"Sunbathing" at home: we choose a mini-solarium for the face

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  • Why you need a solarium
  • How different types of tanning are sunbathing. Instruction
  • How to choose a mini-solarium
  • How to use a mini-solarium

Most girls simply adore a radiant bronze tan. On a delicate female skin, he looks incredibly sexy. And this applies not only slender women's legs, chiseled shoulders or smooth back - on the face of the tan also looks very attractive. But nature allows us to acquire this decoration only in the summer. What to do to those who want to flaunt a luxurious tan 365 days a year? Exit - a mini-solarium for the face.

Why do you need the

Tanned face solarium? Even those people who prefer aristocratic pallor more recognize that tanning has its undeniable advantages:

  • on dark skin is not as visible as various defects like pimples, black spots, pigment spots, dark circles under the eyes and t. P.;The
  • tanned face looks much healthier;
  • skin, which is already covered with a light tan, is less prone to aggressive sunlight.

In addition, moderate sun baths actively promote the improvement of blood circulation in the tissues of the epidermis and dermis, accelerate cell renewal, stimulate regeneration processes. Ultraviolet rays, which sometimes frighten us, contribute to the synthesis of vitally important vitamin D. Of course, all this happens only when observing safety rules, including.use of protective creams.

It used to be possible to decorate your body with chocolate tan only during holiday. Then the popularity of sunbeds, which allowed women to turn into a dark-complex in just a few minutes, without traveling around the resorts. Today, it is not even necessary to spend money on visiting specialized salons - you can simply purchase a convenient and easy-to-use home-made solarium for the face.

How different types of coloring tans. Instruction


How to tan different colors

How to choose a mini-solarium

Today the market offers a huge selection of all kinds of devices that allow you to get a beautiful tan at home. Many companies are engaged in the production of such equipment. However, it is best to pay attention to those brands that primarily specialize in home tanning salons.

Do not be greedy and try to save - most likely, the cheapest device will be substandard. It will not only not bring you the desired result, but it will greatly harm your health. Therefore, when choosing a product, strive for an optimal ratio of price and quality. Of course, when buying, you need to consult a qualified consultant.

Pay attention to functionality and other technical characteristics: power, type of lamp, presence of a display and a timer, area of ​​influence, etc. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a tanning salon for the skin of the face, it is advisable to carefully study this question - then no dishonest seller will be able to get around you.

Sunbathing under the tanning bed

Among other things, make sure that the seller sells its customers a post service. This is a free after-sales warranty service, as well as paid services at the end of the warranty period. No matter how carefully you treat the device, from unforeseen breakdowns no one is insured, so it's better to take care of it in advance.

Tanning rules in the solarium: Video

How to use the mini-solarium

As a rule, the home solarium is quite easy to operate. All the details of using the device are written in the instructions that are attached to the product and which must be carefully studied before switching on the device. Nevertheless, there are some general recommendations, which should be heeded by those who decided to buy a solarium for their face.

First, install the device on a flat surface in a convenient location. He should stand so that you can sit comfortably in front of him. At the same time, your face must be on the same level with the device. Of course, some of the nuances depend on the spectrum of action of the solarium - some machines only irradiate the face and neck. Others are designed for complex irradiation of the face, neck, décolleté zone and even hands.

Secondly, use eye protection glasses and a hair cap. Do not get carried away by "solar" baths, especially if your skin is more irritable and sensitive. Too long and frequent sessions are harmful to health, so be extremely careful and prudent.

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Published: 29-05-2015