Decoupage of wooden eggs

Hello, dear readers. Today we did a decoupage of wooden eggs for Easter. Decoupage is very simple and fun. I share the work with you. It's beautiful, simple and fast. I'm sharing with you MK, maybe you will also have a desire to make such beauty, especially since working with step-by-step photos. Of course, before the holiday is still far away, but we are already starting to prepare. The market bought wooden eggs, the price they have acceptable. And you can make anything from these eggs, you can decorate with beads, apply patterns with colors, make decoupage, wrap them with lace or ribbons. Such eggs are a wonderful decoration element. By Easter we always prepare in advance, we paint eggs, bake cakes, decorate the house.

On the holiday it is customary to give each other colored eggs. This year I will give you wooden eggs.

We have already done decoupage combs, boxes, scoops, snowflakes and other wood blanks. Children are very willing to help. Of all kinds of creativity, decoupage for them was the easiest and simple occupation. I am sure that you too can make decoupage eggs at home.

This is a very beautiful hand made that does not require a lot of money and time, plus an excellent gift.

Decoupage of wooden eggs. Master class with photo

For work we will need:

  • Wooden eggs
  • Acrylic paint of white color( you can use pink, light green, yellow paint)
  • Napkins( I take two-layer or three-layered)
  • Adhesive PVA
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Scissors

I will prepare everything necessary for work. We sell eggs in the market, there is a point, there you can buy various products from wood. They can also be purchased at specialty stores. I think if you set a goal, then you can find such blanks.

Napkins with Easter theme, I bought in a supermarket, we are already beginning to gradually appear Easter decor. But napkins can be taken with any drawing, the main thing is that they can decorate eggs. I usually buy two-layer or three-layer napkins. They are very suitable for decoupage. It is also important to buy a napkin with a clear pattern.

Before starting to work, many skilled workers are advised to walk a bit on the workpiece with sandpaper, first a large one, and then sand it fine. But I do not do it, I have smooth and beautiful workpieces.

Before decoupage, we need to cover the eggs with white acrylic paint. First I do it with a brush. I let the paint dry.

Then, if necessary, I apply the paint a second time. I like when the coating is dense. Again I leave the egg to dry. The third time I put the paint with a sponge, "driving" the movements. Thus, the paint is distributed evenly.

Put the egg on the plastic lid. The paint should dry very well, and then you can start decoupage. At us today the sun, day fine. Brought eggs in the sun, so that the paint dried out faster.

The next step is to prepare the drawing. For decoupage of Easter eggs you can take napkins with any subject. It is possible on a church theme or neutral. Also very nice look napkins with flowers on a white surface.

I cut out the elements of the drawing with scissors. Remove all layers from the napkin. I have a three-layer napkin, I shoot 2 layers, there is one layer on which the picture is shown.

At first I place larger elements on eggs, and then small ones. For work I need a brush and PVA glue. Glue for decoupage, you need to dilute with water. I took 2 parts of glue and some water, combined and mixed in a glass jar. Glue PVA thick, and if you dilute it with water it is convenient to work with.

Now you can apply a drawing. We glue elements to the workpiece with a brush. Using a brush, squeeze the pattern from the center to the edges. So most conveniently, napkins do not crumple. In decoupage it is very important, you should not lose sight of it.

Apply the glue with a brush gently, trying not to create wrinkles on the surface of the drawing.

First glue the larger pieces, and then place the smaller ones. Having glued large elements, wait until the glue dries slightly, otherwise the pattern can be crushed.

In work, you can use different napkins, so the eggs will be different. Also on the finished product can be applied glitter on request.

Drawing I did, wait until the egg dries. Finished wooden eggs are opened with a varnish.

That's what I did. The truth I did not open the varnish yet, but it's already beautiful.

The master class is very simple and easy. You can decorate eggs with ribbons or lace, this is optional. But the eggs look great anyway.

You can also decorate wooden eggs with a twine. It's very simple and very beautiful. Master class with step-by-step photos.

Here, I found a photo of eggs on the Internet, look at what beauty. It's eggs on a wooden stand. These are sold. True, we could not find them. But before Easter it is still far, I hope will appear on sale.

Such wooden blanks give space for creativity. They can be issued in different ways. Agree, the eggs are very beautiful. Look great.

Such beauty can be done with children. I think that this activity will appeal to both children and adults. Our children love to make decoupage of wooden products. It is fascinating, interesting and always joyful result.

We made out a box for small things. Decoupage boxes are chic, it is convenient and nice to store various materials for work.

You can give an Easter souvenir to your family and friends. I think that both my relatives and friends will be happy with this gift. Handmade work is always appreciated very highly, especially if this gift is made with love and presented with a "pure heart".

Good luck in your work and inspiration. Expect new master classes from us. I love and love all.