What foods are needed for the healthy state of the male body?

Proper nutrition is the guarantee of health and the absence of disease. Men, like women, need special foods that are able to maintain muscle mass and prevent diseases of the genital organs and oncological diseases.

Normalized diet and exercise protect against possible cardiovascular diseases and prostate problems that often occur in men after 35 years of age.

Simultaneously with the prevention of diseases, properly selected foods increase the potency and sexual capabilities of men. Improves blood circulation in all organs, maintains immunity and prevents the loss of muscle mass.

One can not cope with such an amount of "work".Therefore, a healthy lifestyle as a whole is necessary - exercise, sports, intake of specially selected vitamins for men, refusal from smoking and alcoholic beverages.

It is very important for men to consume foods that affect production and testosterone levels. By supplementing the diet with foods rich in nutrients, you can significantly improve the condition of a man. For example, seafood is an excellent aphrodisiac. They give strength, keep youth and increase sexual attraction. Seafood is rich in zinc, and it is a very useful and important microelement. It prevents the risk of developing prostate cancer, strengthens sperm production, positively affects the immunity and external condition of the skin and hair.

Zinc is found not only in marine products, but also in apples, oranges, figs, meat products, honey. Also, zinc is rich in raspberries, currants, dates, asparagus, tomatoes, radish.

Specialists believe that to improve the intelligence in the diet of men must be present berries - blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, cherries. They strengthen the heart, improve hearing and sight.

One of the sources of vitamin E is the usual pumpkin seeds. They are able to slow the aging of cells, strengthen the blood vessels and prevent the formation of blood clots. The substances with which a tomato is rich help in the mastering of proteins. The content of vitamin C in tomatoes, due to collagen, strengthens the vessels. A useful feature of the tomato is the content of the antioxidant - lycopene. It has an anti-cancer effect, stops the division of cancer cells, so the use of a tomato allows men to protect themselves from problems "below the belt".In addition to tomato, lycopene is found in pomegranate, bell pepper, dog rose and watermelon.

Carrots are a deposit of beta-carotene and potassium. It is an antioxidant that the human body converts into vitamin A. It prevents the formation of free radicals, lowers blood pressure, normalizes the work of the intestine.

Sources of protein for male muscle cells are milk and cottage cheese. The use of these products reduces the risk of developing a male metabolic syndrome. This syndrome is associated with a decrease in insulin sensitivity and a metabolic disorder.

Men have always experienced a weakness for meat. Without the intake of protein in the body, it is possible to reduce the libido and working capacity of men. Not all kinds of meat products are useful. Chicken breast or veal will benefit, and semi-finished products and sausages will only bring harm and extra pounds.

Get the rest of the necessary mineral elements, vitamins B6, B12, selenium and folic acid can be used when eating bread from whole grain flour.

Soy beans are considered a good meal for men. They contain isoflavones, which reduce the risk of prostate cancer and reduce cholesterol. Beans are also effective in preventing osteoporosis. This disease is common in men after 60 years. Soybeans are rich in lecithin, which improves short-term memory.

A man's diet can not do without greens and vegetables. Dill, parsley, lettuce contain vitamin B, B9, which give the man energy and increase sexual activity. A special product is the liver.

As for drinks, the use of red wine will protect the blood vessels and heart, strengthen the potency and the content of nitric oxide in the blood.

A man should receive the number of calories that are necessary to ensure normal life. All products should be consumed only with health benefits.