A sign of what can be an unpleasant odor from the mouth of a child?

The theme of bad breath in children, as a rule, is not terrible and does not tell us anything particularly serious. However, parents turn to the doctor, since this issue gives discomfort, but also creates certain restrictions in communication. Among US residents, a study was conducted, in which people were asked how much they are concerned about the problem of bad breath. Fifty percent of the respondents had a vivid response to this question, and half of the respondents are ready to lead the child to the hospital in the event of such an unpleasant phenomenon.

Halitosis, which is a bad smell from the mouth, is the result of problems with the oral cavity and nasopharynx. The experience that the smell from the mouth is evidence of pathologies and problems of the digestive system and other internal systems of the body does not always correspond to reality, because the esophagus with the "valve" passes between the oral cavity and the stomach, blocking the odor outlet outward. But in some cases, a certain smell can still speak of a serious illness.


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Why does the child have a bad breath from the mouth?

The most basic reason for the appearance of unpleasant breathing in a baby, in fact, as in adults, is a lack of saliva. Due to the drying of the oral cavity, the bacteria that are in the mouth begin to release sulfur-containing substances, which give an unpleasant odor. Therefore, it should be noted how the baby breathes, it is important that breathing does not occur through the mouth, but only through the nose. Proper breathing with the nose will avoid problems with drying out in the mouth and curving the child's bite.

The food of these most ill-fated bacteria is a protein that is in slime. If the child is clogged with a nose and mucus does not pass, more precisely does not swallow, then in the place of "blockage" the processes of festering begin - this is also a clear sign of bad smell from the mouth. Mucus can accumulate not only in the nasal cavity, but also in the throat, creating new pastures for bacteria.

Children brush their teeth

Proper oral care is one and the main ways to avoid problems

Another reason is not good hygienic care. As during the day during wakefulness, and during sleep on the teeth formed plaque and if brushing your teeth will not be performed in good faith, then goodbye "flower breath".Plaque is also deposited in the language, it is here that bacteria begin to feed and multiply most often. Plaque language should be removed in the same way as dental.

It is necessary to teach the child to use not only a toothbrush, but also a dental floss, because food, even its small particles that can not be removed with a brush, get stuck between the teeth, starting the processes of decomposition and fainting. Teeth should be cleaned twice a day( on waking and before bedtime), destroying the plaque and food remnants, which are the main provoker of unpleasant "fragrances".

The dental neglect of the teeth will necessarily make itself felt in the form of unpleasant breathing, especially if a hole formed in the tooth, and this was not noticed. Running teeth can bring a lot of trouble besides the unpleasant breath, including infections, stomatitis and gingivitis.

If all the conditions for proper care of the oral cavity are still observed, and the smell does not disappear, then the cause can be hidden much deeper. In such a situation, it is very important to determine the nature of the fragrance - this will help the doctor to prescribe specific diseases and begin testing with them. What does the smell from the mouth say:

  • a stomach ulcer can produce a smell of rotten eggs;
  • inflammatory processes with reduced acidity - the smell of rot;
  • smells ammonia due to kidney problems;
  • the smell of acetone can indicate diabetes and problems in the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • disorders in metabolism sometimes give the smell of boiled cabbage.
  • There are many diseases that cause this problem, it is very important to pay attention to the problem in time and contact the hospital.

Methods of treatment

The girl at the dentist

In many situations you will need to see a doctor, but it will not always be the dentist

. In order to start treatment one should find one of the reasons listed above:

  • if the cause is drying out in the mouth, then squeeze the lemon into a regular water, by makinglight lemon drink. In a container with water, you can throw the remaining lemon slices, because even one thought about this fruit involuntarily causes our saliva to stand out, creating an unsuitable environment for the life of bacteria in the mouth. The resulting solution is drunk at the time of drying and the problem disappears by itself. Just as an excellent way to cause salivation is chewing gum, which can not only kill bacteria, but also give fresh smell of mint, lemon, etc.
  • if the cause of unpleasant breathing is a mucus that can form in the nasopharynx, then you can resort to salt solutions. During sleep, the mucus from the nose can remain on the inner wall of the larynx and the morning smell from the mouth will be necessary. In such cases, you can put an extra pillow under the mattress, which would lift the head of the sleeping child higher, helping him swallow mucous accumulation.

In other cases, it is necessary to establish the type of disease that caused unpleasant breathing, and to conduct targeted treatment according to the information received.

In which case should I see a doctor

If the cause is a dental problem, then the call to a specialist will be a must. A visit to the dentist will help cure the sick teeth, as well as get a qualified consultation about the rules and methods of cleaning, both the teeth and the surface of the tongue.

The reasons for ENT character will also require a hike to a specialist. Difficulties in breathing may indicate increased adenoids, and this is also the cause of a bad smell from the mouth. Elimination of difficulties with nose breathing, as well as prevention of diseases of the nasopharyngeal mucosa, its drying, will allow your child to have fresh and pleasant breathing.

Doctor Komarovsky about bad breath( video)

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