Treatment of joints with folk remedies and recipes for their recovery

Diseases of the joints - this is very relevant not only medical, but also a social problem. If 2-3 more years ago joint diseases were the lot of elderly and elderly people, today they are more and more often found in the younger generation, significantly reducing the quality of life and work capacity.

In case of pain, inflammation in the joints of the legs or hands, stiffness, deformity, it is mandatory to seek specialized help from a doctor. Only a specialist will be able to determine the true cause of pathological symptoms and prescribe the necessary treatment.

At the same time, various folk recipes are widely and very successfully used to alleviate the condition and restore joints after the disease. When choosing the treatment of joints with folk remedies, it should be remembered that in no case should it replace the basic traditional therapy, but can only be used as an additional method of treatment and rehabilitation.

There are a lot of recipes for the treatment of joint diseases folk methods, among which you can meet the usual broths, herbal ointments, compresses, tinctures, etc., but there are also very exotic. Far from everyone decides for such treatment. We will consider in this article widely known and proven in practice recipes.

Bay Leaf

This spice, like a bay leaf, is known to any good hostess. Even it's hard to imagine a delicious soup or roast without this spicy flavor. But not everyone knows that a leaf of a laurel plant can be used not only in cooking, but also in medicine, albeit in an unconventional one.

Bay leaf
The Bay leaf helps not only to make the dish more fragrant, but also the joints are healthier

This plant is rich in useful substances that will not only cope with inflammation of the joints, but will also quickly relieve pain and discomfort during movement. The laurel leaf composition includes various essential oils, phytoncides, trace elements and vitamins, organic acids and tannins.

There are several options for using a laurel for the treatment of joints of the legs, hands or spine.

Healing decoction of

To prepare the broth, you need 25 dry laurel leaves and 4 glasses of water. Pour vegetable raw materials with cold water and bring to a boil. After that, cook over low heat for 5 minutes. The lid should be open to allow the excess of essential oils to evaporate. After this, leave the broth to infuse overnight. In the morning strain. You can start treatment.

You need to drink this portion throughout the day, but not all at once. The course of therapy is 3 days. After a 20-day break, the procedure can be repeated. It is recommended to conduct no more than 3-5 courses of treatment with laurel broth per year.

Nastoy infusion

The infusion has a softer effect compared to the decoction. To make it, take:

  • 10-15 dry laurel leaves;
  • 3 cups of boiling water;
  • 3 teaspoons of honey.

Pour the leaves with boiling water and cover. Leave to infuse for 2 hours. Then the medicine should be drunk, divided into portions, before each meal. The course of treatment is 5 days. To improve the taste, you can add lemon in the infusion.

Laurel tea with lemon
To the bay bay you can add honey and lemon for taste

Lavender ointment

To prepare ointment for joints from a laurel, take 30-40 dry leaves and 100 grams of butter. Vegetable raw materials grind in a blender, and melt the butter in a water bath. Connect the components and allow to cool. After that, the ointment is ready. It should be rubbed into the joints of the hands and feet with massage movements 3 times a day. The course of therapy is 10 days.


The main food thickener, gelatin, is included in the rating of the most effective recipes for the treatment of joints by folk remedies. With the help of this product of animal origin, degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the musculoskeletal system can be cured, for example, osteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis.

It's important to understand and remember! Gelatin is not able to quickly get rid of inflammation and pain syndrome, but with a long reception, the processes of destruction of cartilaginous tissue begin to slow down, and eventually it begins to recover. This leads to a cessation of progression of arthrosis and a significant improvement in the patient's condition.

Gelatin is produced by processing bones, cartilage, skin, ligaments of animals. It is rich in amino acids and proteins, which take part in the construction of collagen fibers. The latter are the main cartilaginous tissue.

Let's consider the basic gelatin prescriptions of traditional medicine.

Tincture of their gelatin

To make a gelatinous tincture on the water, you need to take 2 teaspoons of plain( not instant gelatin) gelatin and pour them with a glass of cold boiled water. Leave the mixture to swell at room temperature for the whole night.

