Red spots on the body, causes red spots on the skin

If a person has red spots on the body, he should not ignore it. The reasons for the appearance of such spots are very many and the consequences can be very different, so it is impossible to delay with a visit to the doctor. The cause of the appearance of red spots on the skin can be as ordinary allergies, stress and malnutrition, and more serious diseases, including diseases of internal organs and hormonal imbalance.



  • 2 Psoriasis
  • 3 Eczema
    • 4 Allergy and infectious diseases
    • 5 Pink lichen
    • 6 Measles, rubella, scarlet fever and chickenpox


    Scleroderma on the body in some places appears scar tissue. There are two forms of scleroderma: limited and systemic. During systemic scleroderma, internal organs and skin lesions are affected. The skin becomes dense, glossy and resembles ivory. During limited scleroderma, one to several red spots with a lilac shade appear.

    If there are signs of scleroderma, urgently need to see a doctor. Independently you do not need to take any measures, because you can only aggravate the situation.


    Red spots with white scales are the first sign of psoriasis. These spots on the body itch and itch. The causes of this disease are lowered immunity, stress, heredity. Psoriasis is not a fatal disease, but it can psychologically affect not the best way on a person. Self-esteem goes down, there is a sense of shame. ..

    Expert opinion: It is worth mentioning.that the stain is a defect of the skin, which often does not rise above its surface. In psoriasis and scleroderma, plaques still appear foci of seals, respectively, with a change in color. In psoriasis, plaques may not be itchy.

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    Eczema photo Allergic skin disease in the form of rashes or vesicles. The eczema is accompanied by severe itching. Plant and chemical dyes, aromatic additives in food can cause this disease. Preservatives and additives in cosmetics can also stimulate the development of eczema. After the bite of insects, as well as certain types of food( for example, spicy and salty foods, citrus fruits, smoked foods, chocolate, carbonated drinks) provoke this rash.

    To provoke eczema can also stressful situations. In women, it often appears after childbirth( physical activity, lack of sleep).When the digestive tract is disrupted, eczema may also occur.

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    Allergy and infectious diseases

    Red spots caused by allergies can be on the neck, arms and legs. The cause of the allergy can be anything: food, medicine, air, cosmetics. In addition to red dots, itching and breathing difficulties may occur. In this case, the patient should be immediately hospitalized.

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    Pink lichen

    Pink lichen photo The main signs of pink lichen are oval spots of circular shape. They appear on the shoulders, back, hips and a little flaky. Sometimes such spots itch and itch. The causative agent lichen can be a cold or weak immunity. Most often, this lichen appears in the spring or autumn. If you wash the stains with water or smear the skin with ointments that contain tar and sulfur, there can be severe irritation. It starts to itch, and the spots get a bright red color. When these spots appear, do not hesitate to visit the dermatovenerologist.

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    Measles, rubella, scarlet fever and chickenpox

    Rubella photo Rubella, measles, chickenpox are infectious diseases from which red spots, dots, blisters appear on the body. If the cause of the appearance of these spots is precisely these diseases, then the patient must necessarily be isolated from healthy people who previously did not tolerate these diseases.

    Measles can manifest itself after coughing and fever. First the rashes cover the face, neck and chest, then the trunk and limbs. The rash looks like red tubercles, sometimes several tubercles merge into one large tubercle. Even when the rash comes down, there will be changes on the skin. There is a pigmentation and an ecdysis.

    Expert opinion: Actually, not only can measles appear after coughing and fever, but also rubella with chickenpox.

    Rubella is a small rash that is accompanied by a short-term fever. The virus enters through the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. In the body, it multiplies and is fixed in the lymph nodes, which increase. At the beginning of the illness, the patient does not bother, but there is malaise, severe fatigue and weakness for a day, two before the appearance of the rash. The temperature does not exceed 38 degrees. Disturbs runny nose and perspiration in the throat. On the first day of the disease, the rash appears only on the face, and then begins to spread throughout the body. Spots 6 mm in diameter. If you put pressure on the stain, it may disappear. As a rule, rashes on the body are more than on the face and are strongly pronounced in the area of ​​extension of the limbs, on the buttocks, upper back and waist. There is a dry cough and watery eyes. An increase in the occipital lymph nodes appears two days before the onset of the rash. When probing these nodes it can be painful. Complications after rubella are rare and, as a rule, only in adult patients.

    Expert opinion: The rubella virus can cause congenital malformations of the fetus during pregnancy, so a pregnant woman should be previously vaccinated, and during pregnancy the child should not be in contact with rubella patients.

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    Scarlet fever in children photo The causative agent of scarlet fever is streptococcus. Appears during a sore throat in the form of a red or bright pink small-to-small rash all over the body. After the first week of the disease, the skin begins to peel off. There is drowsiness, severe headaches, chills. There may also be nausea and vomiting. The rash manifests itself at the beginning of the second day, while the tonsils are enlarged. Appears first on the neck, then on the upper back and chest. After that, it spreads quickly throughout the body. The rash is bright red in the form of small, closely spaced points. On 2-3 days the rash reaches its climax, and then gradually falls. On the place where there was a rash, skin may begin to peel, but after a couple of weeks it will pass.

    Expert opinion: Scarlet fever does not appear during a sore throat. Angina is its manifestation.

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    Chickenpox in children photo

    Chickenpox( chicken pox) - causes a virus that belongs to the herpes group. First a red tubercle( papule) appears, and then a vesicle appears on it. During the disease, a rash occurs throughout the body. When the bubbles begin to dry up, new ones appear. Symptoms of chicken pox can be fever, there are rashes that itch, and they want to constantly scratch. If purulent infection was recorded during scratching, then pustules are obtained from the vesicles. It threatens that scars can remain on the skin. Recovery occurs from 10 days from the onset of the disease. Complications of chickenpox does not give, if a person experiences it at an early age. In adults, it is more complicated and can give complications. As a treatment, the tubercles are treated with zebra two times a day.

    Expert opinion: It can not be said that chicken pox does not cause complications in childhood. Often develops a venereal herpetic meningitis along with encephalitis, that is, the membranes and substance of the brain are affected. In addition, chickenpox can lead at any age to necrotizing fasciitis, in which the necrosis of muscles and their fascia( connective tissue membranes) occurs.

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    If you get a different kind of red spots you can not ignore them, you need to urgently consult a doctor, so he put the correct diagnosis and prescribed treatment.