Methods of purifying vessels with garlic

It's nice to be aware of yourself as a part of nature, to hope for its protection and help. Traditional methods of treatment have long been based on simplified ideas about diseases, philosophical views on the movement of energy through channels. Cleaning the vessels with garlic and lemon in folk medicine is very popular. It is supposed to remove atherosclerotic plaques, restore damaged blood circulation.

Modern knowledge does not support this possibility. In fact, dissolve atherosclerotic deposits with the help of cleaning the vessels with garlic and lemon or other means is impossible. Plaque removal( purification) is achieved by microsurgical methods or by dissolution with special preparations at the very initial stage, when it only begins to form in the form of a stain.

However, folk recipes are loved by patients, not rejected by doctors, because, indeed, they have a curative effect. Their action is mild, combined with medicines, cooking simple and affordable at home.

Let's look at the useful properties of the "cleansing" formulations.

What you can expect from garlic

Garlic - a plant that effectively counteracts microbes, restores immunity, so it is recommended as a preventive measure during an outbreak of influenza and respiratory infections, and also at the time of recovery from a disease.

What is the basis for the action of garlic? The composition of garlic heads includes:

  • phytoncides,
  • essential oils,
  • pyruvic acid,
  • ammonia,
  • fructose,
  • starch,
  • group of vitamins( B, C, D, PP),
  • electrolytes( sodium, sulfur, potassium, calcium,magnesium, a little iodine).
Active component of essential oils is allicin. It has a strong bactericidal effect( kills pathogenic microorganisms, including strains resistant to antibiotic Staphylococcus aureus).

Action of garlic on the human body

Hoping to cleanse the vessels with garlic, patients use it either as food, or they prepare garlic tincture for alcohol. The latter option is more effective, since alcohol enhances the absorption of dissolved foods and relieves the patient of an unpleasant odor.

Mechanism of action of garlic is sufficiently studied:

  • causes expansion of arterial( including coronary) vessels;
  • lowers blood pressure in hypertension;
  • kills germs and relieves inflammation;
  • affects liver function for producing cholesterol;
  • calms tachycardia;
  • increases urination;
  • destroys oxidants.

Garlic for alcohol is used in folk recipes as a weak expectorant, a way to increase potency in men. The influence on the process of digestion is known: activation of gastric and pancreatic juice production, bile, intestinal peristalsis.

How to prepare garlic tincture

According to the Tibetan recipe for making medicinal tincture it is necessary: ​​to clean 350 g of garlic heads, grind and crush them in a mortar( it must be ceramic or wooden).When the juice appears, you need from the bottom of the dishes to collect 200 g of mass in a dark glass jar and pour a glass of alcohol. The bank should be tightly closed. Insist should be 10 days in a cool place( but not in the refrigerator!).Press the ready tincture can be through gauze. After that, she is allowed to stand for 3 more days until she is ready.

Tips for medicine men

You need to know what kind of garlic is suitable for medical purposes.

  1. For cooking tinctures, choose only fresh garlic with large heads and large slices. After four months of storage, the medicinal properties are lost 2 times, and in the spring there is only taste and smell.
  2. The Chinese begin to prepare a tincture of garlic on the growing moon, and finish at the full moon.

Tibetan tincture is stored for a long time. It is proved that additional anticancer properties appear in the preparation of the two-year exposure.

Tibetan monks
Feel yourself as a resident of mountainous China

How to take a cleansing tincture

Tincture of garlic for cleaning the vessels, according to the Tibetan prescription, is considered a powerful anti-aging agent. Take it should take into account drops for 20 minutes before meals, three times a day, with ¼ cup of milk.

The treatment starts on the first day before breakfast with one drop, until lunch - two, before dinner - three, on the second day in the morning - four and at each appointment add one drop. For dinner on the fifth day, the dosage will be 15 drops. On the morning of the sixth day, the number of drops drops one at a time for each treatment. From the eleventh day it is recommended to constantly take 25 drops before breakfast, lunch and dinner until all the tincture is finished.

