How and what can you expand the vessels

With age, many adverse changes occur in the body, including narrowing of the blood vessels. Often this is due to the deposition on the walls of cholesterol or vasospasm, as a result, they lose elasticity, their lumen narrows, the passability worsens, blood circulation is disturbed. The most common diseases associated with this phenomenon are arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis. This problem affects not only the elderly, but also quite young people. This is facilitated not only by the natural wear of the body, but also by bad habits such as smoking, unhealthy food, alcohol abuse. Special harm is caused by smoking.

When vasoconstriction decreases, well-being worsens. A person complains of frequent headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, decreased efficiency, memory impairment, rapid fatigue. To get rid of such manifestations, you need to know how to expand the vessels. In fact, in addition to poor health, serious complications are possible, such as strokes and heart attacks, which can result in death.

How to expand blood vessels?

It should be said that the treatment will be comprehensive and long-lasting. To expand the vessels, you need to find out the reasons for their narrowing and eliminate them. The reasons can be many, of the following main ones:

  1. Hypodinamy.
  2. Presence in the diet of mostly harmful food( fried, fatty, high-calorie).
  3. Constant stress.
  4. Chronic fatigue.
  5. Emotional loads.
  6. Physical and mental overstrain.
  7. Smoking.
  8. Abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Comprehensive treatment includes:

  • proper nutrition and weight loss;
  • medications that dilate blood vessels;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • physical activity;
  • high-grade rest;
  • folk remedies.


On what products are present on the table, our health depends directly, because man is what he eats. It is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition, to supply the body with all the necessary elements and keep the weight within the norm. The following products should prevail in the diet:

  1. Fruits, greens, vegetables. They should be on the table at any time of the year.
  2. Fish and seafood. It is not recommended to eat smoked, fried, canned fish. It should be baked, boiled, stewed.
  3. Meat is especially useful for veal, turkey meat and chicken.
  4. Preference should be given to dairy products with a low fat content, but not fat-free.

The following products should be excluded:

  1. Animal fats. It is necessary to reduce consumption, and it is better to give up altogether from butter, pork, lamb, sausages, fat, fatty kinds of cheese.
  2. Completely eliminate alcoholic beverages, especially harmful to blood vessels beer.

Medical treatment

In some cases, it is not enough to change lifestyle and nutrition correction to improve the condition of blood vessels. Then the attending physician prescribes preparations for vasodilation. You do not need to self-medicate and choose pills yourself, each medicine has its own contraindications and side effects.

Such products are on the market of medicines in a large assortment. Some of them use constantly, others only in emergency cases. The main vasodilating drugs include the following:

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  1. Calcium channel blockers ( they are also called calcium antagonists).These pills are usually prescribed for hypertension. Their action is to block receptors responsible for narrowing the blood vessels. These drugs have many side effects and contraindications and should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor. The first generation includes Verapamil, Diazem, Nifedipine. The second - Nimodipine, Isradipine, Anipamil, Amlodipine, Clentiazem. Tablets of the second generation have advantages: they have fewer side effects, higher selectivity of action, more prolonged action.
  2. Nitroglycerin .This long-known drug should have with you all suffering from cardiovascular diseases, especially those with angina pectoris. It is effective for pain and spasms during an attack of angina pectoris, but does not help with heart attack and stroke.
  3. Gingo Biloba .This product, based on natural components, fights with age-related changes in blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the brain.
  4. Spazmalgon .This drug perfectly removes the headache caused by vasospasm. For continuous reception is not suitable.
  5. Reducing the level of bad cholesterol and strengthening the vascular wall is possible due to nicotinic acid derivatives .These include Nikospan, Enduratin, nicotinic acid. These medicines can not be taken without the appointment of a doctor.

Folk methods

For the expansion of vessels use medicinal herbs and other folk remedies. There are many recipes for cooking decoctions and infusions at home.

Decoction of valerian

Dried roots of the plant with boiling water. Boil in a water bath for half an hour, then insist for about two hours. Take it up to four times a day for a tablespoon. On a glass of water you need to take ten grams of valerian.

Honey with garlic
Honey with garlic - "panacea" for vessels

Herbal collection

Necessary components:

  • birch buds,
  • yarrow,
  • immortelle,
  • chemist's daisy,
  • St. John's Wort.

Mix the ingredients in equal amounts, take a tablespoon of the mixture and pour boiling water( 0.5 liters).Close the container tightly with a lid and press for about 30 minutes. Another option is to keep the water bath for ten minutes. After the broth has cooled, strain it and add honey( table spoon).Divide into two portions. One to take immediately, the other on an empty stomach in the morning.

Garlic oil

Clean the garlic head, knead it to the state of the gruel and add the vegetable oil( glass).At night, remove to a cold place. In the morning mix the mixture. On a teaspoon of the means add as much lemon juice and take before meals( for half an hour) three times a day for three months.


This fruit will require hawthorn fruit in the amount of 20 grams. Pour them 200 ml of boiling water and cook for five minutes. Cool to room temperature, drink before meals( half an hour) before each meal. Fruits can be replaced with hawthorn flowers. A glass of water will require a tablespoon of chopped raw material.

Hawthorn berries
Hawthorn will help to keep the vessels healthy


To prepare, you need a crushed dried bark and leaves of hazel. They need to be poured with boiling water, wrap up the container and insist an hour. For treatment, take one or two tablespoons of tincture several times a day. A glass of water will require a spoonful of raw materials.

Valerian with dill

Valerian root and fennel seeds grind and mix with honey. Pour the mixture with boiling water, insist in the thermos for 24 hours. Rules of reception: one table.spoon before meals( for half an hour), until it is over. A half liter of boiling water should be a glass of dill and two tables.tablespoons valerian.


To maintain the health of blood vessels for many years, a lifestyle is important. To do this, it is recommended that you follow the following rules:

  1. Daily walks in the fresh air, it is best to choose for this green area. The tissues of the body will be provided with oxygen, the tone of the vessels will increase.
  2. Sleep should last at least eight hours. For vascular health it is necessary to get enough sleep.
  3. Contrast shower is an excellent tool for strengthening the vessels, increasing their elasticity.
  4. Helps to dilate blood vessels and remove spasms sauna and sauna. It is useful for blood vessels to wipe with snow after a bath.
  5. Massage. This is an excellent tool for strengthening the whole body, including blood vessels. It is especially recommended to massage the cervical-collar zone.

In conclusion

Vessel expansion is a necessary measure for their recovery, for improving well-being and for preventing serious diseases. To improve the condition of blood vessels, not enough one-time measures, it is necessary to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition throughout life. Along with taking medications, you can use the methods of traditional medicine. In both cases, treatment should be approved by the attending physician.