Red face: what to do, possible diseases, treatment methods, masks


  • Why the face is red: possible diseases
  • Salon procedures against the red face
  • Face masks for the red face

Everyone knows this unpleasant feeling when blood flows to the face, burning the skin. Most often, reddening and light blush on the cheeks from shame and embarrassment or from frost quickly pass. But there are situations when the skin of the face remains reddened for a very long time. A person can not drink, do not smoke, lead a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time he always has a red face for not clear reasons: what to do in such situations, how to get rid of such an unpleasant external cosmetic defect? Since this syndrome is almost always one of the symptoms of some internal disease, first you need to find out the causes of unhealthy redness of the skin of the face.

Why the face is red: possible diseases

Without a medical examination, one can only guess why the face is red: an accurate diagnosis can only be made by an experienced doctor. Most often, the basis for this cosmetic defect is a good reason: just so the skin of the face can not blush. There must be an explanation for everything.

A variety of circumstances can be provoking factors:

  • acne rash : on the face alternate healthy skin areas of normal color with red streaks and spots, riddled with small eruptions, which can be caused by adolescence or an allergic reaction to anything;
  • rosacea : the blood vessels can be impaired regulation of the tone, so they can cause unpleasant redness of the face due to any external factors: a sharp temperature drop, heat wave, abuse of spicy food, cigarettes, coffee;while the skin can be highly flaky and even itch;
  • erythrophobia : a rare, but nevertheless having a place in the nervous system disease, when a person experiences a pathological fear of red color, is constantly afraid of blushing and. .. always invariably blushes in any situations exciting him;
  • hypertension : very often the red face is pressure, and increased, when the stress and strain are felt by the blood vessels of the whole body, including the face;
  • drug blister : the skin may turn red due to prolonged intake of potent, powerful drugs - the same antibiotics or contraceptives, for example;
  • menopause also can cause reddening of the skin of the face, because during this period there are so-called tides that are associated with the expansion and contraction of blood vessels;
  • carcinoid syndrome : the red face in this case is a very dangerous symptom that may indicate the presence of a tumor in the area of ​​the gastrointestinal tract;
  • allergy : red face and itches - one of the sure signs of an allergic reaction;
  • pregnancy : the last weeks of bearing a baby are fraught with increased stress on the mother's body, including on blood vessels, so the red face during pregnancy is a typical feature of the last trimester of the interesting situation in which women are.
That such a dangerous symptom of a very serious disease can be a red face: the causes are most often associated with impaired blood circulation, pathologies of blood vessels.

To accurately establish the diagnosis and undergo a course of treatment, it is necessary to apply first - to a good dermatological center in which the necessary diagnostics will be made and sent to a narrower specialist - endocrinologist, cardiologist, therapist, allergist and even a psychotherapist( in the case of erythrophobia) who will prescribe the appropriatetreatment. Without a therapeutic course, it is impossible to get rid of red face syndrome. It is possible only for a while to mask this cosmetic defect, but to restore forever a natural complexion can only complete treatment of the underlying disease. In some cases, not dictated by serious diseases, you can cope with the problem by contacting a beauty salon.

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Salon procedures against red face

The modern beauty industry offers many techniques for how to get rid of a red face quickly and without residual effects. Of course, all procedures are quite expensive, but effective. Some of them guarantee a lasting effect for a long time if it is an inoffensive acne or rosacea. If the cause is in the internal disease, any professional cosmetologist will tell you that the effect of the procedure will be short-lived, since it is necessary to treat the root cause. From the procedures you can be offered:

  • cryomassage , which effectively exfoliates the reddened layer of the face skin with the use of liquid nitrogen;
  • dermabrasion is a rather aggressive method of skin grinding with special cutters, the procedure is very painful, it is performed without fail under anesthesia, but it is considered one of the most effective, relieves not only red facial syndrome, but also various eruptions in the form of blackheads, pimples, blackpoints;
  • electrocoagulation cures redness caused by improper operation of blood vessels, burning the most problematic ones with electric current;
  • is one of the latest developments in the field of salon cosmetology - laser coagulation of problem vessels, which are affected not by current, but by longwave laser.

After carrying out a course of similar procedures( usually one happens a little) the red skin on the face gradually acquires a natural pale pink color. Provided that in parallel with carrying out cosmetology procedures the patient underwent a course of treatment of the underlying disease, this syndrome can be disposed of forever. The therapeutic course can also be successfully combined with home care for problem skin, if there is no confidence in salon procedures.

