-mentioned problems there is an incorrect load distribution on the foot. The head of the first metatarsal bone is directed inward, and the phalanx of the thumb is outward. The first sign of the disease - the puffiness, is usually ignored by women, which causes the further development of the problem. Over time, because of the wrong location of the thumb, the cartilage tissues of the joint wear out and in their place appear bony growths.

Methods of treatment

Treatment options - mass, from folk recipes to surgical operations. Traditional medicine is perhaps the safest and most inefficient option. All rubbing, poultices and compresses can only bring temporary relief of pain, but will not affect the cause itself - the deformed bone.

Surgical treatment really eliminates the cause, but the operation to remove the "bones on the leg" is painful, requires a long recovery period and does not give a hundred percent guarantee that the deformation will not start again. In addition, it is quite an expensive procedure.

In the early stages of the disease, in rare cases, therapeutic massage and procedures help, so you can try. Just remember that this method is more a prevention than a full-fledged treatment.

It is quite effective to use a special tire, which should be worn for the night. She fixes the finger in the correct position, night after night painlessly correcting the deformation of the bone.

The soft soft fasteners have gained a lot of popularity, but they are all worn on one finger, without changing the position of the bones. The only benefit of the fixator on one finger is the reduction of friction in the process of wearing shoes.

Only an integrated solution to the problem can effectively eliminate both the cause of valgus curvature and symptoms in the form of pain and inflammation.

"Correctus" kit

What does complex treatment mean? This means a continuous 24-hour impact on the problem + training and exercises.
In order to quickly and painlessly correct the deformation and was created, a set of "Correctus", which includes a night corrective tire, a 2-finger day fixer and a foot simulator that trains joints. The kit was developed by orthopedic specialists who recommend this kit to all patients with such a problem.

Thanks to the triple effect, the kit allows you to get rid of the disease called valgus deformation quickly, inexpensively and without pain.