Such courses are recommended to be conducted no more often than once in 2 years.

Another option for using garlic

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Preparation of garlic oil allows you to get rid of unwanted side effects in chronic diseases of the digestive system.

The recipe for cooking garlic oil provides two options: long and fast.

It is considered to be a long period of weeks until readiness: cut clean denticles of one head of garlic into 2 - 3 parts and put in sterile half-liter jar. We buy extra virgin olive oil, pour 500 ml into an enamel saucepan and heat up to 180 degrees. Then gently pour into a jar of garlic. Close tightly and leave in a cool place for 7 days. On the eighth day, filter the obtained oil through a gauze napkin and pour into a sterile container, where the drug will be stored. Terms of storage are long.

For rapid production, the same ratio of garlic and oil with the addition of several peppercorns and thyme grass is placed in a sturdy cookware in the oven for an hour at a temperature of 150 degrees. Pour the finished oil through gauze. This oil is stored in a cool place in a tightly closed container for no longer than a month. Can be used immediately after filtering.

How to take oil

It is recommended to take garlic oil, having dissolved one tablespoon in a liter of water. Drink a glass before eating.

Another option is to add butter to vegetable salads as a dressing.

Useful properties of honey

Honey is used in cleaning recipes in connection with an abundance of useful properties. It contains:

  • bioactive substances of hormonal action;
  • enzymes for the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • vitamins and trace elements.
This hard worker helps a person

Honey is able to:

  • maintain immunity;
  • improve blood flow;
  • normalize metabolic disturbances;
  • add energy in cases of dystrophy;
  • strengthen immune defense.
Everyone knows the beneficial effect of honey during a cold. The combination of honey, lemon and garlic is recommended by folk healers as a particularly strong prescription for "cleaning" the vascular bed.

What gives the lemon

The high content in the fruit of the lemon vitamin C allows you to recommend it when:

  • treats atherosclerosis;
  • need to activate defenses;
  • prevention and treatment of respiratory infections and influenza.

In combined use with garlic and honey, the effect on the vessel walls is greatly enhanced, which helps to lower blood pressure.

Does it look sour in the mouth? But with honey is very tasty

How to prepare a combination tincture

Necessary ingredients:

  • garlic - 4 heads;
  • lemon - 6 pieces;
  • honey - 400 g.

Peel the garlic, cut the lemon into slices and remove the bones as much as possible. In the blender everything is crushed and mixed. Fold in a sterile jar for settling. When enough juice appears in the upper layer, it merges into a dark sterile container. Keep only in the refrigerator. Prepared elixir is contraindicated in sunlight.

In the absence of a blender, you can squeeze juice from lemons, mix it with honey and add finely chopped garlic. The mixture will be liquid, you do not need to drain the juice.

How to take an elixir of health

For the purification of slag and cholesterol it is recommended to take twice a day( in the morning before meals, in the evening after an hour after dinner), dissolving a tablespoon in a glass of water. Do not drink at night. Due to increased brain activity, problems with sleep are possible.

Garlic, honey and lemon
These products should be kept at home

General rules for cleaning the body

If the decision is made, preparations are received for cleaning, several rules should be observed:

  1. Stop drinking alcohol( including beer) for the course of treatment.
  2. Do not drink coffee, strong tea, spicy seasonings.
  3. Increase the intake of clean water to 2.5 liters per day( for removing slags).
  4. Do gymnastics, yoga, walk more.
  5. Tibetan recommendations require daily meditation and reflection on life.

Contraindications to such cleaning

It is not recommended to test the fate of people with allergies to herbal remedies. Garlic is contraindicated:

  • for pregnant and lactating women;
  • in the presence of epileptic seizures;
  • against a background of exacerbation of gastritis, enterocolitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis;
  • if there is frequent and painful urination, chronic kidney disease;
  • for men with prostate adenoma;
  • during an exacerbation of a hemorrhoids.

The above recipes undoubtedly heal the body and strengthen immunity. This delays the development of atherosclerosis and rejuvenates a person.