Treatment of eczema with celandine

Today, eczema is considered a fairly common disease, which is difficult to treat. It causes severe changes in the skin and causes severe discomfort to the patient. The disease can spread over the entire surface of the body, but most often manifests itself on the legs and hands. The treatment for eczema is selected by the doctor individually and includes a wide range of specific procedures, while some folk methods, for example, the use of the celandine , also help cope with the disease.


  • 1 Useful properties of the plant
  • 2 Therapeutic infusions and ointments based on celandine
  • 3 Therapeutic baths

Useful properties of the plant

The herb is rich in alkaloids, which are organic compounds. In addition, it contains in small amounts ascorbic acid, essential oil, carotene, vitamins of group A, as well as some biological active substances that possess not only anti-inflammatory, but also antiviral action of .Purity is used in folk medicine to combat many diseases, but it is most effective in treating all kinds of dermatological diseases.

Previously, celandine was widely used in the household. So that the milk was stored longer, the mistress decocted the herb with a broth and after that the milk did not turn sour for a long time.

Purity is capable of exerting spasmolytic and choleretic action on the body. In addition, the herb can act as a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory agent. The included chelidonin not only normalizes the pressure, but also has an analgesic effect. Despite a large number of positive properties, the plant is considered poisonous and requires caution when used.

Flowers celandine

Purity is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug

Therapeutic infusions and ointments based on celandine

You can use fresh or harvested celandine juice for the treatment of eczema. They should lubricate all affected areas on the skin up to three times a day. Initially, this procedure may be accompanied by severe itching, but eventually it will decrease and with inflammation disappear altogether.

Also eczema is treated with infusion on the basis of celandine .For its preparation, you should fill up two spoons of the crushed plant in the pre-cooked dishes and pour boiling water. Further, all this is heated in a water bath, cooled, filtered and poured into a container with a lid. The obtained infusion is applied to the affected skin up to three times a day until complete recovery.

Effective in the treatment of eczema has an infusion of celandine and dandelion roots. It is prepared very simply: take a spoonful of ground grass and dandelion root, pour boiling water and put on a water bath for half an hour. After this, the resulting broth should be cooled, filtered and poured into a container with a lid. Infusion is used as a lotion every day.

Based on herbs, you can prepare an effective ointment, which will help to quickly cope with the disease .It is necessary to take finely chopped celandine leaves, lanolin and petroleum jelly in the same proportions. All these components are thoroughly mixed together and infused for a day in a cold place. Finished ointment should be applied to the skin several times a day.

Cooked on the basis of celandine infusion, which is used inside, helps cope with eczema. It is necessary to mix together one spoon of finely chopped celandine, three-parted, valerian root, as well as two spoons of nettle leaves. Next, take two spoons of the resulting mixture of herbs, pour a glass of steep boiling water and put for thirty minutes in a water bath. Cooled and filtered mixture is used twice a day.

When a strong or neglected form of the disease is used inside the infusion, prepared from a mixture of celandine and some other herbs .It is necessary to take five spoons of celandine, two spoons of chicory root and tansy flowers, as well as two spoons of violet flowers, corn stigmas and dandelion roots. All these components are thoroughly mixed together, after which two spoons of the mixture are poured with boiling water, insisted for about fifteen minutes, filtered and used inside before eating.

Medical baths

To help the patient with eczema on the hands and feet, local baths based on the celandine will help. You should take one spoonful of dry shallow grass and pour a liter of steep boiling water, then insist under the lid for one hour. Further, the infusion obtained must be filtered and diluted with three liters of warm water. The hands and feet should be kept in ready-made infusion for at least fifteen minutes once a day.

The celandine contains poisonous components in its composition and, if used improperly, causes poisoning and inflammation of the internal organs, both in humans and in animals.

To treat the disease on the hands and feet, you can also prepare a bath based on the celandine .Take fifty grams of dried grass roots, pour a liter of cold water and infuse for several hours. After this, all this must be boiled for twenty minutes on the fire, filtered and diluted with five liters of water. The duration of the procedure should be at least twenty minutes a day.

A tub with celandine will help you cope with the illness on your feet. To make it, you need to pour a hundred grams of dry grass with a liter of steep boiling water and insist under the lid for thirty minutes. Next, the infusion is carefully filtered, poured into the pelvis and diluted with warm water, so that the feet were immersed on the ankle. The procedure is done daily for fifteen minutes.

Since celandine belongs to the category of poisonous plants, it is necessary to use it in the treatment of eczema with caution .In no case should not abandon the traditional therapy that the doctor appointed. Folk recipes should be used as an additional treatment and used in conjunction with medications.