How to treat green snot in a child? Causes and Treatment

Causes of green snot

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  • 2 Danger of green snot for the baby's body?
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Why does the snot get such color? The thing is that in the body of a child in the period of illness microorganisms die that are able to fight the causative agents of the disease, as a result of their disintegration, the snot in the baby's nasopharynx is dyed yellow-green.

green snot and temperature The appearance of such a symptom can be observed in children with the onset of colds, because changes in the environment actively affect the fragile immune system. And when you visit preschools, the situation is getting worse.

Most common colds occur due to the following risk factors:

  • catarrhal diseases of a viral nature;
  • allergic manifestations;
  • physiological responses to various pathogens;
  • as a complication of purulent rhinitis.

Danger of green snot for the baby's body?

Green snot and temperature of

indicate the development of the inflammatory process. If you do not take the main steps in time to eliminate the clinical picture, you can get purulent rhinitis, the consequences of which can be the most deplorable.

There is also a risk of infection in the respiratory tract, increasing the risk of damage to the ears of the baby. The most severe consequence may be inflammation of the brain tissue, disruption of the vital system.

Treatment of

The child has green snot - what to treat and what methods of conservative healing are the most effective?

  1. Rinsing of the nose - 4-6 times a day. Such an exercise will clear the nasal passages from infection, enhance the effect of other medications. For washing, you can use a weak salt solution, one glass teaspoon. And also apply aquamaris or saline solution.

Before performing the procedure, it is important to clean the nasal passage from the snot, and then to collect a small amount of the composition into the pear and inject it into each nostril with a thin trickle. Head a little to overturn, in order to exclude the ingress of fluid into the middle ear.

  1. Steam inhalation with the help of boiled potatoes, or a solution of chamomile, eucalyptus or oregano. Give the patient breathing over the composition for 10-15 minutes. Prohibited procedure for high temperature or nosebleeds. Sessions are performed until the snot disappears completely.
  2. Drink more liquid, preferably warm water with honey, or unsweetened green tea.
  3. Instead of drops for the nose, use the juices of vegetables such as beets, carrots, parsley root. Dilute the consistency with water in equal proportions.
  4. Steam the limbs, only in the absence of temperature in the baby.

If the child has a green snot and cough, it is important to seek professional help from a specialist. The doctor at personal inspection can select the most effective technique for treatment of catarrhal disease.

To date, the following drops are widely used from green snot for children :

  • Quix;
  • Aqualor Baby;
  • Miramistin;
  • Humer.

Solutions for instillation into a dry shell of the nose: Sinupret, Nazivin, Fenistil.

Thick green snot in a child

green snot in a child

The child has a week of green snot, and they have become thick and difficult to wash out, urgently need to see a doctor and undergo the appropriate course of treatment so as not to cause various complications. Drugs of general effect - antibiotics for the destruction of bacteria( azithromycin, sumamed, flemoxin), homeopathic anti-inflammatory drugs( situpret, gelomirtol).And also antihistamines, which reduce the allergic effect on the body( fenistil, klaritin, loratadine).

According to the lessons of Dr. Komarovsky, when treating yellow-green snot, the child needs to maintain optimal indoor humidity, walk more outdoors, drink plenty of fluids and regularly cleanse the nose with syringing.

Advice of specialists

If the child has a stuffy nose, and there is no cough and high fever, then you can do without medications, the folk method is effective: take cotton swabs, dip into liquid honey and insert into the nostrils for 10-15 minutes.

You can keep hard-boiled eggs welded on the bridge of your nose, rinse the nasal cavity with soda or brine, or with ordinary household soap. Soar your feet before going to bed, and also make steam inhalations over potatoes and herbal decoctions.

Note to parents!

When treating green snot in a 2-year-old child, it is important to strictly comply with the dosage, do not use sprays for small children, and cleanse the nose with a douche, cotton wool.

When burying the solution, you need to put the baby on the back and the warm contents lead from the pipette first into one nostril, and then into the other. For a long time, it is not recommended to use vasoconstrictors to prevent drying out of the mucous membrane and the occurrence of complications of the respiratory tract.

When has a green snot for a month, the indicates that the treatment is not being performed correctly, or it is ineffective in this case. It takes urgent hospitalization of the baby in the hospital and the appointment of more powerful medications that will help the body destroy the virus and strengthen the immune system.