Antibiotics for gonorrhea - treatment of the disease with antibiotics

Gonorrhea is a common disease of the venereal spectrum, often requiring qualified treatment in a hospital setting. One of the main elements of drug therapy, helping to get rid of the problem, are antibiotics. Do we need antibiotics?

There is a common opinion among the people that gonorrhea can be cured by old recipes without using antibacterial therapy. This is fundamentally not true! The disease has a pronounced infectious nature, caused by gonococci, affecting the mucous organs of the genitourinary sphere. You can get rid of the problem only by removing the cause of the condition, and this is impossible without antibiotics.

Despite all of the above, people try to treat themselves and in some cases the symptoms of gonorrhea even disappear, not showing up, for a while. Do not flatter yourself! Simply, the disease has passed from the acute phase into a chronic form, and it is much more difficult to cure it.

What antibiotics should I drink with gonorrhea?

The resonant question that every patient asks himself, lies in the plane of effectiveness of a given drug against a particular pathogen of infection. There are a number of preparations of antibacterial spectrum, which most strongly affect gram-negative diplococci.

For women,

For the treatment of gonorrhea, the best choice for a woman is the preparation of cephalosporin or penicillin series - this is Ceftriaxone( the strongest antibiotic of the latest generation for the treatment of gonorrhea at the moment), Bicillin and Amoxicillin. If you are allergic to these drugs, or they do not show the proper effectiveness due to the individual characteristics of the body, then you should pay attention to the drugs macrolide, tetracycline and sulfonamide group - Erythromycin, Azithromycin, Doxycycline, Sulfamethoxazole.

The exact dosage should be determined for you by a venereologist, he also prescribes the appropriate duration of the course, which usually does not exceed one week.

To men

Despite the significantly different symptoms of clinical manifestations of the disease, the treatment of this illness in representatives of the stronger sex and the fair sex representatives is almost identical - these are all the same broad-spectrum antibiotics. However, men often receive a "reward" for gonorrhea, and chlamydial urethritis, so the most effective will be the use instead of drugs of the macrolide group, tetracycline analogs, in particular Doxycycline.

Gonococcal infection in men is usually more resistant than in women, so in the process of conservative therapy it is rational to use combinations of antibiotics - this is the same as Ceftriaxone with Doxycycline.

Features of complex therapy

One antibiotic should not be limited in the treatment of gonorrhea - use also imunnomoduljatory, local processing of genitals with antiseptics, as well as physiotherapeutic procedures, try to normalize food, move more and breathe fresh air, and abstain from casual sexual relations and usecondoms.

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