Face masks for red face

Some foodstuffs, herbs and cosmetic oils contain biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the blood vessels of the subcutaneous. Therefore, based on them, you can make home masks for a red face, which will calm the irritated skin and promote normal blood circulation. Such masks can not be done often, so as not to damage the thin and sensitive face skin .Two times a week will be enough. Before the procedure, necessarily raspryte face, clean the skin with a scrub. The duration of these masks should not be long: maximum - half an hour, optimally - 15 minutes. Rinse them better warm, even slightly cool water, because the red face can deteriorate under the influence of hot water.

  • Lemon + milk

Squeeze out the lemon juice to make 100 ml - you can directly with zedra. Dilute the resulting liquid in 100 ml of fresh milk at room temperature and in the same amount( 100 ml) of filtered water. Stir thoroughly. The resulting solution can be washed before going to bed, it is possible to moisten a cotton disc in it to wipe the problematic, reddened areas of the facial skin. After half an hour after such washing and rubbing, rinse your face with plain water.

  • Yeast + milk + lemon

Regular dry yeast( about 20 g) is diluted with a small amount of milk so that a creamy consistency is obtained. Squeeze out a lemon of a teaspoon of juice, add it to the milk-yeast mixture, mix everything thoroughly. Apply the first layer of the mask for 10 minutes and then 10 for the second layer. Thanks to yeast, the mixture dries quickly enough on the skin. Especially good is a mask for a fat and problematic person.

  • Parsley + sour cream

Fresh chopped parsley with a knife or in a blender to make a tablespoon. Excellent, if the plant at the same time will give life-giving juice, which has an excellent effect on the tone of the subcutaneous blood vessels. Shred parsley mixed with two tablespoons of the fatty, which you will find, sour cream. With the regular use of this mask( twice a week) the face will soon become white, clean, well-groomed, without a single pigment spot and, of course, without redness.

  • Cottage cheese + grapefruit + yolk + vegetable oil

Any vegetable oil to put warm on a water bath to 35-40 ° C( no longer necessary, otherwise the yolk will curtail).Instead of vegetable, you can also use flaxseed, olive or sea-buckthorn: they all have a bleaching effect. After that, warm butter in the amount of one teaspoon mixed with fresh, most fat curd( you need three tablespoons).From the grapefruit squeeze the juice( 50 ml) and add to the total mass, thoroughly mixing everything. Keep in mind that the juice from the box does not work out of the box: there are too many additives in it, which can only worsen the condition of the already problematic skin. The most recent in the mask is hammered raw yolk. The mass should be quite thick and very useful. It not only eliminates red face syndrome, but also copes with avitaminosis, nourishing the skin with all necessary substances: cottage cheese - calcium, grapefruit - ascorbic acid( vitamin C), yolk - lecithin, vegetable oil - tocopherol( vitamin E).

  • Cucumber + cottage cheese + olive oil

Fresh, not stale cucumber, peel off the skin( remove it with a thin layer), rinse out all the seeds from it. Pulp through a small grater or blender. Use the resulting mashed potatoes together with the resulting juice, which will be very useful for the vessels. Two tablespoons of this cucumber mass mixed with fresh, very fat cottage cheese in the same amount( two tablespoons).Olive natural cold pressed oil should be put on a hot water bath before 45-50 ° C.Mix the teaspoon of warm oil with cucumber and curd mass, whisk thoroughly.

  • Potato + sour cream + olive oil

Boil fresh potatoes in a uniform without salt, peel, mash until smooth with a fork, allow to cool. In parallel, the olive oil of natural cold pressed, put warm in a water bath to 45-50 ° C.After bringing these products to the ready state, mix three tablespoons of mashed potatoes with one teaspoon of butter and one tablespoon of greasy, fresh( preferably home-made) sour cream.

  • Lemon + oatmeal on milk

Boil porridge on milk without adding salt from natural oat flakes( do not take it quick).Cool it down. From the fresh lemon squeeze the juice, mix it( 50 ml) with two tablespoons of pre-cooked and cooled oatmeal.

  • Rice flour + lemon

Squeeze out the lemon juice so that it turns out to be 50 ml. Rice grind to a powder or use already prepared rice flour. Mix it in two tablespoons with juice.

  • Aloe juice + yolk + rice flour

Lower leaves of aloe put in the refrigerator for two weeks. After this period, squeeze out 50 ml of juice from them. Can be used together with the flesh. Rice grind to a powder or use already prepared rice flour. Mix the juice of aloe( 50 ml), rice flour( two tablespoons), raw yolk.

Now you know that a constantly red complexion is far from the norm, it is a symptom of one of the internal diseases, which must necessarily be treated.

Cosmetic procedures and home masks should only be ancillary techniques in the main course of therapy. Only in this way can you regain a healthy, natural skin color and get rid of the uncomfortable sensation of an eternally reddened face.

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