The cause of seizures in the legs, calves. How to quickly get rid of cramps?

Cramps in the legs occur at any age, but most of all annoy all the same people of middle and older age. Seizures are involuntary contractions of the striated leg musculature, which can be caused by various causes.

Skeletal muscle contractions are paroxysmal and often unbearably painful. What are the reasons and what can be done when the legs cramp? Let's understand together.

Leg cramp: causes


  • 1 Leg cramp: causes
  • 2 Cramps in the legs at night: causes
  • 3 Leg cramp:
  • cramps in the legs causes photo treatment Disorders of biochemical or electrolyte blood composition( with loss of calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D deficiency);
  • Muscle overexertion( for example, during prolonged work in the garden in the beds or professional cramps in the muscles of the hands of porn or, say, musicians);
  • A sudden increase in temperature leads to hyperthermic convulsions. Such a condition can occur with a thermal, solar shock, as well as in diseases accompanied by an increase in temperature.
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  • Infection of the nervous system is also a frequent cause of leg cramps. Such a defeat can be with the flu, as well as with other infections.

Stresses, varicose veins, platypodia, hypothermia of the body( in air or in water) and other causes serve as provocative factors for the appearance of seizures.

Fingers of toes: reasons for

  • Uncomfortable shoes;
  • Tired feet when changing shoes and wearing high heels, with excessive weight;
  • Subcooling;
  • This phenomenon can also occur in people with chronic venous insufficiency.

If the above completely understandable causes of seizures do not explain the discomfort you have, you should look for more serious reasons. A cramp in your case is a symptom of a serious illness, and therefore you should consult your doctor to find the cause. Identification of the problem with health will help a complete examination of the body and the delivery of tests.

Cramps in the legs at night: causes

Nocturnal cramps make you experience very unpleasant moments and always break sleep. Why can leg cramps occur at night?

  • First of all, it should be said that cramps in the feet of the feet at night can appear for the same reasons as in the daytime - most often it is fatigue or a shortage of nutrients.
  • Another common cause of nocturnal seizures is the onset of such a disease as varicose veins. In this case, night leg cramps are often accompanied by constant weight in the legs, swelling and fatigue.
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine and nicotine can also cause night cramps. Therefore, if you do not have enough strength to completely eliminate harmful habits, you should at least dramatically reduce the number of consumed poisons.
  • Similarly, sometimes there is an overabundance in the body of some people's sugar.
  • If nocturnal cramps occur due to an incorrect position of the body, you should take a comfortable position and perform a small massage of the foot or calf muscle.

The most serious causes of the appearance of at night seizures of are epilepsy, spasmophilia, brain tumors, infections, inflammation and trauma( sometimes hidden), neurological pathologies. If night cramps occur too often, it is a clear signal that you need to see a doctor: an endocrinologist, a neurologist and a phlebologist.

Foot cramp: treatment

treatment of leg cramps Treating leg cramps is directly related to the treatment of the underlying disease that caused this symptom. In this case, the doctor must decide on the treatment.

If cramps in the legs are caused, for example, by a flatfoot, you need a foot massage, as well as special shoes or insoles.

If you lack vitamins or trace elements, you should reconsider the diet, be sure to include cottage cheese, cheeses, fresh vegetables and fruits, possibly vitamins.

Consider the question of how to relieve the pain symptom, that is, to provide yourself with emergency help with leg cramps. Especially these tips will be useful to those who experience frequent cramps in the legs.

So, how to help yourself with cramps?

  1. reduces calves of legs Some people may feel cramps in the legs of beforehand. Therefore, if you are one of them, you can relax your foot as soon as you feel the approach of a spasm.
  2. If you do not manage to cramp in the leg muscles yet, pull the toe of the foot towards you, then relax a little and pull again.
  3. After that it is possible to be like. It is desirable that the legs were barefoot, and the floor slightly cool.
  4. If severe convulsions in the legs do not pass, you can massage your joint muscle a little( use a warming ointment) or even prick it with a needle.
  5. When the cramp has passed, lie down a little with slightly raised legs. This will give an outflow of blood and prevent the recurrence of muscle spasm.