Why do the toenails turn yellow?

Why do the toenails turn yellow?

Every tenth person faced a problem when finger nails turn yellow. It can happen at any age, anywhere, any time of the year.

The color, shape, strength of the nail plate can determine whether a person is healthy from the inside. The color of the nails is like an indicator that signals the state of health. If you suddenly noticed even the slightest defects of the nail plate, then it is necessary to pay attention to health in the shortest possible time. In time to determine the problem, this is the key to successful and quality treatment.

Causes of yellowing of nails

The causes of yellowing of nails can be external and internal pathogens.

The main reasons include:

  • internal:
  • liver disease;
  • side effect with medication;
  • viral infection;
  • others.
  • external:
  • effect of chemicals on the nail condition;
  • ultraviolet irradiation;
  • others.

Let's consider each reason in more detail.

Why are the toenails yellow?

Why are the toenails yellow

In case of liver disease, yellowing of the skin, nails and eye proteins is most often observed. If the nails have turned yellow, the liver should be checked. The most common disease is jaundice( hepatitis A, B, C) or cirrhosis. The cause of the appearance of hepatitis is a viral infection that enters the body through dirty hands, not qualitatively cooked food, because of poor disinfection with injections or other mini operations.

Cirrhosis, in contrast to jaundice, appears in the body due to the abuse of alcohol, smoking and other bad habits.

The side effect of taking medication can manifest itself in various forms. Most often it appears because of the intake of very strong antibiotics, and the liver does not have time to "filter out" the body from medications.

To viral infections can be attributed to any fungal local diseases. Fungus on the nails can cause yellowing on the nails, dullness of the nail plate and its friability. Fungus enters the body through violation of personal hygiene( wearing foreign shoes, cutting nails with non-sterile tools, visits to swimming pools, gyms, others).

The most unpredictable and unexpected is the impact of chemicals. In such situations it is difficult to make preventive maintenance, and the causative agent can be everywhere. Such a reaction is possible from a hand cream, from a dishwashing detergent, from any other household chemicals, from nail polish, to another.

Ultraviolet irradiation is very rarely a cause of yellowing of the nails, but it is impossible to exclude this option altogether.

These are the most common causes of yellowing of the nail plate on the fingers. There are other reasons, more detailed. But in order to correctly determine the treatment you need to contact a specialist doctor.

Why are the toenails yellow

Methods of treatment of yellowing of nails

As bad as the problem does not look, the solution is always there! And this problem has different treatment options.

If the doctor has determined that a person has normal hepatitis, or cirrhosis, then only medication will help. Most often it is carried out in inpatient treatment under strict supervision of doctors.

For fungal diseases, treatment is prescribed strictly by a doctor, since only he can accurately determine the type of infection that struck the nail plate. Self-medication here can not bring any success.

What about the external causes of yellowing of nails? With this kind of yellowing can be handled and at home. There are several recipes that can help to improve the nails and restore their natural color and healthy shine.


  • once every three days you need to rub the nail with lemon juice. This will significantly strengthen the structure and help get rid of yellowness.
  • every six months must drink a course of vitamin, which includes calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium. They will well nourish the nail with new vitality.
  • for faster effect, you can use a whitening pencil.
  • can make a mask for marigolds from soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the ingredients to a porridge of this kind and apply to the nail plate, leave for 3 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • with a toothbrush, apply a toothpaste with a whitening effect on the nail plate. Perform circular movements without touching the cuticle. Duration of the procedure is approximately 5-7 minutes.
  • delicious method involves the use of strawberries. To do this, you need to take the strawberries, wash them thoroughly and make mashed potatoes. Apply on fingernails and after 15 minutes rinse under running water. This method is ideal and natural. The frequency of use can be every day. If suddenly the prepared mass turned out a lot, you can make a mask for the face, it will perfectly bleach the skin and make it velvety.

A couple of recommendations for the care of

A couple of care recommendations

When you see yellowed nails in your head, everyone does not have a free will to hide this trouble, and not cure. And then everyone starts to paint their nails. In such situations it is necessary: ​​

  • to choose the right cosmetics;
  • cosmetics should be of good quality;
  • after each application of the varnish on the nails, it is necessary to give them a rest for about several days;
  • so as not to make new mistakes, it is best to contact a manicurist for a specific recommendation;
  • regularly do cosmetic procedures for whitening the nail plate.

If there are no results after a month of labors and procedures, you will have to wait for the natural process of updating the nail plate. The duration of such a procedure can be delayed for half a year, or less.

Do you have nails on your feet yellow?

To avoid such a problem, you need to carefully monitor your health and nail growth in advance. If any incomprehensible factors are suddenly noticed, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor. Observe the rules of personal hygiene, watch the body from the inside - and everything will be fine! Be healthy!

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