Aerophagia. Cho is this disease?

Aerophagy - the word comes from the Greek.aerophagia - air, phagein - is, absorb. The disease consists in swallowing air in large quantities and then regurgitating it.

Not every ingestion of air is pathological. First, there is a physiological ingestion of air, which is necessary to create a certain level of pressure in the stomach. This swallowing is not accompanied by a belch. Secondly, the eructation can appear due to the use of carbonated drinks, soda or beer.


  • 1 Symptoms of aerophagia
  • 2 Causes of development of the disease
  • 3 Treatment of aerophagia

Symptoms of aerophagia


Carbonated drinks can cause burp

Diagnosis is based on examination and data of anamnesis. Often, directly during the examination, you can observe how the preparation for eructation takes place. The movements are quite typical. The patient pulls his head forward, then the chin presses against the chest and makes empty swallowing movements.

Percutally you can determine the increased space Traube. On the radiographic images, the diaphragm is determined at a fairly high level. In this position it leads to a large air bubble, which is in the stomach. Also, this effect is produced by gases in the intestine. You can find a functional cascade in the stomach.

In this case, patients' complaints are reduced to an indication of a burp, which is accompanied by loud sounds, while it does not have a smell. If the patient is prone to hysteria, then during eructation, he also screams. This eructation is almost permanent. It disappears in most cases during sleep.

If the aerophagy is neurological, then the ingestion of air is not related to the process of eating.

Patients complain of unpleasant sensations in the stomach: pain, heaviness, raspiranie. The abdomen in such patients can be swollen. If a person's condition is supplemented with ischemic disease, then gastrocardial syndrome develops: angina pectoris, extrasystole. However, this condition can appear in patients with a healthy cardiovascular system. Sometimes there is a condition that used to be called asthma dyspepticum. It consists in difficulty breathing.

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Violation of the rules of nutrition - the main cause of aerophagia

Infringement of dietary rules - the main cause of aerophagia

Aerophagia in childhood can appear in infants. This happens when the baby is a lot sucking a pacifier or chest, where there is little milk. And pathology can be of menacing nature. After stubborn regurgitation leads to loss of body weight.

To determine the aerophagy in a baby it is possible by crying during sucking, volumetric tummy, unwillingness to suck on. When a child changes his posture, he has a belch. This calms the baby, and he can continue to behave calmly, continue to eat.

The diagnosis should be confirmed by X-ray examination. The ingestion of air in children can be an addiction. It must be weaned from it. This can be done by carefully monitoring the process of eating. In extreme cases, feeding through the tube is used. Also, aerophagia can be caused by the unformed processes of the nervous regulation of the digestive organs. In this case, it passes with age itself.

Causes of the development of the disease

The main reason for the emergence of aerophagy are violations in the rules of eating. This happens when a person is accustomed to eat fast and talk a lot while eating. In addition to this reason, there are several more:

  • difficulty breathing through the nose;
  • of the GI tract;
  • neurosis.

To diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which provoke aerophagia, include pathological processes in the oral cavity, including dental diseases. Neurosis is the most common cause of this disease. It involves the development of a pathological conditioned reflex consisting in swallowing the air.

Treatment of aerophagy is prescribed by a doctor!

Treatment of aerophagy is prescribed by a doctor!

In infants to swallowing the air, sucking the breast with a small amount of milk or sucking an empty bottle. Swallowed air leads to frequent regurgitation. Loss of nutrients adversely affects the weight and general condition of the baby.

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If it changes body position, an eructation is formed. After that he calms down and then sucks without any problems.

To avoid weight loss in the baby, it is necessary to hold it vertically after feeding, then the eructation will leave in the form of air, and the eaten food will remain in the tummy. If the aerophagy is neurotic, it will pass with age.

Treatment of aerophagia

To get rid of aerophagia, one must cure the underlying disease. If the disease is neurotic, you should seek advice from a psychotherapist, maybe even a psychiatrist. The patient should not swallow saliva, it should be spit. There must be very slow. Talking with food is prohibited. Drinks with carbon dioxide are completely excluded from the diet. Regularly held gymnastics, increases the time for sports and other active activities.

Dysbacteriosis can lead to aerophagy? What is dysbiosis, see in the video:

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