Massage with varicose veins

In case of varicose veins, many methods and means are used for preventive and therapeutic purposes, for example, massage. It allows you to overcome the state of discomfort and swollen veins, but it should be done by an experienced massage therapist. The fact is that wrong and too "gross" movements only aggravate the situation.

What should be a massage for varicose veins?

Different types of techniques have different degrees of utility and efficiency. Thus, the types of massage for which ointments and other auxiliaries are used are not recommended. For example, a can of massage or a procedure with honey. Give your preference followed by a simple massage with your hands, which should be properly prepared.

How to prepare for a massage?

Having decided to do massage with varicose veins, it is advisable to adhere to these rules:

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  1. Lightness and absence of pain are the main criteria of massage movements.
  2. To stabilize the venous outflow, improve the end result and get rid of fatigue of the feet, lie down for 10 minutes, and put your feet on a pillow or other elevation. After that, you can do massage.
  3. The best time for such a procedure is the morning after therapeutic gymnastics, while you should combine massage of the lumbar region and legs.
  4. You should not perform the procedure for acute inflammation, so as not to increase irritation, infectious diseases, persistent allergic manifestations and the stage of exacerbation of heart pathologies.
  5. It is important to remember the contraindications of massage for varicose, among which are allergic angiitis, hypertension, circulatory insufficiency, coronary insufficiency, thrombophlebitis and phlebitis.

Massage Technique

Its nature depends on the severity and type of lesion and localization. So, with uncomplicated pathology, the purpose of the massage is to normalize the supply of tissues and unload the nets - lymphatic and venous. In this case, initially massage the thigh with the buttock zone, then go to the tibia and then to the foot.

Massage techniques should be in the form of a grasping, planar and intermittent stroking, combined with rubbing and shaking muscles. In this case, the patient lies on his back, and his legs are raised and bent at the knees. If the lesion is unilateral, then first a healthy limb is massaged, and then a sick one. Also with these purposes apply a light tingle - at first only a skin, gradually grasping a hypodermic fat. It is important to know that such techniques as chopping, patting and kneading of muscles on the affected limbs are unacceptable.

For greater efficiency, foot massage is combined with physical exertion, improving venous and lymphatic drainage, reducing venous pressure and activating the metabolic processes of .This "walking" lying in bed, step on the ground with the knees raised high up, alternating lifting of the lower limbs and other exercises. Also, you can combine the procedure with darsonvalization, syncardial massage and hydromassage. However, anti-cellulite massage with varicose is contraindicated topically, i.e.in areas of varicose veins.

Massage allows you to get rid of numbness in the legs, feelings of heaviness and cramps, stop itching and improve skin nutrition. It is important to carefully care for the skin.