Gratitude is a great power

Today I wanted to talk and just reflect. This is my opinion and my observations. Since this year I have passed several trainings on self-development. I will share with you information about gratitude. A lot of now in the networks write about gratitude. This is no longer a big secret. But not everyone understands and applies this. And some just do not want to believe. And the secret is simple, instead of "thank you" you need to say "thank you".When a person says thank, he gives good and expresses gratitude. Yes, after the usual thanks to us, sometimes it's difficult to switch to a word like thank you. But rich people. I mean the rich spiritually, mentally and materially, have long used this word, instead of the usual thanks to us.

After all, we are used to living in a state where something is missing. And we are always short of what we already have. We want more, more and more. Money, happiness, love, opportunity, etc. And you can see how many ask God. Well, give me, give me this, this and this. .. And, as a rule, nothing happens. Then the question arises. Have you ever thanked God for what he has already given you? After all, gratitude is a great power. And it is not just words.

When you begin to realize how much you already have, then you become a rich man. After all, who is a "poor man" is the person who does not know how to "count" and "appreciate" what he is given and given.

After all, how much is given to us. And we have a constant thirst and not saturation, we always want more and more. But, the ability to appreciate what we have in life, what enters into our lives and comes out - the greatest secret of a happy person.

This year we were in the Crimea, as every year. We try to visit beautiful places, rest on the sea and get positive emotions. On the beach, I noticed a girl who does not have both hands, she was with friends. And she has no hands on her shoulders.

I watched her a little. How happy she is, open and cheerful. How much she skillfully eats helping herself with her feet, dresses, bathes in the sea. She learned how to manage and live without both hands. And at the same time, to remain happy.

We sometimes just do not appreciate what we have. Hands, legs, body, head, which you can think of( for example, how to attract money).Have you ever thanked for the ability to see, feel, speak. .. We are "sucked" society. And we look at the neighbor, at the friend who has that, this and that. We look at ourselves, but we do not have this. Or at the neighbor the car is more abrupt, than at me. ..

It simply envy. I agree, we were not taught to enjoy life and it is especially important to rejoice over other people. To rejoice in their successes and achievements. But we can perfectly judge, humiliate and envy. But it is not everyone who knows how to emphasize dignity. And this is great wisdom.

After all, many of us have a feeling of self-pity, resentment, claims to ourselves or to the outside world, whining and eternal discontent with ourselves or others. And how many of us expressed our gratitude to God, for that much is given to us. And we are really given a lot.

Every day is a small life. We play the game and scroll the scenarios. As a rule, this is a vicious circle of repetitive emotions and events. To break out of this circle, you have to work very hard on yourself.

We are here to love, to accept, to be able to forgive, to see in everything and everyone "good", and also to draw certain lessons for ourselves. Accept your body as the greatest gift. Understand that the body is a temple for the soul. Love yourself as you are and accept others. To realize them as beautiful as yourself.

Sometimes I learn from our children and notice how they see the world. The son goes to a kindergarten and tells me often that they have all the kids are good. Educators are kind and good. The child sees the world from such an angle and it's great.

Actually, there is no secret of gratitude. We need to thank you for what you already received in your life. Be grateful for what you already have. And be grateful for what you want to get. Thank you need experiencing sincere gratitude from the depths of your soul, and not just because it's so necessary. Here is the big secret.

Some psychologists recommend writing in a beautiful notebook what you are thankful for today. And you need to do this all the time, until all this becomes a habit.

We need tests and difficulties so that we temper our strength of mind, learn, because these are certain lessons for us. So that we will begin to understand more in this life. Instead of consuming and destroying. And gratitude is a great power.

If you "open your eyes" and look at the world "more widely" you will understand that we already have everything necessary to live and enjoy life, and most importantly to be happy.

I'm interested in your opinion about the gratitude. Write what you think about this, below in the comments.