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Constipation or stool retention in children in the first years of life is a frequent phenomenon. If the problem is episodic or very rare, you can not contact your doctor, but eliminate the constipation yourself by including in the baby's diet sour-milk products and necessary vegetables.

Another thing is if constipation becomes systematic. In this case, a special diet does not solve the problem and you will have to resort to laxative drugs, and in severe cases seek help from a qualified specialist - gastroenterologist.


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Reasons for stool retention in infants

Glycerin suppository as a laxative drug

Glycerin suppository as laxative

Glycerin suppositories for children are a laxative drug, freely sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Doctors often prescribe these candles to infants whose stool retention occurs due to a change in diet, for example, the transition from breastfeeding to hard or artificial nutrition.

Children transferred to artificial feeding are not only defecated less often, but have a harder stool. These changes are caused by the fact that solid foods are introduced into the baby's diet. In normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, nutrients and water are sucked from food ingested into the intestine, and the remnants are excreted from the body in the form of feces.

In order for the feces to be mild, the products to be removed must contain the right amount of water. In addition, for a problem-free withdrawal should not be a violation in the work of the digestive system. With ineffective functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract( rectum, lower intestine), or with water deficiency, constipation occurs.

Glycerin suppositories for their use

When the stool is delayed, the stool density changes, and therefore its excretion becomes more complicated, which reduces the frequency of stool. In this situation, children's glycerine suppositories will be a good remedy. In addition, this drug will help children who are afraid to go to the toilet.

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Glycerin suppositories should be in the medicine cabinet of each family

Glycerin suppositories should be in the medicine cabinet of each family.

. The medical product - "Glycerin suppositories" is used to provoke bowel movement in children. The medicine is used as follows: a candle, cleanly inserted into the rectum, and promote it as deeply as possible.

Glycerin suppositories are self-lubricating the rectum, so no additional lubrication is needed during the administration.

Then for two three minutes the buttocks are compressed, so that the glycerin quickly dissolves and prevents reflex ejection. Before you enter the medicine, the baby is laid on the left side, while the legs should be bent at the knees. Breasts are found candles in the supine position on the back, while the legs are pressed to the stomach.

In addition, the candles provide a painless exit of the feces, which is especially good in cases where a child has a sense of fear associated with constipation and pain during feces. If your family has a child, then in the home medicine cabinet except for green, peroxide, antipyretic must be glycerin suppositories.

Glycerin suppositories, reviews about the preparation

Reviews about this tool are only positive. Candles are effective for stool delays and unlike most laxatives do not cause discomfort and pain. Seeking qualified help, doctors often prescribe Suppositoria Glycerini or Suppositoria cum Glycerino. These candles can be used for newborn crumbs, as well as glycerin, they contain stearic acid and sodium carbonate.

Glycerin suppositories, dosage and contraindications to laxative

Glycerin suppositories are available without a prescription

Glycerin suppositories are dispensed without prescription

Due to the fact that glycerine suppositories can be bought without a prescription, pay attention to the packaging, there must be a note for children, because in addition to children, manufacturers produce no less effective candles for adults.

The daily laxative norm for a child is 1 candle.

Drug instruction confirms that the constituent components of the candles are matched, so that the preparation instantly melts under the influence of the body temperature of the child.

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The instructions state that glycerin rectal suppositories have virtually no contraindications and side effects. Exceptions that lead to the abandonment of the medication are individual intolerance or excessive sensitivity of the child to the components of the candles.

How to put a candle( glycerin, including), will teach the video:

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