Broth of nettle for hair: action, application, best recipes


  • The effect of nettles on hair
  • Tips for using nettles broth
  • Recipes for hair from nettles

As soon as people do not call this medicinal herb: witches, fiery, burning, "bachelor kiss", Siberian dwelling and many other beautifulnames of this plant. The healing properties of nettle were known to people from ancient times, and they concerned not only the health of the body. Beauties have long used a decoction of nettle for hair against their loss and to normalize their growth . Today, interest in the old recipes for rinsing and hair masks, prepared on the basis of nettle, is reviving. Given the current unfavorable ecological situation and too many chemical and synthetic agents, natural, natural components are highly valued. Therefore, the nettle, known for its restorative and restorative properties, is now actively used for returning hair to beauty and health.

Effect of nettles on hair

The effectiveness of nettle decoction for hair is determined by the chemical composition of this unique medicinal herb.

The leaves of the young nettle contain a large number of vitamins and other substances useful for hair, which, penetrating into the cells, begin to function for their intended purpose.

As a result, the condition of the curls is greatly improved after the first rinse or mask application. Each element in the nettle works on the beauty and health of the strands.

  • Burning hairs of plants contain a corrosive liquid in which there are acetylcholine, histamine and formic acid : when heated, these elements lose their irritating properties. Formic acid decomposes into water( it stays in cages, which automatically moistens dry strands) and carbon dioxide( it can displace contaminants and greasy excesses from the cells - therefore, after rinsing with nettle hair shine with cleanliness.)
  • Vitamin A :Retinol has excellent restorative properties, thanks to it, the nettle broth is able to heal various hair damages, restoring the root follicles, which are frozen in development.beer for hair growth is one of the best natural, time-tested products.
  • Vitamin C : ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that affects the production of collagen fibers in the tissues, which makes the hair more smooth, elastic, strong and elastic. The same vitamin improves blood circulationin the scalp, which is beneficial for the growth of hair and strengthening of the roots
  • Vitamin K is a natural helper of natural pigmentation: it gives the hair a beautiful shine and radiance. Brunettes and brown-haired women will wonder how saturated and bright the shade of their curls has become. And here blondes here wait, more likely, disappointment: vitamin K together with a carotene is capable to give their locks to reddish.
  • Carotene is another natural pigment in the nettle that provides active hydration. Therefore nettles for dry hair are so useful. However, this same carotene is able to control the functioning of the sebaceous glands, so after rinsing the greasy hair with a nettle decoction they do not so quickly become soiled and do not become covered with greasy gloss so abundantly as before.
  • Tannins , which are very abundant in the nettle, soothe any irritations of the scalp( stop itching with dandruff), have an anti-inflammatory effect( nettle is not for nothing used by for treating various forms of seborrhea ), smooths the scales of hair, so that the strands after the nettleRinsings are smooth, supple and very docile.
  • Flavonoids strengthen the roots, prevent intense hair loss, dictated by the off-season avitaminosis.
  • Organic acids actively participate in almost all metabolic processes occurring in the scalp, which has a beneficial effect on the internal health and external beauty of the curls.

Here is such a useful and effective is nettle for hair, if it is properly used. Preparation of the broth involves boiling raw materials, so the burning formic acid, which "bites", while the nettle is fresh, does not present any danger to the scalp.

The complex healing and restoring effect of nettle broth can be assessed almost immediately - immediately after the hair has dried out after rinsing.

If you do not notice any significant changes, find out if you did everything right. Nettle is a unique plant that requires special attention. Little tricks of dealing with it will help to avoid unpleasant feelings and annoying disappointment.

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Hops - an excellent tool for hair therapy. Terms of use and recipes & gt; & gt;

Tips for the use of decoction of nettles

Any home hair mask from nettle involves the use of decoction, which you need to be able to properly prepare. This will determine the effectiveness of the tool used and the expected results. Moreover, each stage of this procedure is quite important in the overall scheme of the manipulations performed.

Stage 1: collection and processing of medicinal raw materials

  1. The decoction of nettle can be prepared on the basis of dry collection, which you can buy at the pharmacy. However, laboratory studies have shown that is most useful for decoction of fresh, young nettles .Therefore, it must be able to properly assemble.
  2. Do it better in May-June , when the nettle is very young and light green, the stem is soft, the flowers are just starting to appear. Collection must be done in dry weather. Wet plant should not be harvested.
  3. Damaged by insects and diseases, plants can not be touched.
  4. If the plant is high, only the tops are cut off. If still small - almost under the root.
  5. The collected raw materials are carefully rinsed under running water( cold).
  6. After that, you can already prepare the broth from the nettle. If the goal is to harvest grass for the winter, its processing continues.
  7. The collected grass is laid out on the newspaper in a well-ventilated, dry room, closed from sunlight.
  8. 3-4 times a day the grass needs to be turned from one side to the other so that it will dry evenly, not stale. Nettle dries for 8-12 days.
  9. Dried leaves are separated from stems, folded into paper bags or cardboard boxes.
  10. Properly dried nettle is stored for two years.

