Properties of strong stones: onyx, as the best amulet for successful people

Onyx has long been known for its curative properties, and therefore attracts more and more attention. This semiprecious stone has a strong energy, and therefore can realize almost all the true desires of its owner. In Ancient India onyx was considered to be the stone of "luck", bringing happiness. But in Asian countries, on the contrary, the mineral was considered unhappy. The legend says that it was created from the nails of Aphrodite, which explains its strength and color. But whatever the beneficial effect onyx can be earned by far not everyone, but only the chosen one.

Onyx stone of green color

Onyx stone of green color


  1. Appearance and varieties
  2. Onyx - stone-amulet
  3. Emotional balance for every day
  4. Only for successful people
  5. Onyx and zodiac signs

Appearance and varieties

Onyx stone is a kind of agate whose featureis the presence of different colored layers( plane-parallel bands).Their colors can vary from white to black, which can be seen in the photo. There are red, orange, blue, green and other shades of onyx. There may be stones of the same color. Often they are translucent and let light through them. In general, these types of mineral are distinguished:

  • sardonyx( orange-red, brown layers);
  • Arabic onyx( black, white layers);
  • Carneolonix( white, red layers);
  • chalcedononix( bluish, grayish layers).

Onyxes can take a variety of forms, as seen in any photo of minerals. They are used in jewelry and souvenir products. This stone - semiprecious, and therefore there are also his fakes. For example, pure green onyx alone does not exist - it's just a kind of marble, but not agate.

Onyx - stone-amulet

Healing properties of onyx were actively used in ancient times: he was stopped by bleeding and removed tumors, other malignant formations. To do this, he was simply applied to a sore spot. Actively used stone as an analgesic, and he coped with all types of pain.

Onyx has long been used for medicinal purposes

Onyx has long been used for medicinal purposes

It can be seen in the photo that onyx is often inserted into such ornaments as beads and necklaces. If it is regularly worn this way, then you can get rid of many different respiratory diseases. Useful properties of the mineral are manifested in the fact that it is able to cure from ear diseases, get rid of problems with hearing and vision.

Onyx is also recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, as it improves blood circulation and improves heart rate. The stone takes away the accumulated negative and stresses, and therefore the risk of getting a heart attack or stroke decreases. Under the influence of the stone, the work of the nervous system is normalized.

Mineral, useful properties of which are useful to everyone, is able to protect its owner from various viruses and infections. Onyx is effective for various diseases of the kidneys and liver, it actively cleanses the body. At first glance it seems that the stone with the photo is unremarkable, and it's hard to believe that it has great power. But it really helps and protects its owner.

Protects onyx and those who want to lose weight. Water, when drunk from an onyx bowl or infused onyxes, quenches the hunger and gives a feeling of satiety. Thus, losing weight is easier to restrain and observe the daily diet. Also wearing a mineral improves memory and concentration, which often affects diets. But in no case can not combine onyx with gold - this stone does not tolerate it. Even a photo of such jewelry is difficult to find. But the combination with silver is effective and only doubles the strength of the stone.

Emotional balance for every day

Onyx also helps in the fight against psychological problems

Onyx also helps in combating psychological problems

Onyx stone is unique in that it improves both the physical and mental mood of a person. It improves mood, relieves apathy, depression and even suicidal thoughts. The mineral gives strength and desires for new achievements, while it struggles with negative mood and thoughts. The stone has repeatedly saved people from various diseases caused by mental disorders.

Insomnia, headache and nightmares recede before onyx. He gives his owner not only a calm sleep, but also a complete emotional balance. With him, a person does not attach great importance to trifling problems, he becomes less emotional and more often able to make decisions on a cold head. The feature of onyx with the photo is that the mineral is ideal for unbalanced people, giving them peace and comfort.

Useful properties of the mineral are also evident in situations where a person experiences stress. Because the stone not only saves a person from this, but also gives him the strength to move on, adds the desire to conquer new peaks. Onyx is a stone that saves in periods of apathy by what makes it necessary to find new joys and a new meaning of existence.

Especially useful is onyx for the elderly.

The fact is that it relieves them of a haunting sense of loneliness and obsessive memories from the past. With this stone, you no longer need to be afraid to fall asleep or scroll back into your head unpleasant thoughts. Mineral from them completely saves, because it allows you to forget the mistakes, but remember all the experience gained from them.

Only for successful people

One of the main distinguishing features of onyx with the photo is that it is the stone of strong and successful people. Indeed, he gives physical and moral strength, but only to those whom he chooses himself. At first he looks at the new owner, his actions, decisions and influence on other people. And only if a person is benevolent and honest, if envy and anger are alien to him, then the stone will give him the fulfillment of his desires.

Although to say that the stone fulfills the desire - not exactly. He gives ways to implement them. For example, the properties of onyx - to give self-confidence, determination and prudence. In ancient times onyxes were mainly used by the leaders. At the same time, the stone not only helped them to make correct and deliberate decisions, but also protected the leaders from the evil eye, ill-wishers and early death.

Now, of course, the time of the leaders has passed, but there are businessmen and leaders who will be of great use to these same qualities. After all, they are the ones who are most at risk, suffer from envious persons and all others who have once crossed the road. Onyx, on the other hand, helps cope with illnesses, disorders and build up mental equilibrium, and find harmony.

Beads of black onyx

Beads from black onyx

Since onyx reduces emotional activity and allows a person to become more reasonable, it can be concluded that the mineral is suitable for all those who wish to forget about temper tantrums. But not only businessmen can receive useful gifts from a stone - to creative people onyx will provide surprising eloquence, which certainly will be useful to writers, speakers, celebrities and leaders.

Scientists and students at their own experience can appreciate how important it is to have patience and a sober mind. It is these qualities that give onyx to those who need them. Each person will be interested in those onyx properties that allow people to notice the sincere intentions and motives of other people, to recognize lies and ill-will. However, in wearing onyx, you need to take breaks, otherwise you will not be able to avoid total rejection of emotions.

Onyx and zodiac signs

Onyx in interior design

Onyx in interior design

Onyx stone refers to such planets as Saturn and Mercury, and to such elements as earth. This beautiful mineral, whose photo is endlessly on the Internet, is perfect for Virgos and Capricorns. He gives even more strength to these and so purposeful signs and with his help they achieve much more quickly any goals and desires. And, Virgo Onyx helps to become more emotional and liberated. It is in combination with these signs of the zodiac that the best properties of the stone appear.

Taurus, often overcome by laziness and unwillingness to do anything, onyx gives the right impetus to action and gives energy for further steps. It helps them to concentrate and direct energy in the right direction in order to derive maximum benefit from it. At the same time, excessive emotionality fades slightly and Taurus more often manages to make deliberate decisions.

The only sign that the onyx effect is undesirable is the Gemini. They are usually multifaceted and are carried away by a lot of different things at once, so concentrating on them on something is often extremely damaging. Perhaps the Twins, even from the photo, can determine that the stone does not suit them, and its energy is completely opposite to the energy of the sign of the zodiac.

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