Diet of RAMS for weight loss

Diet of the RAMS for weight loss

The Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences has existed for more than a quarter of a century and has proven itself in the field of weight loss. His nutrition systems are successfully used both at home and in a hospital. And all because the RAMS diet is aimed at a gradual scientifically grounded weight loss.

The daily calorie content of slimming people should be within 1800-1300 kcal. In this case, "beginners" are advised to begin to lose weight from a higher caloric value, gradually reducing it, due to changes in the diet.

The nutrition itself is balanced and instills the skills of a healthy low-fat diet, which you can stick to throughout your life, maintaining weight in one pair.

Principles of Nutrition The RAMS diet consists of low-fat, skimmed products that do not contribute to the appearance of fatty deposits. On the first place in the diet are fresh vegetables and fruits, which contain a lot of fiber. It is known to have a good effect on the work of the digestive tract and quickly quenches the feeling of hunger.

The second place is food, with the content of animal protein. This is lean meat, lean poultry, fish and seafood. And the last place is food with a low glycemic index, which includes various cereals.

The diet of the RAMS supply does not have a specific menu. It can be made by everyone losing weight independently, taking into account lists of allowed products and dishes. And they are:

  • stewed zucchini and steamed cauliflower, white cabbage or braised cabbage, as well as any other vegetables, stewed or in the form of salads without the addition of salt and vegetable oils;
  • fat-free curd, kefir with low fat, chicken breast or turkey, fish, shellfish, shrimp, squid, beef, eggs;
  • all kinds of unsweetened berries, green apples, melons and melons.

From these products it is very easy to make a menu. In this case, it will contain all the necessary substances( fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals).

It is important when eating food to control its volume. It is not necessary to overeat, the more that you need at least 5 meals a day. And even if you feel hunger after eating, do not take an additive. It is better to wait a few hours and once again sit down to eat quietly.

Remember! Your food should be rational and fractional! Your usual portion should be divided into two equal parts. Put yourself in a bowl the usual amount of food for you. Take a clean plate and shift to it exactly half the dish. Put it in the fridge and use the next time you eat.

Approximately the diet menu of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

Approximate diet menu of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

The diet of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences has approximately the following menu:

  • breakfast - 100 grams of boiled meat( any of the allowed), 2 tbsp.green peas, black tea without sugar;
  • second breakfast - fat-free curd( 40-60 grams), baked green apple( you can add cinnamon);
  • dinner - soup, cooked on vegetable broth, vegetable salad, a slice of lean fish, steamed or one steam cutlet, compote;
  • a snack - a glass of broth of a dogrose;
  • dinner - skim curd about 200 grams, black or green tea without sugar.

If before you go to bed you will be tormented by a strong sense of hunger, you can eat either one green apple, or drink a glass of fat-free kefir.

This low-calorie and balanced diet will allow you to gradually reduce weight without harm to health. And if you want to accelerate the process of losing weight, then always take as a rule walking tours and going to the gym 2-3 times a week.

In this case, classes must occur with the coach. He will select a special training program that will allow you to correct the problem areas and make the body fit and attractive!

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