Step 2: Preparation of the healing broth

  1. Pour 100 gr of fresh or dried nettle 1 liter of boiling water.
  2. Put on the fire, boil on a small fire for half an hour.
  3. Cool to a warm state.
  4. Strain.
  5. Use as directed.

Step 3: rules for the use of decoction

  1. For masks it is enough to add a decoction to them, according to the dosages specified in the recipe.
  2. For rinses a glass of broth is diluted in 500 ml of warm water, which can be softened with 1 tablespoon of baking soda before this.
  3. Bend over the pelvis, abundantly water the hair with the resulting solution from the scoop( even better, if you will be someone to help with this) a few( 3-5) minutes.
  4. Blot strands with a cotton towel, do not dry thoroughly.
  5. Allow the locks to dry naturally, do not use a hairdryer as part of this procedure.
  6. Nettle hair can be rinsed every other day for a whole month if the problem is very serious( seborrhea, alopecia, etc.).As a prophylactic mask and rinse with a decoction of nettle can be done 1-2 times in 7-10 days.

Now you know how to prepare nettles for hair, so that it is most useful and justified all the hopes placed on it to restore and improve the most weakened and sick strands. Difficulties are possible only for the first time: with each new preparation of decoction from the nettle, the process will be automated. After a few procedures, very little time will pass for this event and a minimum of effort will be expended. It is only necessary to begin! The variety of home hair remedies based on nettles suggests a wide choice of exactly the recipe that will be most convenient and effective in each specific situation.

Prescriptions for hair products from nettles

Most often at home use rinsing nettle hair, because it is quick and effective. Someone adds decoctions and infusions from this herb into masks instead of ordinary water - and also achieves good results.

Try different options, check new recipes, do not despair, if not everything turned out the first time.

Often, to achieve the desired result, regularity is required: for the third or fourth time, everything will necessarily turn out for you.

  • Classic decoction of nettle

Pour 100 g of nettle( fresh or dry) with a liter of boiling water, keep on low heat for half an hour, cool, drain.

  • Classic infusion of nettle

Pour 100 g of nettle( fresh or dry) with a liter of boiling water, cover, insist for an hour, drain.

  • Nettles for hair growth

Mix the crushed nettles, mother-and-stepmother, flax seeds, burdock roots, alternating( 1 tablespoon of each herb), pour 500 ml of boiling water, insist for about an hour in a closed condition. Before applying to the head, pour 2 tablespoons of fresh onion juice.

  • Nettle from hair loss

Mix in crushed nettle( 30 g), mother-and-stepmother( 30 g), root of arader ( 20 g).Pour 500 ml of boiling water, keep on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Cool, filter.

  • Nettle and burdock

Mix nettle( 70 g) and burdock root( 30 g) in chopped form, pour 500 ml of boiling water, heat on a water bath for at least 10 minutes. Cool, filter.

  • Nettle oil for hair

Pour 4 tablespoons of crushed dried nettle leaves 200 gr of unrefined olive oil. For 2 weeks, insist in a dark, dry place( the temperature should be at room temperature).Strain, store in a closed bottle of dark glass.

  • Nettle for strengthening the hair

Fresh nettle through the meat grinder, put the resulting gruel into gauze and carefully wring out. Form the fresh juice diluted with mineral still water in equal proportions, rub into the roots and scalp.

  • Nettle and chamomile for hair

Mix in a crushed nettle( 50 g) and chamomile flowers( 50 g), pour 500 ml of boiling water, warm in a water bath for at least 10 minutes. Cool, filter.

  • Nettle for dry hair

Mix nettle( 100 g) with juice sea-buckthorn berries( 200 ml), pour boiling water( 500 ml).Leave in the closed state for an hour, drain.

Knowing how useful nettle for hair and how to use it properly at home, you can get the most out of this medicinal plant for the health and beauty of its weakened, dropping, dull curls. Before turning to synthetic hair care products, try to learn how to use natural gifts that are 100% natural.

Nettle is the queen of herbs among those used for treatment and full-fledged hair care.

Take advantage of this - and problems with the scalp and curls will go away forever.

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