Gelatine tincture
Duration of reception of gelatinous tincture is the key to the success of

joint treatment. In the morning, the mixture should be heated on fire until all the lumps are dissolved, but do not bring to a boil. Add half a glass of cold water or orange juice and drink completely the whole portion on an empty stomach. Sweetheads can add sugar or honey to taste.

Gelatin Compression

In order to make a compress with gelatin for a diseased joint, you need a bandage folded 6-8 times. It must be moistened in water and wrung out. Between the layers of wet cloth, distribute 2 tablespoons of dry instant gelatin.

Compress the compress to the joint and fix it on top with a food film and a warm cloth. Hold it for 2 hours. You can do the procedure 2 times a day for 2 weeks.

Treatment with herbs

There are a lot of medicinal plants that can be used to treat joints. The best recipes:

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  1. Saber .To prepare medicinal tincture, you will need 100 grams of swamp and a liter of alcohol. Insist should be at room temperature for a month. Use a tablespoon of tincture, diluted in a pile of water 3 times a day. The course of therapy lasts until the drug is over. Chestnut horse .300 grams of chestnut should be turned into a crumb and pour 0.5 liters of alcohol. Infuse at room temperature for 2 weeks. This tincture is applied locally - rubbed into diseased joints 2 times a day.
  2. St. John's wort .Grind 400 grams of fresh herb St. John's wort and pour 500 ml of sunflower or olive oil. Insist should be 3 weeks, after which drain the contents. Rub this ointment in the affected joints 3 times a day for long courses.
  3. Adam's root .Take 200 grams of dried and crushed Adam's root and pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist should be in a cool place for 10 days. Apply tincture for rubbing the joints. The procedure should be done once a day, the course is 1 month.
  4. Golden Horn .Decoction from this plant can be used both for oral administration and for compresses. To make it, you need to cut 20 knuckles with a knife and pour a liter of cold water. Bring the mixture to a boil, but do not cook. After cooling, strain the broth. You need to take 50 ml 3 times a day for 2 weeks.
Sabelnik swamp
Marsh sweeper - an excellent tool for fighting arthrosis

Honey for joint treatment

Honey is a unique substance that has an excellent analgesic, anti-inflammatory and warming effect. Its properties provide damaged joints with all necessary substances for recovery. Honey for the treatment of joints is used both inside and in the form of all kinds of external means( compresses, rubbers, ointments).

You need to dissolve honey and cinnamon

in a glass of warm water( you can not take hot water, as honey at high temperatures loses its properties) 2 tablespoons of natural honey. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to the drink. You can take the drink 2 times a day for 1 week.

Honey and cinnamon
Honey and cinnamon are not only tasty, but also useful

Honey and salt

To prepare a honey medicated ointment, take a tablespoon of bee product, a teaspoon of sea salt. Ingredients are mixed and rubbed into the diseased joints 2 times a day. The course of treatment is 2 weeks. Also this recipe can be used in the form of compresses and ointment dressings.

Honey and flour

Of these ingredients, a medicinal dough is prepared for warming articular compresses. You need to take 100 grams of flour and the same amount of honey. Combine the ingredients in the dough. Apply it in the form of compresses for 2 hours on the affected joint once a day for 2 weeks.

Therapeutic baths

Baths with various medicinal plants and other ingredients for folk recipes perfectly complement the treatment of joint diseases. The following treatment bath options are possible:

  1. Spruce branches .The amount of plant material and water depends on which joint is sick. For example, for the bath for the joints of the hands is enough 2 liters. Fresh spruce branches pour boiling water and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Then you can take a bath.
  2. Nettle .You need to boil the plant for 10 minutes. Bring the volume of cold water to the required and take a bath for 15-20 minutes every other day.
  3. Clover .It is necessary to boil the plant for 10 minutes in water. After reaching a level comfortable for the skin, the bath should take 15 minutes.

Before using any prescription for traditional medicine, consult your doctor about the appropriateness and possible contraindications. Also, it is not superfluous to exclude allergies to components of folk remedies.

Folk recipes
  • Bay leaves
  • Gelatin
  • Herbal treatment
  • Honey for joints treatment
  • Therapeutic baths