Hemostatic agents in uterine bleeding

Uterine bleeding is the excretion of blood from the uterus. Female body is adapted to quick blood loss better than male. Physiological bleeding( menstrual) occurs regularly. It should be remembered that normal menstruation lasts from three to seven days and is accompanied by a loss of not more than 80 ml of blood. Bleeding can occur with various diseases of the uterus, in the postpartum period, menopause.

Stress conditions, insomnia, malnutrition contribute to reducing protective mechanisms and increase the risk of anemia( anemia).Hemostatic drugs with uterine bleeding, taken on time, help to avoid large blood loss.

Methods of stopping blood loss

In any case, even a small bleeding a woman should be examined by a gynecologist. A specialist doctor will prescribe a survey to determine the cause. If the doctor finds it possible home treatment, then appoint the appropriate hemostatic. It is necessary to follow the dosage and take the medicine correctly.

With significant loss of blood, there is a threat to the life of a woman. Obligatory is hospitalization.

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  • intravenously drip medicines;
  • freshly frozen plasma, erythrocyte mass;
  • scraping( removal of the inner layer of the mucosa).

Sometimes the only possible help is removal of the uterus.

The main hemostatic drugs

Assignable funds affect different parts of the mechanism of uterine bleeding. Therefore, gynecologists combine them, some recommend in tablets, others in injections. Consider the composition and optimal indications for the most popular drugs.

Dicinone, another name - Etamsilat

Synthetic drug affects the permeability of the vascular wall, activates the formation of protein-thromboplastin, normalizing blood clotting. It is important that Dicycin does not cause the formation of blood clots. The most shown when bleeding from small vessels( capillaries).Produced in tablets of 0.25 g and ampoules of 2 ml. In each ampoule, 250 mg of pure substance. When administered inside the maximum effect comes after three hours. When the intravenous route of administration begins after 20 minutes, and the highest dose in the blood is observed after one to two hours. Lasts up to six hours. The effectiveness of intramuscular injection is slightly less.

Dicycin is known as an effective remedy for bleeding

To stop uterine bleeding, inject two intravenous or intramuscularly two ampoules, then repeat every six hours or give inward two tablets.

For the prevention of the drug is prescribed inward from the fifth day of the proposed menstruation.

The drug should not be mixed in the same syringe with other medicines.


Synthetic agent replacing vitamin K. This vitamin is found in spinach leaves, cauliflower, needles, hips. In the body it comes with food, a very small part is formed in the intestine. Vitamin K takes part in the production of prothrombin and provides a normal process of blood clotting. Bleeding occurs when there is a lack or absence of vitamin K. The action of Vikasol is manifested only 12 to 18 hours after ingestion. This medicine can not be considered an emergency aid for uterine bleeding. But it has a good preventive effect, so it is advisable to prescribe it in a complex treatment. Produced in the form of tablets of 0.015 grams and ampoules of one ml. As a haemostatic agent is prescribed by mouth up to four tablets a day or injections of 1 to 2 ampoules. Women giving birth are prescribed Vikasol at the beginning of labor to prevent bleeding, repeat after 12 hours.

Aminocaproic acid

Synthetic drug that affects the fibrinolysis process: removes increased fibrinolytic activity of the blood. It does not work for all blood loss. It can be used for the treatment of uterine bleeding only in a hospital under the control of blood tests for a coagulogram. Useful properties are:

  • inhibition of antibody formation,
  • improvement in liver function.

Aminocaproic acid is available in powders and a sterile 5% solution of 100 ml. The powders are administered orally 2 to 3 g up to five times a day, previously dissolved in sweet water. You can drink it with water. A solution of 100 ml is injected intravenously and repeated after four hours.

Preparations containing calcium

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Calcium is necessary for the process of blood coagulation. It reduces vascular permeability, has an anti-allergenic effect. In medical practice it is used in the form of chloride and gluconate.

The difference between them is in the methods of administration: calcium chloride can not be administered intramuscularly, and calcium gluconate can be. With a small hit of calcium chloride under the skin or muscle develops marked inflammation with tissue necrosis.

Produced in tablets of 0.5 g and in ampoules in 10% solution. For the treatment of uterine bleeding appoint tablets inside before meals to six a day, into the vein is introduced from 5 to 15 ml slowly. The patient feels a feeling of heat, which passes in a few minutes.

These drugs are contraindicated when:

  • increased individual sensitivity;
  • malignant blood diseases;
  • inclinations to thrombosis.


To stop blood loss, it is necessary to use funds that cut the uterus. Especially shown these drugs with postpartum bleeding. Oxytocin is an artificial analogue of the natural preparation of Pituitrin from the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Obstetricians believe that Oxytocin has a more selective effect on the uterus. The drug increases the excitability of muscle fibers, causes severe contractions. It is administered intravenously or intramuscularly. With the intravenous method, the effect occurs in a minute. To treat hypotonic postpartum hemorrhages, administer Oxytocin intravenously intravenously with 1 to 1.5 ml of a solution( 5-8 units) per day for three consecutive days.

A district obstetrician-gynecologist will help to preserve the health of a woman

The method of choice for a doctor is the prescription of hormonal estrogenic drugs. At present, the pharmaceutical industry produces a lot of analogues to these drugs. You should not make your own choice. They have serious contraindications.

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Folk remedies for uterine bleeding

Folk recipes are time-tested. Vegetable raw materials do not possess such allergenic activity, as artificial preparations. Therefore, they are more harmless. On the other hand, the dosage of the necessary substances may not be sufficient to quickly stop the bleeding. It is better to take them for prevention or in addition to medicines.

Women with a tendency to uterine bleeding need to stock up in advance with medicinal herbs: shepherd's bag, yarrow, nettles, a bugbear.

The broth is prepared in a thermos at the rate of one tablespoon of raw material per glass of boiling water. Enough to insist 2 hours. Drink during the day before eating a tablespoon.

Plants can be mixed or cooked with a decoction of one material.

There is a ready-made tincture of water pepper on sale, it can be drunk 20-30 drops three times a day.

Any actions with uterine bleeding should be coordinated with a gynecologist. Even prolonged use of herbs will not stop blood loss for uterine tumors. Do not experiment on the health of loved ones.