Sweating in newborns: photo, treatment, sweating on the face

sweating in newborns photo Delicate baby skin is often prone to the appearance of diaper rash - sweating. The main cause of these phenomena is inadequate or improper care.

In the first years of life, sweating is quite common. If you do not use oils, lotions and creams when taking care of a newborn, sweating can occur from increased sweating.

Inflammation in newborns is a skin disease characterized by a disturbance of the normal functioning of sweat glands and which develops a rash. The main cause of this disease in newborns is the immaturity of the skin glands. This disease in infants is due to increased sweating and rubbing skin folds.

How does baby powder in

what does the sweating in the newborn look like appear? On thin children's skin, develops a small rash in the form of red dots.

Against the background of reddening and rashes, it is clearly visible small bubbles with a diameter of one to two centimeters, filled with a clear liquid.

The appearance of the rash distinguishes three types of sweets: red, crystalline and deep. Crystal looks like a small rash, it does not cause itching. Pryshchiki covered with a thin crust and very easily damaged. Small bubbles burst, dry and exfoliate.

Red powder is an inflammatory process. This is a more dangerous phenomenon than, say, crystalline powder. With red pimples, the pimples do not merge. The skin in the rash is painful when touched and it itches. Location: armpits, on the sides, in the groin and on the inside of the hands - areas with the most delicate skin. Running forms of this disease lead to wound eruptions in the deep folds of the baby's skin.

Locations of red blood vessel localization are the folds of the body. The rash causes severe itching. Eruptions take place in about two weeks. But if there is an infection, the process drags on for a month.

Newborn babies suffer more frequently in the fall, according to appearing in the light in the summer season. There are cases when the disease attacks and older children. But it always happens in the hot season.

It is characteristic that the rash in the case of a chicken is usually changed in size. The rash then decreases, then increases within 24 hours. The condition of the baby's skin during illness depends on the care, and on clothes, and on the temperature of the air in the room.

Eruptions in the form of redness, itchy skin are the main symptoms of sweating. In addition, symptoms can manifest with increasing body temperature, and with the appearance of vesicles containing pus. All this occurs when an infection joins the process.

Sweats on the face of the newborn


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sweating on the face of a newborn Sweating on the face of the infant is rare. A red rash on the face is more a manifestation of an allergy. Most often, the sweating is on the cheeks and on the forehead of the child.

But sometimes, when there is a sweating on her neck, she can "jump" and face.
To determine what exactly is on the face of the child, it is possible in the following simple ways:

  • Slightly spread the pimple in different directions. If it is a perspiration, the pimple will disappear;
  • If you wash your baby's face with baby soap and process it with baby cream, the sweatshop must be taken on the next day.

Sometimes in infants at the age of 4 or 5 months on the head and face there is a "three-week rash".In these cases, the children are washed with water with sequential additives.

Treatment of sweating in newborns

First of all, with a swab, you should make sure that the cutaneous manifestations are the result of an allergy or infectious lesion. Because in each of these cases the tactics of treatment are different.

Depending on the type of sweating is selected and its treatment:

  • With a regular chalk is recommended only a correction of hygiene and care for the baby;
  • Red and deep sweating requires strict observance of personal hygiene, use of powders and local ointments.

"Baby cream" is the best cream from .Do not forget about bathing a child in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. You can also bathe the child in the broths of chamomile and string. It is quite acceptable, affordable and simple treatment option is rubbing the folds of the body of the baby solution of furatsilina .

bepentene for the treatment of sweating There are also ointment for the treatment of sweats .This is the " Bepanten ". It is used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention.

Here are a few simple and simple rules that will help mothers cure their child from sweating:

  • Breastfeeding is the most suitable food for your baby. Mother's milk makes the immune system stronger, and then the sweating passes much faster.
  • When using powders, you should first apply them on your palm, and then on the reddened skin.
  • Ventilate the room more often, but avoid drafts.
  • To bathe a sick child follows 3-4 times daily, but soap is used only once. After the procedure, you can briefly leave the baby without clothes and diapers.
  • Do not wrap your baby too tightly, it's better to leave room for movement.
  • When the sweating does not pass, and the skin develops yellowish spots like pustules( there was an infection), it is necessary to contact a pediatrician.