Castor oil for weight loss

Castor oil for weight loss

According to the medical guide, castor oil contains three types of fatty acids:

  1. Oleic;
  2. Palmitic;
  3. Linoleic.

Due to this saturated composition castor is used for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, eye ailments, hemorrhoids, gynecology, with healing of wounds and abrasions.

Castor oil can treat skin diseases, using it in cream or milk for washing. Also apply when eliminating ear and headaches, eliminating colic in the kidneys and bladder.

Have you heard about the miraculous abilities of this product for weight loss? We will disassemble in order.

As an adjuvant in the fight against excess weight, castor oil is effective and effective.

Castor oil:

  • Cleans the body of toxins;
  • Normalizes metabolism;
  • Cleaves fat deposits;
  • Discharges fluid from the body.

It can be used both inside and out.

In the people there are many prescription for weight loss with the use of this tool, consider several of them.

We use inside

The laxative effect of castor oil comes after 6 hours of taking the product, so you can safely calculate the time and take the product.

Drink on an empty stomach before breakfast 1 teaspoon of oil, washed down with warm water. Only an hour you can start eating.

Caution: can not be increased in order not to harm your health.

Duration of administration - a week after a week, the result will be visible after the first week of castor application.

As a fasting day, it is possible to spend once a week castor-fasting, for this during the day we drink two tablespoons of oil in order to abundantly clean the intestines and normalize the stool.

In combination with chicory, castor oil gives a pronounced effect of youth. Mix one teaspoon of oil and chicory, take it every day, drinking plenty of warm water. Thus, you significantly reduce appetite, while the blood sugar level is normalized.

  • If during the use of castor oil you feel bouts of nausea, then a handful of raisins will help to overcome them.
  • Instead of oil, you can use castor capsules that are sold at the pharmacy.

Castor oil

External application

A massage with castor oil is perfect.

  • Smoothes the skin, cellulite and stretch marks disappear;
  • There is elasticity and velvety.

Before starting the procedure, the oil must be heated in a water bath, so that it becomes more liquid, the body should be previously heated in the shower or bath, then apply the compound to problem areas and perform intensive stroking, patting, and rubbing in a circular motion. After the procedure, we take a warm shower, wash off the remnants of the mixture, wrap ourselves in a warm blanket and lie down to rest. It is not recommended to go out after the massage is over.


Use castor oil for weight loss with caution, preferably after consultation with a specialist. Overdose or misuse inside can lead to dehydration and metabolic disorders.

User reviews

Castor oil for weight loss

« In order to lose weight, all means are good! In this I was convinced when I started using castor oil for food. Frankly, the smell is not very pleasant, and the aftertaste leaves much to be desired, but thanks to one recipe, where it is necessary to mix castor oil with lemon and drink three teaspoons for breakfast, lunch and dinner for one day per week, I lost 4 kg per month. To that that can it will be a little, but when on diets and physical exercises there is no time - such procedure was favorable to me. Often I do not get carried away with castor oil, but to adjust the figure by 2-3 cm, so this, please. Katerina from Lutsk. .

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