Ways to protect against viral diseases

With the advent of autumn colds, the risk of developing colds increases. Performing simple preventive actions, you can protect yourself from viral infections. Learn more about the methods of protection against influenza and ARVI can be found at http: //www.virusstop.com.ua/.

Use reliable and proven ways to protect against viral diseases:

1. Get vaccinated against the flu every year. Experts recommend that people of any age who suffer from chronic diseases should be vaccinated. It is also advisable to vaccinate people who have immunosuppression, pregnant women, people over the age of 50 and all medical workers, because they are in a high-risk zone.

2. During the epidemic of colds, wash your hands as often as possible, you need to do this every time after visiting public places.

3. To prevent infection with a viral respiratory infection, rinse your nose with saline every time after being in public places or contacting an infected person.

4. Lubrication of the nasal mucosa with oxolin ointment will help prevent the penetration of viruses into the body. You can use other antiviral ointments that will create a reliable barrier and make the mucous immune to the action of pathogenic microorganisms.

5. Eat more garlic. Garlic for children and adults is an effective antiviral. It is useful to eat and breathe the phytoncids contained in this product. For the youngest, you can string the denticles on a string and wear them around your neck in the form of beads or hang them at the head of the bed.

In winter, people need to drink more liquid, it can be warm tea, water and juices. Maintaining a water balance at the required level creates a reliable barrier for the penetration of a viral infection into the body.

If you want to grow a healthy and strong baby, which will not hurt every month, it must be tempered from the first days of life. Also, pediatricians assign particular importance in strengthening immunity to exercise, exercise daily, reduce the risk of developing colds.

If you or your child has weak immunity, you can resort to the use of pharmacological preparations for preventive action against influenza and ARVI.In young children, prophylaxis is performed with the help of interferon inducers, the drug is released in different pharmacological groups - in the form of suppositories, drops, tablets or ointments.